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The best Heroes of Might and Magic game
master-m-118 April 2007
Unquestionably the best Heroes sequel in every aspect-story, graphics, music, even the voice act is just awesome. As some of the old forces are kept the same as before, some of the others have many changes. The Knights are almost identical as in Heroes 3, so are the Wizards (however, now they live in the sky of India and have some of their mythological creatures). The Inferno is much stronger than before, and so is the Necropolis. The elves retain most of their traditions, and Warlocks are now the Dark elves-exiles from the regular elven society. Skills are improved and also have very useful abilities as their branches and spells are much harder to learn then in Heroes 3, but much easier to learn then in Heroes 4. This sequel clearly has the best music and there is finally 3D-and not just in combat.

I firmly recommend this game to all Heroes of Might & Magic fans. In my opinion this sequel shares it's 1st place with Heroes 2 only. Have fun!
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