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It burned my eyes
Peeni_Sweenis16 December 2007
yet again i wish IMDb had a 0/10 ranking. my little brother made the mistake of renting this title from a red-box using a promo code. i was upset realizing that although the rental was free, the amount of energy i spent walking with him to the store to rent it was about as much that was put into this movie. It was horrendous. This, along with epic movie, murder-cycle, and the ghoul school, are some of the only movies that actually made my eyes hurt. While the stupid humor (or lack there of) managed to keep our golden retrieve entertained, my brother (who enjoyed from Justin to Kelly) and i would have no part of it, turning it off before the ending, which i had no desire in seeing. i regret seeing this movie and feel empty realizing that watching this probably did more damage to my body than my smoking habit.
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A shameful rip-off of Caddyshack.
Juganawt21 July 2007
Cast your mind back to 1980, with a movie called Caddyshack. You might possibly have heard of this movie, as it's one of the best comedies of all time, backed with a stellar lineup (at the time) of top notch comedy actors.

Now, 27 years later, we're seeing the movie again in the guise of Who's Your Caddy, Only this time, there are a few changes. White guys are replaced with black guys, and rap culture is fused into the plot, but aside from that it's a carbon copy. Even some of the jokes are lifted directly from the original.

Absolute garbage. There is NO effort whatsoever to make Who's Your Caddy unique enough (or funny enough) to step away from Caddyshack's shadow. What was once fresh and unique, has become standard and staid, and as Who's Your Caddy copied a 27 year old movie wholesale, making the jokes so obvious you already know the punchline while the directors are in the setup.

Who's Your Caddy has absolutely nothing recommendable in it's reels, even if you haven't seen the original.

If you want to watch a funny golf movie, Watch Caddyshack, or if you're desperate, Caddyshack II. If you've seen them both before, then just fondly re-watch them, as your memories will be forever tainted if you what this shameful, shallow, remake.
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There Were No Jokes
gkleciak13 September 2007
I saw this movie in theaters on its opening night because I thought the trailer made it look funny. When I sat down right before the previews started I thought about it and I had only seen the trailer for this movie twice. And no other marketing besides that; I now know why. The town I went to see this movie has a large African-American population so I thought it would be a treat and it would be a movie the audience would get behind and enjoy together. There were never more than six people in the theater at a time. Aside from my two friends and I a trio of black girls were there and left about 10 minutes into the movie, only to be replaced by a guy and his two kids, who I assume were his stepchildren that he hated because he had taken them to see this movie. To start off there were no jokes. The "jokes" were mostly Big Boi saying something, nothing special, like "My daddy used to golf." Then Faizon love(who I loved as Big Worm in Friday) would just repeat what he said in a higher voice and add the n-word. The editing made no sense and was choppy. Dialouge vital to the "plot" would be happening and in between the sentences there would be a cut of Faizon Love just dancing or something. To summarize buy this movie at the 3.99 Walmart bin if a friend you haven't seen in years invites you to his birthday party or something.
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Worse than awful.
kthoran18 November 2007
This movie is one of a kind and even that is too big of a compliment for this seriously lackluster movie. It tries to be funny and thoughtful and ends up being incredibly and offensively stupid, racist, and trite.

The comedy consistently misses the mark by a huge margin. This movie was intended to be a comedy although it's shockingly unfunny despite an almost foolproof set of comic circumstances and actors.

Was it supposed to be a black Caddyshack or was it supposed to be a story of achievement? The movie's underlying message ends up being a thinly-veiled message of unfocused racist hate directed at white people which is actually not funny at all.

