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23 Sep. 2007
General Krosier has amnesia about what happened in the Gulf of Danzig. Dethklok are sulking until Ofdensen tells them that they've been invited to come to an execution of a number of prisoners, and to get to choose how they are executed.
30 Sep. 2007
Toki takes guitar lessons so he can be as good as Skwisgaar. Murderface teaches Pickles and Nathan how to be a dick.
7 Oct. 2007
Dethklok arrests a kid for downloading their music. Meanwhile they try to record their new album with a technology that records music in liquid form. In the Mordhouse dungeon, the kid meets Edgar Jomfru who had been locked in there since Fan Day, and the two of them plot their escape.
4 Nov. 2007
Dethklok hire doubles for themselves when an incident results in a number of fans being killed. However the doubles are actually spies for the Council trying to steal some contracts from Duncan Hills coffee, while Dethklok just want to pal around with them.
11 Nov. 2007
Dethklok get paid to help a mysterious fashion designer create a death metal clothing line, but then have to try to lose weight so the clothes will fit them. Murderface tries to prove that he isn't gay after the band find out he's never eaten a hot dog before.
18 Nov. 2007
Dr. Rockso attempts to kick his drug habit along with Dethklok's help. Murderface tries to write a song.

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