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Crazy Latino fun
patrik-ekstrom12 October 2006
Well, what can I say, for those who know who Pablo Francisco is, my rating at 10/10 shouldn't come as a surprise. He's just that funny... OK, so he does a lot of old material on this DVD, but just seeing it in this quality instead of the poor quality material thats floating around the web, is just a joy to watch. Kick up a few beers and a couple of your "homies" and you'll have yourself a very laughable and possibly "pukable" evening depending on how many beers and snacks you snarf down. For you who don't know who he is: Great voice-impersonator, for example, Arnold Schwarzenegger as a taco-vendor, Kermit the frog, the guy that narrates movie-commercials, several animal-sounds and so much more.If your offended by foul language this isn't for you. The F-word is in there quite a lot.

Thats it, buy it now damn it. Support the only living 100% Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator.
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A real comedian
OrangieTooDope9 March 2019
Pablo is a truly funny guy so he will never be famous. His funny noises and voices are all he needs but he has great jokes too. This is a must see.
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Plain awful
ingemar-417 April 2014
Take a totally fabulous voice actor, with a famous Schwarzenegger imitation... and fill out with 45 minutes of absolute rubbish. That is what we get here. The act is extremely repetitive, dominated with cheap run-of-the-mill sex jokes. With a talent like this, how about spending more than 5 minutes in the lavatory writing the script? I am not offended by bad language or dirty jokes... "I hate a dirty joke, I do, unless it's told by someone who... knows how to tell it!" And Pablo doesn't. His movie/celebrity impersonations are great, but 1) you can't rerun the same joke over and over this way and 2) making sex moves isn't funny for that long!

His Schwarzenegger imitation is in there, but it is the ONLY worthwhile material, the only really good jokes on the DVD! The rest are all fillers.

I am sorry for being negative, but I had hoped for something better, and this was just a waste of time.
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