Superman/Doomsday (Video 2007) Poster

(2007 Video)

Adam Wylie: Jimmy Olsen


  • Lois Lane : Come on!

    Jimmy Olsen : Uh... I'll wait here.

    Lois Lane : Oh, for God sake! Don't be such a girl!

  • Jimmy Olsen : So you were right. The Superman who returned...

    Lois Lane : A clone, a fake.

    Jimmy Olsen : Which means the real Superman really is...

    Lex Luthor : Yes, Jimmy. Dead. Just as you and Ms. Lane are about to be. Because, after all, there is no Superman to save you.

  • Jimmy Olsen : [snapping shots of the battle of the two Supermen]  This is starting to look familiar.

    Lois Lane : Yeah. Only I'm in no mood for another funeral.

  • Lois Lane : Ever consider the big "S" may not be what he seems?

    Jimmy Olsen : He wears red and blue, flies, crime rate's plummeted since he's risen from the grave. Gosh, you think he's a zombie?

    Lois Lane : I'm not sure what he is.

  • Jimmy Olsen : Uh, Lois, shouldn't we wait for a pilot?

    Lois Lane : I'm an Air Force brat, remember? I was flying these things when you were still in training pants. Now, hang on.

  • Lois Lane : Jimmy, camera on the action.

    [Doomsday leaps up at the helicopter] 

    Jimmy Olsen : Oh, man, he can jump!

    [Superman tears Doomsday off the copter, lands the copter to safety] 

    Jimmy Olsen : Thanks, Superman.

    Jimmy Olsen : [vomits] 

  • Jimmy Olsen : Who's the rocker?

    Lois Lane : I don't know, but he's wearing Superman's shield.

    Jimmy Olsen : Yeah, but he's also wearing black. Great... bad Superman, and badder Superman.

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