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Indie Spotlight: In ‘Apt 8 News’, Crazy People Read The Stories

Newsflash: Channel 101 debuts some very funny web series. The latest hit to come out of Dan Harmon's crowdsourced filmmaking competition is Apt 8 News, which chronicles the unbelievably dysfunctional relationship of two roommates. Did you feel Passive Aggressive Friends wasn't quite passive-aggressive enough? If so, you're in luck, because Apt 8 News features the most passive-aggressive protagonists imaginable. Under the guise of 'reading the news', roommates Alex and Jackie trade the meanest, most aggressive barbs imaginable. By going completely off the deep end, Apt 8 News manages to create some pretty funny situations, especially when the duo's beleaguered third roommate enters the fold. Creator Kristofer Wellman told The Daily Dot that the series' unique format was inspired by ill-fitting Craigslist roommates who would describe "small and petty" problems "as if they were devastating war crimes." Wellman has turned that idea into some brilliant fake news segments.The weather report on 'Hurricane
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Steve Agee and Rob Schrab Writing 'Freaks and Geeks'-Style Coming-of-Age Comedy at FX

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Steve Agee and Rob Schrab Writing 'Freaks and Geeks'-Style Coming-of-Age Comedy at FX
Comedians Steve Agee (of "The Sarah Silverman Program") and Rob Schrab (a director on "Children's Hospital" and one of the co-founders of Channel 101) are co-writing an untitled coming-of-age comedy now in development at FX. According to Deadline, the project comes via Jack Black‘s production company Electric Dynamite and is "tonally similar to cult fave 'Freaks And Geeks.'" Read More: 'The Channel 101 Experience,' a Look at Dan Harmon's Influential Alt TV Festival (Video) The series is based on Agee's experiences as a kid who was sent to a military academy in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, by his parents in the '80s -- the school where they filmed the 1981 Sean Penn-Tom Cruise-Timothy Hutton drama "Taps." Agee talked about ending up in military school on The Mental Illness Happy Hour, describing how it was there that he had his first panic attack and that his parents shipped.
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Watch: Andy Samberg's Recut 'That's My Boy' Trailer Is Way Funnier

Watch: Andy Samberg's Recut 'That's My Boy' Trailer Is Way Funnier
It's a little jarring to see Andy Samberg go from his all-around hilarious and inventive work on Channel 101 and "SNL" to the lowbrow, groin-slamming Hollywood comedy "That's My Boy," which sees Samberg in his highest profile movie role yet as the son of fellow "SNL" alum Adam Sandler. But Samberg released his own version of the movie's trailer, and we're glad to see him stay true to his roots -- this version of the trailer is pretty damn funny.

This version of the trailer takes aim at the similarity between Samberg and Sandler's names, introducing their co-stars Adam Lambert, Shmandy Blanderberg, Ingmar Bergman, and pretty much every Jewish comedian in Hollywood.

"'That's My Boy,' the best f***ing movie ever. In theaters June 15. Go and see it, dickheads!" Now that's the Samberg we know and love.
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‘Googy’ Makes Pee-wee Herman Look Like Mr. Rogers

Channel 101 has a new rising Los Angeles contender: Googy, a zany kids show that feels like a cross between Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Doug, and The Truman Show. The series, created by Mike Mansewitsch & Willy Roberts and starring Roberts, features the character Googy, a grown man dressed in pajamas, oven mitt gloves, a red towel cape, yellow rain boots, a green bowtie, and goggles, who lives in a house that appears to be decorated by an eight year old with an unlimited budget. In the first music-filled episode we meet Googy's friends and neighbors: a drummer that lives in his inner ear, a talking toaster, two ne'er-do-well crows and a child police officer. The didactic storyline features Googy's naive trespass into 'Bad Town' at the encouragement of the crows, despite the warnings of the kid cop, who later jails him in a bouncy castle. A mixture of cartoon and stop animation
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'Acting Reel Database' On Channel 101

Channel 101 is a New York-based competitive website on which independent comedy webseries' vie to be "picked up" by their viewers repeatedly. If they don't receive enough votes, they're cancelled.

