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Season 1

27 Apr. 2007
Red Carpet Bros/Mister Sprinkles/Gar/Who's GonnaTrain Me/Operation Kitten Calendar
"Red Carpet Bros", "Mr. Sprinkles Part 6", "Sin Trek", "Who's Gonna Train Me?", "L33t Haxxors Part 3", "Kitten Calendar Part 5"
13 Apr. 2007
Lord of Phils
Mr. Sprinkles Part 3", "Yo Murder, He Rapped", "Shady Acres", "Pedophile Gladiators", "L33t Haxxors Part 2" (User-Generated Content), "Kitten Calendar Part 2""
13 Apr. 2007
Drunk Home Makeover
"Dr. Phil", "Drunk Home Makeover", "Mr. Sprinkles Part 4", "Law & Order: TV Production Unit"

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