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(I) (2014)

Lorelei Linklater: Samantha



  • Samantha : [as the family leaves their house for the last time before moving]  Goodbye, yard! Goodbye, crepe myrtle! Goodbye, mailbox! Goodbye, box of stuff Mommy won't let us take with us but we don't want to throw away. Goodbye, house, I'll never like Mommy as much for making us move!

    Mom : Samantha! Why don't you say goodbye to that little horseshit attitude, okay, because we're not taking that in the car.

  • Samantha : [after leaving Bill's family for good]  Why couldn't we take Randy and Mindy with us?

    Mom : Because sweetie, I'm not their legal guardian, that would be kidnapping; it's against the law.

    Samantha : Couldn't you talk to their mom?

    Mom : I tried their mom, but I can't reach her.

    Samantha : Well, what's going to happen to them?

    Mom : [starts crying]  I don't know...

    Samantha : Why are you crying?

    Mom : Because I don't have all the answers.

  • Mason : [while canvassing for the 2008 Presidential Election]  Hi, can I put an Obama sign on your lawn?

    No Obama Man : Do I look like a Barack *Hussein* Obama supporter?

    No Obama Man : [Mason starts leaving]  This is private property, you know! I could shoot you!

    Mason : [under his breath, while walking away]  What a dick!

    Samantha : Um, he has a Confederate flag on his house.

  • Dad : [frustrated with the monosyllabic answers Mason Jr. and Samantha are giving him]  No, no, no. I'm not gonna be *that* guy. You know, the "biological father, who I see on the weekends, and I make small talk with him while he drives me places and buys me shit." No.

    Samantha : Dad, these questions are kind of hard to answer.

    Dad : What's so hard to answer about "what sculpture are you making"?

    Samantha : It's abstract!

  • Dad : Have you heard of Sarah Palin?

    Samantha : Yes.

    Dad : What's the one thing you know about Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter?

    Samantha : She's pregnant.

    Dad : That's right and what is the one thing you are *not* going to be in a couple of years when you turn 17?

    Samantha : Pregnant?

    Dad : That's right. All right now, what are the two ways that you can achieve that goal? First is... not have any sex, okay, that's the first way, okay, just not engage in that that did not work out very well for your mother and me; and what's the second way?

    [Mason tries to leave] 

    Dad : Where are you going?

    Mason : Bathroom.

    Dad : You don't want to go to the bathroom. Sit down Mason, just sit down.

    [looks towards Samantha] 

    Dad : What's the second way? Huh?

    [looks towards Mason] 

    Dad : Is your mother talked to you guys about this stuff?

    Samantha : [shy and embarrassed]  No. Dad. Dad.

    Dad : Wait, no, she talked to you about... contraception? Huh? What? Is she... condoms...

    Samantha : No, dad, please, stop.

    Dad : She talked about it? What? What?

    Samantha : Dad!

    Dad : Does Garett have a condom?

    Samantha : Oh god! Dad!

  • Samantha : But, I mean, who dusts anymore?

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