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  • While Integra is having a very dangerous operation, we go back to her childhood and the beginning of her relation with Alucard.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • As she undergoes an arterial anastomosis to close the wound in her neck, Integra dreams of her father, Sir Arthur Hellsing, her early training under him, and how he passed to her the leadership of the Hellsing Organization as he lay on his deathbed. One of the most important things he taught her was that, if she was ever confronted with a true crisis where all hope is lost, she must make her way to the sealed Underground level of the Hellsing mansion. There, in the sublevels housing the Black Arts library, eugenics laboratory, interrogation room, dungeon, and autopsy chamber, she would find her ultimate protection.

    When young Integra overhears her Uncle Richard making plans to kill her so that he can take over the Hellsing Organization, Integra remembers her father's words and steals down to the Underground. As she opens the sealed door, however, she is confronted by her uncle and his henchmen. Richard shoots Integra and tosses her into a cell where they are surprised to see what looks like a lifeless body. Before their eyes, the body suddenly comes to life and laps up Integra's blood. Then, he begins tearing up Richard and his henchmen before he turns on Integra. It is a vampire, the very thing that Integra has been taught to kill!

    The vampire attempts to force Integra into recognizing him as her Master, but Integra grabs a gun and points it at him, refusing to give in. "I would die before allowing a vampire to order me. I would die before giving up," she stands her ground. The vampire laughs, backs away, and bows to Integra, recognizing her as his Master and the true successor to Arthur Hellsing. When Richard fires another bullet at Integra, the vampire steps in front of the bullet and takes it in his own arm. This was how Integra first met the vampire Alucard.

    As Integra awakens from her surgery, Incognito has begun awakening his army.

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