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Emergence -Mile Marker 14:An intestinal fortitude of storytelling prowess
mrn-6347119 November 2019
Director Sydney Freeland pulls a (David Slade,Nelson mcormick) directing style. It's one thing if you don't like the storyline to begin with certain characters. Sydney Freeland did an excellent job of making the episode more dramatic and less annoying compared to the previous episodes (that made me want to figure out whether there are plot holes).This episode so far blows the other episodes out of the water that felt kind of contrived.

I believe Freeland's technique of meeting with each actor individually before scenes to discuss lines and what she was looking for in each scene really helped each main character and improved their overall performance in Mile Marker 14.

There is so much going on from the past episodes , but Sydney Freeland directed this episode in such a way that we are able to see the different aspects of what each character has to offer.

"Mile Marker 14" settles on the sharpest decision it can now in taking Augur industries off the board and picture, if just for a scene or two. without a doubt still the huge awful of this season, or even the arrangement, however enabling that hostility an opportunity to chill off to is a decent move.
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mrn-6347120 November 2019
Emergence should have more episodes like this,this episode knows how to move the goalpost forward. Freeland should be the writer for more episodes if not producer. Owain Yeoman's acting here is almost Jeremy Renner like.
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