Watching this film was an hour and a half of my life wasted. If you are considering watching or renting this movie please do yourself a favor and don't. Absolutely no redeeming value, even in it's terribleness. Consider yourself warned.
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A triple bogey
wafflecopter-116 May 2008
My mother and my brother told me this film was funny. I have considered leaving my home because of their taste in movies. This movie is absolutely terrible. Well, I take that back. I believe there was a moment when I cracked a smile at a joke. But the jokes were almost all targeted towards a braindead audience with no sense of humor, whatsoever. The accusations of racism got old, and it was just a painful ride all-around. If anything more terrible than this film has been created by man, I would love to see it. My grades in school actually plummeted after seeing this film, from the loss of brain cells.
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I hope it gets buried in the middle of nowhere
chaosweaver14423 July 2007
This is Norbit, Soul Plane, and The Cookout in a bucket, thrown up on. There is no reason to make such a movie. It will win no awards and it's only purpose is to fill the 7 dollar DVD bin at Wal-Mart. Why not do something productive, like making good movies? I wonder when it will stop. I hope someday that the culture it represents will die out. Bring a bunch of black actors together with some musicians, embarrass them with demeaning dialog, and throw in some white actors to look awkward and poke fun at. It's a routine that needs to go away as soon as possible. There's no creativity, and some people will actually bother to complain that racism is the reason that it isn't award winning. OH NOES, GUESS IT WAS RACISM!
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Whos your caddy in my opinion ....
themitko5 August 2007
Guys I saw the movie and I just didn't like it, it didn't have anything to do with the racism or the bad acting I just didn't like it, reason being is that the jokes were old and I already knew them all, nothing new was thrown in there that could make me laugh even once, it felt more awkward and embarrassing instead of funny. Instead of creating an original comedy that will forever be etched in peoples minds the makers of this movie copied other movies and threw their jokes in a big mix. Thats what I thought of it, this review is solely based on the funny factor of the movie which didn't make me laugh once and a comedy that doesn't make me laugh once can't get a good rating from me, thats all it is.
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It's just not good.
ioscream-15 August 2007
While it doesn't deserve the top of the bottom 100, it was in fact, a bad movie. I saw this movie for the soul reason of saying I saw it, and it wasn't as bad as people were trying to make it, but it really was lackluster at it's peak. Despite any racist claims, and all the controversy over this movie, it has a weak plot, terrible jokes, and was a waste of money.

As far as it being racist, well, I wasn't offended, but both whites AND blacks could easily be offended because it plays into huge stereo-types of both races. At times I could hear "We will overcome" intertwined within the plot-line, and agreeable with several other comments on this movie, it was just unnecessary. To those who say this movie isn't a "white/black thing", watch the movie again: ".. this is not about who's at infractions. No no no. This here is about black and white..." - Rev. J.J.Jackson played by Garrett Morris.

I'm a fan of stupid humor, actually, I love movies like Borat, Hot Fuzz, Friday, Caddy Shack, et cetera, but this movie is just an insult to comedy. I didn't even mind the racial undertones, but give me a break, this movie was REALLY about a quick buck. That is all, and for that I give it my 9 dollars, and a rating of 3.. still not the worst movie I've seen.. it's just not good.
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A childish, annoying film that claims to be a comedy
Gordon-1123 April 2008
This film is about a young black golfer trying to win his fame in a white golf club for the sake of his family name.

I watched "Who's Your Caddy?" to see how bad it is. And it exceeded all my expectations. The plot is contrived and unconvincing, and it makes Christopher's climb to the top look more like a spoiled kid refusing to lose. And that constant ranting by Lady G is so annoying that I wish somehow her character suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack. Take a look at one of her scenes: Christopher is awarded with membership of the club, and she spent at least 30 seconds making silly incomprehensible noises. It is seriously annoying, childish and not fun. I cannot comprehend why the filmmakers think viewers would be entertained by this, as if we were 5 year old children.

The underlying message about a man of humble origin making his way to the top is positive, but the constant class struggle is tiring to say the least. The class struggle is done in such a silly and contrived, making no room for sympathy or thought provocation.

