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One of the best TAGS episodes of all time.
bxhancock18 August 2014
Barney and the supernatural is always a combination for good comedy. Add Goober and Floyd to the mix and you get a hilarious combination of the super-funny! Barney buys some fortune telling cards and an old lamp. He gets a book learns just enough to earn some laughs. Opie gets 3 wishes, 2 of which come true as does a wish that Barney makes. Andy, as always, tries to bring some common sense to the table but as everyone knows, when Barney gets on a tear, he's gonna be on it until it runs its course. The séance scene with Barney, Floyd and Goober is classic and makes this one of the best TAGS episodes ever.

I won't spoil the ending for you but you won't be disappointed.
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Great episode
dlynch84322 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
They very rarely use that back room, but here it's used to good, spooky atmospherics. The music adds to the mystical/comical mood. Sometimes, a comedy show will do a 'scary episode', and I remember loving them when I first saw them back in the 60s. Don Knotts is at his best when discussing Aladdin's Lamp. I agree with another poster about the 'seance scene', with the candle in the dark, the mysterious footsteps....I hope this creates interest for this episode.
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Wishful Wishing
hellraiser714 February 2020
This is my sixth favorite episode of the show, here it's something different as we get into supernatural territory. It's funny as it's sort of a case of punchline and payoff with every wish. I really love how Barney reacts to the whole thing, nervous and excited about the whole thing.

Throughout the episode we are sort of pulled in two directions where on one hand were skeptical but on another, we almost are believers. It's interesting how each wish comes true, you could easily dismiss as pure coincidence but then again it almost seems rather strange that those things immediately came true just as Opie spoken the wish.

My favorite scene is seeing Barney along with Floyd and Gubber are testing the waters in a Tarot ritual. It's just funny how all three are reacting as all three are clearly spooked out. It's even funnier when we see Barney makes a wish, it comes true and he is just shaking in his boots.

Whether it's just pure coincidence or even higher forces at work, I leave that up to you. But as an old saying goes, "You got to wonder."

Rating: 4 stars
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The Count Sure is Lively Tonight
jpop5911 February 2020
As season five continues its slide towards the inferior "color episodes", we get another example of how the show was able to mine laughs from Barney and his minions (this time its Goober and Floyd). Barney buys a fortune telling set from a police auction supposedly confiscated from a band of gypsies, and soon the cards align and grant Opie three wishes. As each wish comes true (by some coincidences), Barney gains more and more confidence in the powers of the "Count". When Opie starts to make his third and final wish Barney cuts him short and assumes he is wishing that his Pa and Helen would get married. This sets up a series of flashbacks as Andy explains the goings on to Helen, who by this time is very upset that everyone in town thinks she is getting married. A good episode with some classic Barney moments (e.g. the seance in the back room of the courthouse).
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Barney at His Best
Hitchcoc14 December 2019
Barney goes to a police auction and buys a kit that can tell the future and grant wishes. He brings his compadres, Goober and Floyd, into the mix. Opie becomes the wish maker and soon is benefiting from his wishes. What's cool is that the supernatural seems to get the upper hand in this one. Andy doesn't come out smelling like a rose.
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