Death Proof (2007) Poster


Eli Roth: Dov



  • Dov : [making fun of Stuntman Mike]  Dude, check it out. I wonder if BJ brought the bear with him.

    Omar : [laughing]  Jesus.

    Dov : [singing]  East bound and down...

    [they laugh] 

    Dov : [noticing his scar]  Dude fucking cut himself falling out of his time machine.

    [they laugh some more] 

    Dov : [to bartender]  Hi, could I get a chicken suit for "Stroker Ace", please?

  • Dov : So is it Shawna and the girls at lake house this weekend?

    Shanna : Shawna?

    Dov : Awww fuck, I didn...

    Shanna : No. Now there is one thing every girl in the whole world whose name is Shanna has in common with each other - we all hate the name Shawna. And we really hate when people call us Shawna. Remember it's Shanna banana not Shawna banawna.

  • Dov : Dude, as long as a guy's buyin' the booze, a fuckin' bitch'll drink anything. C'mon, we can at least get one shot of Jager down these fucking bitches' throats. After that, we'll see if they get another Jager shot in them. You never know. That could be the shot that puts them past the point of "fuck it."

    Omar : Then all of a sudden "no guys at the lake house" turns into a couple of guys at the lake house.

    Dov : My point exactly. And I know I can at least get Shanna "Suck My" Banana to do a fucking Buttery Nipple shot. What's Julia's sweet shot?

    Omar : ...Key Lime Pie.

    Dov : Oh come on dude, even fucking Leroy Brown would do one more for dessert.

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