I lost all interest in continuing the film half way through, but I watched it anyway. And it did not get any better.
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Wow, what crap
e_barker5 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I hope that the people of the world are tired of racist movies that serve no purpose whatsoever. This movie insults black people and actually makes white people look good ( I never thought I'd be saying that). But it does, it makes everyone think that all black people are mentally unable to handle even basic tasks. So it gets a 1 for being racists towards blacks. As far as the plot, if this was pre 1985 when the supreme court ruled that golf courses must be open to anyone who can afford them, it hasn't been an issue. So to assume that there is a golf course out there in a fantasy world where black people are not allowed in is the most ridiculous thing I can think off. The sad part is there were a couple of good actors in this movie, but when you are working with crap you can't fix it no matter who you put in the movie.
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crazystoner125 August 2008
This movie made me think...Mick Partridge should go to Disney channel, where he would fit in with the 6th grade theater class actors,this movie needs to be removed from any possible place to buy it so it doesn't poison anymore innocent people. This movie was depressing,with the 90's sitcom jokes and the "great" acting i just don't know what to say i mean why? why would someone even think to produce such a piece of crap they could spend there money on i mean its not like they spent more than 20 dollars on it but they could of bought some food or maybe clothes..something worth it?or they could of possibly just not even made this movie and they could of saved the 200 people who are actually stupid enough to watch it
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Its so bad its impressive
felsy4111 November 2007
This movie is for poor people and should come out on VHS i don't think anyone with an IQ above 38 could watch more than 20 minutes of it it is pretty much the geo metro of movies it should be made illegal in this country and deported to the 3rd world where it will still more than likely end up in the garbage None of the actors are even good enough to be in commercials and the writer probably cant even read i could've made a better movie with a camcorder sitting in an empty field drunk by myself please don't watch this it will only encourage them and if they make a sequel i swear to god i will shoot myself in the foot which is more than fine by me as long as i don't have to watch it
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A great idea that is never lived up to
TheLittleSongbird31 August 2011
I do love comedy, even starting to appreciate the less subtle blend, but Who's Your Caddy? just didn't work. I mean it did have a great idea with a relevant theme that a lot of people I think would identify with, but here's the problem, Who's Your Caddy? never lives up to it.

The scenery is striking in a sense, but the editing in some scenes could've been tighter. The soundtrack was pleasant enough, but forgettable soon after.

If there are any redeeming qualities it is the performances of James Avery and Terry Crews who put a lot of effort into their characters. By all means it was lovely to see Jeffrey Jones again but sadly he doesn't have much to work with.

I don't mind in-your-face humour, but the in-your-face humour came so fast and was so outrageous a lot of the time. Also the racism jokes got too much after a while. Not to mention, I detected some sexism too, notably I agree with the film showing a woman's bum being slapped and actually encouraging it.

The story is very predictable and unoriginal, if anything it often felt like it was ripping off Caddyshack, except Caddyshack's humour was much funnier, while the dialogue was weak and very demeaning. And did I mention that the film is riddled with stereotypes, I don't mind them when they are well incorporated but sadly they weren't here. I didn't care for any of the characters finding them either dull or annoying on the most part.

I suppose though I would have cared for them more had the drama(a little too sappy for my tastes but a bit of a relief after a long time of forced and unfunny in-your-face humour) been introduced much earlier.

All in all, a mess of a movie that doesn't make anything of its concept. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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Give me my 93 Minutes Back
jts04056 August 2008
My friend is a huge fan of the director of this movie, even though I am not such a fan I was forced to see this movie with him because he wanted to see it. First of all I didn't even want to see this in the first place and when I got out of the theater I really wished I hadn't seen it at all. The whole point of this movie is that a bunch of African Americans play golf and mess around with each other. I was literally trying to find an escape within the first few minutes when the opening credits rolled by. My friend persisted in me staying through this entire crap fest and so I sat for 93 minutes watching this lame movie. It actually sets a new bar of the word terrible.

1/10 or if IMDb had this option 0/10
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Cinema For The Ages
nickrock2324 October 2007
Who's Your Caddy? is rightly considered an American classic. Don Michael Paul directs wonderfully, in the vision of a modern day Harper Lee. The story is easy to follow and the humor is fresh and original. While all these characteristics would qualify Who's Your Caddy? as genius cinema, they do not necessarily indicate a classic. What moves Who's Your Caddy? to classic status is its morality and ability to draw sympathy out of viewers as much today as when it was written in 2005. Who's Your Daddy deals with heavy and vital issues - racism, oppression, injustice. Amazingly, it is able to handle these deep and sensitive areas without feeling depressing or preachy. Michael Paul accomplishes this by making the viewer feel like a child and allowing us to learn along with him. Big Boi's (C-Note) acting makes it is easy to enter the world of modern day Atlanta. Despite all the flaws of the city, it is also easy to love many things about the place and many of the characters. If you have not yet seen Who's Your Caddy?, you will not regret picking it up at your local video store. If you saw it in the theater, it may be time to visit this world again. Wait, I've changed my mind, this movie sucks monkey testicles.
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It's like Caddy Shack! Minus the humour, the likability, and anything resembling a movie
carl_226615 August 2011
Well, after just watching this horrifying piece of feces, I can safely say that this movie is well deserving on being on the bottom 100 of IMDb. I mean there is not a single redeeming factor through out the entire film.

