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26 Oct. 2006
Come On
The Haunted Barn, All Girl Roller derby action, and MC Chris nerdcore rapper.
6 Nov. 2006
Turtle Racing, Naked Hot Springs and a Digital Design Showdown. The UCLA mobisoders have weekend plans for you and Kevin.
9 Nov. 2006
Get on your samba shoes for free ice cream and xtreme ironing. The UCLA mobisoders have your weekend plans.
16 Nov. 2006
Kevin's Breakdown
Squirrel Fishing, Film Fest Volunteers, Street Wars, and the devastation of a really bad haircut.
7 Dec. 2006
Mail Bag
Late night bicycle party, tattoos, training your cat to poop in the toilet. The UCLA Mobisoders have no shortage of fun on hand.
14 Dec. 2006
Season Finale
The UCLA Mobisoders have reached the end of their class with Kevin, but not before bringing in a cool way to break up with your girlfriend, Bull Fighting 101, and a viewer submission. Also catch an online bonus Poetry Slam and more outtakes.


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