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"Hey there, Cat Stevens..."
MaxBorg8924 December 2008
Despite the title, The Whore of Babylon is actually less sexually explicit than the previous two episodes. Nonetheless, it remains relentlessly funny and oddly titillating.

The full-on verbal filth shows up as early as in the very first scene, when Hank attends a book-signing and gets in a fight with Todd Carr (Chris Williams), the douche-bag filmmaker who turned his nihilistic bestseller into a god-awful rom-com. As a result Hank is sent to jail and subsequently bailed out by Bill, who owns the on-line magazine the struggling writer is working for. Additionally, Hank runs into Meredith (Amy Price-Francis), a woman he rejected in the pilot, and treats her a little better, with quite pleasant results, while Charlie discovers something a bit shocking about his secretary Dani (Rachel Miner).

As usual, Duchovny gets all the best lines and exploits his roguish charm to the max, but this time Handler comes pretty close to stealing the show, moving from mere supporting actor to bona fide co-star, reclaiming the rude energy he displayed in Sex and the City. To quote the famous HBO comedy, fabulous.
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Another excellent installment in the life of Hank Moody
DVD_Connoisseur25 October 2007
The third episode of "Californication" is another quality piece of adult television from Showtime. Hank continues to behave in a manner that can only be described as outrageous while his agent, Charlie (Evan Handler), finds that his secretary isn't all she seems.

Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the most pleasant surprise to come out of the US this year. Duchovny is simply brilliant in this show and delivers every line with supreme comic timing. In fact, all the cast are extremely watchable and the production values for the series are through the ceiling.

The scenes of debauchery are less in this episode but it remains a show for mature viewers. This is no-nonsense adult material that is refreshingly honest.

It's great to have a series like this to look forward to every week!

9 out of 10.
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