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17 Oct. 2002
Sie wollen jetzt sicher wissen, was es da zu sehen gibt
The narrator is talking about: the relationship between mothers and sons, 3 things for the island, Moby Dick, instant food (amongst other things).
24 Oct. 2002
Ich weiß immer noch nicht genau, ...
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: air trips, exotic animals; Selassi, Rasta, Reggae and Dub; Hamburg, Soccer, Punk, inventors of brands, Howard Marks, serial killers, profilers and color in dog-food.
31 Oct. 2002
Ach, Geschenke
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: comic heroes in movies, a gift for Lisa, the moon, the number 23 and political campaign advertising.
7 Nov. 2002
Stellen Sie sich vor ...
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: youth cultures, missing political ends, missing rebellion; fashion brands, ads in schools, data memories; Czech and Japanese children TV, Eastern Europe, names of kids and Disney figures.
21 Nov. 2002
Musik, Musik, Musik
The narrator is talking about music (sound checks, friendship in bands, stage announcements, tour, Nirvana) and time (agelessness, sense of time, time travel, ancient world, time wasting).
28 Nov. 2002
Es ist doch immer das gleiche...
The narrator is talking about: constructed cities, stars and life in Las Vegas, nuclear bombs, revolutionists as pop figures, terrorism, Andreas Baader, ELF, counterfeiters, good and bad, I.Q. of US presidents, urban legends and Sim City.
5 Dec. 2002
Das Gute und das Böse!
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: Christmas, Saint Niklas and Krampus; peanuts; USA clichés, USA and wars, weapons, arms supplies; Punk, construction and breaking taboos; accidents in film; sound in cinema and houseplants.
12 Dec. 2002
Es geht um den "Film" ...
Fred talks about: that Life is not a Hollywood film, goofs, the film of your life during dying, deja vu, assassination attempts, film doubles, obituaries, soundtrack of your life, history of music clips, perception of animals.
19 Dec. 2002
The narrator is talking about: Christmas eve, presents, biblical story, scientific knowledge, birthday of Jesus, relics, Monopoly, ski-jumping, hierarchy of the church, fatherhood, sheep, Lord of the Rings, pilgrims, the three Magi, magicians, astronomy and frankincense.
2 Jan. 2003
Ministerium der Liebe
Austrian comedians, "radio makers" and VIPs are telling a fantastic and weird story together. Everyone has to tie his/her part to this the predecessor has told before.
9 Jan. 2003
Ausgehen tut doch jeder
Fred talks about: going out or stay at home, guest lists, Studio 54, Andy Warhol, the factory, heroin and LSD, dancing, Elmayer, party rules, one night stands, club toilets, milestones of pop music and the history of the toilet.
16 Jan. 2003
Gregorianischer Kalender und Christoph Columbus
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: Science Fiction, Star Trek, aliens, Planet of the Apes; personal organizers, the EUR and dictators.
23 Jan. 2003
Schifahrer und Ihre Rechte...
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: Austrians and skiing, Austrian athletes, "apres ski", Ski vs. Snowboard; "Pater Nostra", skyscrapers and lifts; Iraq War and US delivery of arms; Moog synthesizer and driving licenses.
30 Jan. 2003
Wie wenig überraschend Fernsehen sein kann.
This time radio is the main topic (Teslar, Orson Welles, pirate radio, fm4 birthday party, soccer in radio), but he is also speaking about: clubs, dubbing, end of broadcast, racism, Robin Hood, telephone numbers and TV watching.
5 Feb. 2003
Es geht um SEX!
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: topics of conversation, dubbing voices, USA, America, Anti-Americanism and politics.
13 Feb. 2003
Pantophobie ist die Angst vor allem.
The narrator is talking (among other things) about: fears, prestige, professions, relationships, beer and wine, socks and tights, evolution, valedictions, washing machines, flat share and applications for employment.
20 Feb. 2003
Am Anfang war das Wort.
Fred talks about reading books, libraries, burning documents, "Mein Kampf", 100 most read books of world literature, bible, complete editions, public interest, opera ball, medals, magazines, Cobains' diaries, guidebooks and the Internet.
6 Mar. 2003
Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex!!!
Fred is mostly talking about sex (aphrodisiacs, sex business, group sex, records, music, politicians, animals, phallus cult, Irving Berlin, De Sade), but also about: pregnancy, naming, 9/11-conspiracy, Arab in German language, a.s.o.
13 Mar. 2003
Angst vor der Zukunft?
Fred talks about Nostradamus, Millennium-Bug, fortune tellers, catastrophes, overpopulation, wars, Rumsfeld, Fahrenheit 451, climate change, mars colonization, Solaris, politics, genetically modification, A.I. and Lex Barker.
20 Mar. 2003
Listen, Wetten und das Frühjahr
Fred talks about: houseplants, spring, the soul, dying, religions, money, obesity, lists, ACTA, illnesses, hot food and Descartes.
27 Mar. 2003
Freunde? Haben Sie welche?
Fred is talking about friends (real friends, friends met in jobs, friends for something, pen-friends, women-men-relationships, dogs), but also about female inventors, books, bands, coincidences and shipwrecks.
3 Apr. 2003
Was ist Kunst???
Fred talks about art (how untalented he is, criteria, prices, Picasso, poster, expressionism, degenerated art, cave art), but also about smoking, Song Contest, German hip hop, Beatles, Nouvelle Vague, scandals and falling coconuts.
10 Apr. 2003
Fernsehen! Fernsehen! Fernsehen!
Fred talks about remotes, zapping, best "Wetten dass..." betting never realized, awards, legalization of drugs, VIPs and drugs, THC, fundamentalism, bible critic, being Pope, colors, neighbors, ingredients of a kiss, camels and needles.
24 Apr. 2003
This time the main topic is lying (theories, gesture, depictions, opinion, truth, storytelling, Pinocchio, animals as liars), but he is also speaking about: language of dolphins, pentagrams, cravats and wales as carriers of nuclear bombs.
22 May 2003
Blühender Wahnsinn
Fred talks about the month May, Matrix, noble cars, song contest, gender clichés, partner-choice, Mayas, collectors, animal shit, morality during time, Löwinger Bühne, shrunken heads and Common blanket octopus females as serial killers.
26 Jun. 2003
Graue Haare
Fred talks about his first 2 gray hairs, perception of a baby, school certificate distribution, hated sounds, acceptance of torturing, homophony, ethnics, Africa, cockroaches, carrier of a diseases, Marilyn Manson and Marian apparitions.

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