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  • A strange death reported in the newspaper prompts Dean and Sam to find Lisa Braeden, a woman Dean had a weekend fling with about 8.75 years ago, only to find she has a son turning 8. While investigating the death in the paper along with several other mysterious recent deaths, Sam and Dean find they are chasing a Changeling, who is replacing children with it's offspring. The mysterious blond woman is back, giving Sam a cryptic message that he should look into his mother's friends.

  • In Cicero, Indiana, a man fatally fell in his own power saw, the fifth suspicious accidental death in that neighborhood. Dean insists to investigate because it's his former lover and yoga teacher Lisa Braeden's home town. Dean instantly bonds with her 'fatherless' son Ben, whose age, taste and habits would fit Dean being his dad. Sam is prodded by an 'adimiring fellow hunter' to research. the brothers soon discover the widows have bite marks and in each case an orphan turned weird, while red marks suggest changelings. Dean finds them.

  • When Dean reads about the weird death of a man in Cicero, Indiana, he recalls his one night stand with the sexy Lisa Braeden eight years ago and heads with Sam to visit her. When he arrives at Morning Hill community where Lisa lives, she is throwing a birthday party for her eight year-old son, Ben, and she invites Dean to join the party. Dean gets close to and feels a great connection with Ben, who behaves very similar to him. However, Dean and Sam discover that the community has recently had several mysterious deaths. It seems a Changeling is replacing the children with replicas. A mysterious blonde girl with a knife capable of killing demons, who also saved Sam's life, visits Sam and raises an intriguing question.


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  • In the episode entitled "The Kids are Alright," Dean (Jensen Ackles) convinces Sam (Jared Padalecki) to travel to the suburbs when they learn of a strange death involving a table saw. It is quickly revealed that Dean has ulterior motives for taking this job, as an ex-flame from 8 years ago lives in the neighborhood. However, when Dean shows up at Lisa Braeden's (Cindy Sampson) door, he interrupts her son's 8th birthday party. Her son Ben (Nicholas Elia) has a striking resemblance to Dean and share's Dean's love for AC/DC, cars, and most of all babes. The main plot revolves around the children of the town being abducted and replaced by changelings, which take the child's form and feed off of the mother. As usual, Sam and Dean save the day in the nick of time, however this time they do it with the aid of young Ben. At the end of the episode, Sam encounters Ruby (Katie Cassidy), the hunter that saved them in the season premiere. We learn that she is in fact a demon who has interest in Sam and his troubled past, and says that she can help him save Dean.

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