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Sigourney Weaver: The Big Guy



  • The Big Guy : Haggard.

    Agent Zoil : Zoil.

    The Big Guy : Where are the other two?

    Agent Zoil : One crashed and burned, the other just burned.

    The Big Guy : Jesus Christ! This has been one fuck-up after another. I should have handled this myself.

    Agent Zoil : I am very close. You give me one hour.

    The Big Guy : An hour? I'll be eating canapès with the governor in an hour. I need this wrapped up now!

    Agent Zoil : No, no. They're mine, damn it. I'm gonna finish this, once and for all.

    The Big Guy : Too late, Zoil. I'm bringing in the big gun...

    [Zoil shoots the radio] 

    Agent Zoil : Boring conversation anyway.

  • The Big Guy : [from the extended version]  Shit, I'd shoot you now if I didn't get off on the idea of you being hog-tied and pissed on in Guantanamo Bay.

    Graeme Willy : They've shut Guantanamo Bay.

    The Big Guy : Did they? Be honest with yourselves.

  • The Big Guy : I'm the one holding all the cards. And when I say "cards", I of course mean big fucking gun.

  • The Big Guy : [to Zoil, about Paul]  Shit, the little fucker's probably gonna phone home or something.

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