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Amber Heard: Christie



  • Graham Sloan : What are you trying to tell me, baby? What are you saying?

    Christie : I want... I want to stay.

    Graham Sloan : But it's getting cold.

    Christie : But I need more sun.

    Graham Sloan : There's no more sun.

  • Christie : [regarding a little mark that appeared on her arm]  Look, I have no idea what this is. And another one on my foot.

    [proffers slinky foot for him to inspect] 

    Graham Sloan : [declines]  Yeah, I don't know what it is either. Look, Christie, tell me something.

    Christie : What?

    Graham Sloan : What do you think about Martin?

    Christie : He's cool. He's hot.

    Graham Sloan : Yeah, hot. Hmm. Well... I know that. But... I'm just not sure that I'm at the same place as you are. You know, with everything that's... that's been going on with him. Forget it. Sorry I brought it up.

    Christie : Graham. Martin's not even staying here. He's staying at Nina Metro's. Even though he said she was insane. That reminds me... Did you get tickets for tomorrow night at the Greek? Bryan Metro? Graham! You know he doesn't mean as much as you to me.


    Christie : Come on, Graham, we are all just having fun, you know? Like, you take it all too seriously.

    Graham Sloan : Yeah, but you're also sleeping with him, and it's just stressing me out.

    Christie : What's wrong? You know I'm on the pill. Graham? Graham?

    Graham Sloan : Yeah?

    Christie : You're forgetting something.

    Graham Sloan : What?

    Christie : We're both sleeping with him. We're both sleeping with Martin. And if I'm cool with that... then...

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