Tropic Thunder (2008) Poster

Danny McBride: Cody - Vietnam Crew



  • [Cody and Tayback are tied to a post in the Flaming Dragon compound] 

    Cody : Dude, dude, what the hell is going on here? Where are we?

    Four Leaf Tayback : I have no idea, I've never been outside the states.

    Cody : Wait what? Are you fucking kidding me? Did you make this whole goddamn thing up? Dude you weren't even in the fucking service?

    Four Leaf Tayback : Yes! Of course! Coast Guard!

    Cody : Coast Guard.

    Four Leaf Tayback : Sanitation Department.

    Cody : Oh my god! You're a fucking garbage man! Dammit! F.L. Tayback lies to me and the whole U.S. of A.!

    Four Leaf Tayback : I wrote the book as a tribute! I'm a patriot!

    Cody : Yeah, you're the Milli Vanilli of patriots, okay? You lied about fighting in the Vietnam War. It's like - it's like punching the American Flag in the face goddammit! God, to think I believed you!

    Four Leaf Tayback : Writers lie all the time!

    Cody : [a guard bursts in]  Can I be tied to another post please?

  • Alpa Chino : [Cody and Four-Leaf are tied to a post]  What're you guys doing here?

    Cody : He has hands!

    Four Leaf Tayback : He killed Damien!

    Cody : Bullshit!

    Four Leaf Tayback : He blinded Jamie Lee Curtis!

    Cody : Almost!

    Alpa Chino : What're you talking about? Damien stepped on an old land mine.

    Cody : Oh, sweet, thank God!

  • Cody : [setting off a rig of explosives]  Big ass titties!

  • Cody : Just say no to this, you drug-making midget!

    [an explosion occurs] 

    Cody : Oh my God! I am moving to catering after this!

  • Cody : Damian, what's the dealie dude? Are we gonna blow up this tree line or what? Tuk-Tuk and Kim got the blue balls and I wanna let em squirt it for a go... Peter, can he hear me?

    [one of the men bring a box to Cody] 

    Cody : That's C-4, dipshit. Put that back. I said a detonator! I need some dudes who speak American god dammit! He's making a fucking sweater here, I'm tryin' to put Tiger Balm on this jungle's nuts.

  • Cody : I don't know what it's called; I only know the sound it makes when it *lies*!

  • Cody : [after blowing up a row of palm trees with napalm]  Mother Nature just pissed her pantsuit!

  • Cody : [rigging a bridge with explosives]  Oh my God! I'm going into catering after this!

  • Cody : Look, man, I almost blinded Jamie Lee Curtis in "Freaky Friday." This shit will ruin me, man!

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