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MPAA Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content throughout, brief strong language and comic violence

Sex & Nudity

  • There is plenty of sexual discussion (including some very creative innuendos) that often veers toward R-rated territory. Oh and Eema lose their virginity off-screen(they kiss, and when you see them come out, his remarks indicate that he enjoyed it). Marlak suggestively opens his loincloth while stretching, and Maya does the same in response, with no nudity from either due to the camera angle. A rather graphic joke involves Zed mentioning that he had sex with his mother. There is an orgy, where over 50 people in revealing clothing are rubbing and kissing. Later, the High Priest asks Oh to rub oil all over his hairy chest. A eunich mentions having no testicles and he later throws them at Zed at what is supposed to be their execution. Cain's father tells Zed he can have sex with his daughter, but after Zed attempts to flirt with her, she says that she's a lesbian, while Zed responds with "I didn't understand anything you just said because all my brain blood went into my boner". One of the tribe girls moves her hands up and down on two spears, indicating that she is giving them a "handjob"

Violence & Gore

  • Despite being in a mostly comedic context, the violent content here still warrants caution. Rocks are repeatedly thrown at slaves as a means of execution. Beheading is implied(you see a sword move, and then a helmet with a head inside it falls onto the ground). People are thrown into pits of fire as sacrifice. People are killed by falling down several stories. Caine repeatedly hits his brother with a rock until death. Abraham comes up with the idea of circumcision, and after Issac runs away, we hear a screaming sound(implying a failed circumcision).


  • The f-word appears a few times, and there are also over half a dozen s-words, and a variety of different terms for genitalia and intercourse, with sexual discussion often veering pretty close to Rated R territory. As usual for a movie about biblical times, religious profanities are also littered throughout. (In movies about biblical times, aren't expressions such as "Oh, God!" etc. often honest pleas, prayers, or cries to their deity, rather than profane?)

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • 2 references to what is most likely marijuana(the terms "killer hemp" and "herb"), and alcohol flows freely at an orgy. A slave is given a strong liquid so she doesn't feel a thing before she's supposed to be sacrificed into a fire, and is quite intoxicated for a short period.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Although generally everything is done for comedic effect, some may find much of the violence in the movie frightening.

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