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  • The Hangover is based on a screenplay co-written by American screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. Edit

  • Alan (Zach Galifianakis) is describing a movie featuring "Ted Danson, Magnum P.I., and that Jewish actor." The film in question is 3 Men and a Baby (1987), which starred Danson, Magnum PI star Tom Selleck, and actor Steve Gutenberg as a trio of bachelors who must look after a baby. Edit

  • While most of the other events of the night are explained throughout the movie, the chicken in the room is never explained. Director Todd Phillips offered the possible explanation on the DVD commentary that maybe the guys intended to feed it to the tiger. Edit

  • The song is called "Iko Iko" by The Belle Stars. It mimics the scene from Rain Man (1988) (1988) in which Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise descend on the escalator, although, in Rain Man, the song is used in the opening scene of the film. Edit

  • The surprise hit at the 2009 box office got released in both rated and unrated version on Blu-ray/DVD in the USA. The good news is: both cuts can be found on one disc so no one gets the feeling of being ripped off. Even though the longer version is labeled as unrated it doesn't feature any more classical unrated material such as nudity and so on but several extended dialogue sequences that are more or less useful for the movie but fans will enjoy this Unrated Version as well. The total difference is about 10 minutes. In the UK, however, the movie was released in a censored version in theaters and on DVD. The reason for that are the photos in the end credits. On four of them, you see Alan getting oral sex from an elderly woman. This would have led to an 18 rating, so the studio decided to blur those pictures to obtain a more profitable 15 rating. In other countries, the movie was released uncensored. Edit

  • "Roofies" is the slang name for a type of sedative, most commonly known by the brand name Rohypnol. In the movie they say that the full name of roofies is "Roofalin". Aside from leading in to the discussion about ending up on the floor rather than the roof, which leads them to figure out what happened to Doug, the name change is also likely to avoid any legal trouble from the owners of the Rohypnol trademark who, understandably, aren't happy with their products association with criminal activities such as date rape and drug abuse. Edit



The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • This has actually widely been questioned. The answer is very simple: the doors on the roofs do not open from the outside. At the beginning when the boys are drinking a toast on the roof, Phil tells them to place a brick in the door in order to remain open. During the scene where they place the brick, a sign can be seen that says, "CAUTION: Door locks behind you." So, once someone is out on the roof, they can't go back inside without a key.

    The morning after the bachelor party, they see Doug's mattress on one of the statues. He was trying to signal for help. Edit

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