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Sex & Nudity

  • A main female character has zero sense of self-consciousness when it comes to her body. She will strip naked without warning if she needs to change clothes, but the most we ever see is her bare back and shoulders. This is mostly played for laughs and the male characters she's around always look away uncomfortably.
  • In episode 1.1, a character makes reference to sending "a hundred porno magazines" to someone's office.
  • Nudity and sex is only ever implied, not explicitly shown.
  • Some kissing.
  • Female characters are sometimes seen wearing revealing outfits at events, nothing too bad.

Violence & Gore

  • A main character is a "hitter" and is the muscle of the team. He is in hand to hand fights in pretty much every episode.
  • Some shootout scenes. Our main characters are shot at pretty frequently and a couple of times they get hit, but never fatally. Side characters are not so lucky and some are shot and killed throughout the series.
  • Frequent hand to hand combat scenes with a few pretty violent beat downs. Usually little to no blood, but there are a a couple of fights where we see characters bleeding.


  • Some words come up like damn, hell, ass, bloody etc. Bitch is used a few times. There are a couple of implied f-bombs with characters beginning to cuss before the scene cuts away to something else. (i.e A man yelling "You stupid fu-!" and it cuts to a different character before he can finish the word.)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In one episode a main character pretends to be a meth addict, but she has never used or uses the drug. It's all part of the con.
  • The leader of the group Nathan Ford (played by Timothy Hutton) is an alcoholic. Frequently causes friction with the team.
  • Cocaine and other drugs are discussed a few times but we never see characters using. A few episodes where the characters end up taking down drug dealers/ drug cartel members.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Flashbacks of one of the main characters losing his young son can be very intense and emotional.
  • A main character grew up in the foster system and some of her flashbacks can be very sad. It's implied that most of the foster parents she had were abusive in some way and her history heavily influenced her current personality. She has very little social skills and is very bizarre, eccentric and can occasionally come off a slightly psychotic.
  • Our heroes get injured a fair amount and often end up in life-threatening situations. They always survive, but many of the fight and peril scenes are pretty intense.
  • Scenes of heights, punching, fighting, blood (not intense), explosives.
  • Heist material.

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