The website launched the career of the Lonely Island trio (Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaeffer and Jorma Taccone, now at Saturday Night Live) with their takeoff on the then-popular Oc, called "The 'Bu," and countless Upright Citizens Bridgade alums and semi-famous comedians have appeared in other series' on the site.

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Friday Night Lights Recap: One Final Season To Rule Them All

This is a Recap of Friday Night Lights, Season 5 Episode 2, entitled “On The Outside Looking In”, originally airing November 3rd, 2010. I was hesitant to start recapping the final season of Fnl last week because it’s only airing on DirecTV’s Channel 101 and won’t be on NBC til next year and I imagine most of you can’t watch it, but guess what? I have DirecTV and I watched it and I’m gonna write about it and you’re gonna Sit Right There And Take It. Sorry, didn’t mean to turn hostile up there. I’m just angry that Matt Saracen isn’t returning my calls about why he instantly and completely disappeared from the show. Right now I’m crying and the camera is really shaky and tight on me and half the screen is artfully blocked by someone’s shoulder, and I’m not
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Mystery Team Review | The Smart Kind of Dumb

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I want to laugh when I go to the movies. I know my reviews might seem otherwise -- the way I tend to crucify so-called comedies. I'm just picky and subjective. I also really want to support small comedy groups just starting out. I adored Channel 101 when it was kicking out the jams of Lonely Island and some of the other hilarious, brief televisions shows. But the magic doesn't work for them boys in the long form, as I would sooner suffer a broken glass colonic than rewatch Hot Rod or Macgruber. Yet, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who does digital shorts funnier than those Lonely Island boys. Usually, when sketch comedians try to stretch the sketch to fill 88+ minutes, the material feels stale. Knowing this and with a trepidatious heart, I approached sketch comedy group Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team, a twisted take on a group of Encyclopedia
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Celebrating the Web and Stepping Back From the Ledge

At first look, it might seem strange that a celebration is scheduled for Tax Day, which still in times of economic hardship would seem like a time to reflect on where one went wrong. After all, celebrations are rewards, aren't they? We're not paying anything (bar tabs aside). Tonight, though, we're paying our Respect Tax. To the web, to ourselves, to each other. I'm not going to get sappy - partially because as I write this a raging of a hangover is on the horizon (look for that as a metaphor later in this piece!). However, in her acceptance speech at the Celebrate the Web, post-Streamys gathering, Felicia Day said, "We want to be authentic to ourselves," as why we work on the web. So I'm going to pound a Red Bull and write this with the honesty it deserves. I hate crowds. It's my lot, because I am destined
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Salute Your Shorts: Dan Harmon's Channel 101 Shows

Salute Your Shorts is a weekly column that looks at short films, music videos, commercials or any other short form visual media that generally gets ignored.For any longtime fans of Dan Harmon’s work, Community is a surprise. Not the fact that it’s good, no, that’s something that we could all be pretty sure of. It’s that the show, a relatively conventional sitcom, could come from the avant-garde co-founder of Channel 101, whose prior claim to fame involves shows such as Computerman and Laser Fart. He’s long been a superstar for a relatively niche group of Los Angeles filmmakers and comedians,...
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Hilarious Things To Put In Kung Fu Panda's Bucket

There are already rumors about plans to make a sequel to the hugely successful Kung Fu Panda, which means that Jack Black will soon have another opportunity to accidentally reveal future Angelina Jolie pregnancy details to the press, McDonald's will get more perfect Happy Meal figurines of characters that were obviously invented because they would make perfect Happy Meal figurines, and Dreamworks will get to hire dozens and dozens more writers to insert jokes wherever possible without changing anything. Dan Harmon, who is one of the creators of Channel 101 and of the very funny Heat Vision & Jack, and who also worked (for a while, anyway) on Kung Fu Panda, explains: (From Channel 101, via MarkLisanti) My hats off to anyone that can write a Dreamworks Animation film. They have a unique process. First they storyboard...
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