I've seen a lot of bad movies and of those bad movies I have rooted for the villain, but this is the earliest I have every start rooting for the villain because the main cast are just down right awful. Awful characters, awful acting, awful story, just plain awful. It's not the worst film I have ever seen but it's sure as hell is up there. With so many stereotypes in place that I, a Caucasian intelligent man, feel offend not only as a white person, but equal as offend for all African- Americans alone.

Also, the morals within the movie are especially stupid. "Hey kids, its okay to be loud, obnoxious, cheat, treat women like dirt, act like a person who was raise from the streets even though you're a 13 year white kid from upper class society, and crap on everyone else's ideals that aren't like yours because Who's your Caddy says its okay."

Bottom line is that this movie is down right atrocious. If like golf, Caddy shack, or anything that is decent in this world then stay the hell away from Who's your Caddy and never look back. Lord knows I didn't.
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Who's your Caddyshack
Newsense15 March 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Hmmmm, this movie looks very familiar. It resembles that other movie about golf. You know the one that came out in 1980? Only difference is that movie was funny and this one is flat out boring.

Plot: C-Note(Big Boi of Outkast) is a rich rapper who wants to join a golf club but the snooty owner Cummings(Jeffrey Jones) refuses to let C-Note and his pals join the club. C-Note does everything in his power to annoy Cummings and later on challenges him to a golf tournament.

Opinion: Doesn't that plot remind you of that movie with Bill Murray, Rodney Dangerfield and that silly gopher? This movie has other problems besides it being a ripoff of Caddyshack. You're sitting there waiting for a laugh and it never comes. Big Boi is not funny and the movie relies too much on fart jokes and clichés. Jeffrey Jones is overacting to the extreme just like he did in Howard The Duck. Sherri Shepard plays a caricature of a black woman and as a matter of fact the majority of the actors in this movie are caricatures. You know a movie is in trouble when you have Andy Milonakis in it! And the scene where Faizon Love and the rest of those guys are baring their naked buns in the locker room is not funny, its just sick. Almost as sick as Rip Torn shaking his naked butt in Freddy Got Fingered. If you're looking for a laugh look elsewhere. Who's Your Caddy is 100% laugh-free. A certified double bogey.
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Stupid Fun! Not 'alf bad
intelearts16 November 2007
Aaw, c'mon.. worst movie of all time? No way.

As a middle-aged white man in Northern Europe (Which I'm guessing is not the demographic for this group...) this is fine, dumb movie-making.

It's exactly what you'd expect: it looks and feels like a classic 80s comedy bought up to date. If you're in the mood for a movie that requires only laughing at nice set-ups, stupid physical comedy, and a little lesson learnt, romance and such, then this is it... lots of fun and very silly situations, with some good tunes, and nightclubs scenes, hit men, rappers, golfers in terrible outfits, polo players with ridiculous accents - short of imagination it ain't.

It's not literature, or drama, but it has lots more energy, fun, and silliness than most comedies and actually all works together really well...

Instantly forgettable, but definitely enjoyable performances...

Wonderful nonsense and great if you're in the mood for ssomething dumb...
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Not Deserving of the Awful Rating
themuffin-118 January 2008
First of all, the only reason I even bothered watching this movie was because I saw it rated so low and thought to myself, "It can't be that bad can it?" After watching this movie, the answer was a resounding no.

Let's get the obvious out of the way. 1."This movie is a ripoff of Caddyshack" You don't need to even watch the movie to understand this. I have trouble believing that anyone who watched this movie didn't expect it to be heavily influenced by Caddyshack 2. "The acting is horrible." I've seen much, much worse acting. Especially because the majority of the actors in this movie were rappers, and they were barely acting at all. 3. "The script is horrible" Once again...the movie is called Who's Your Caddy, its cast is made of rappers and Jeff Jones. It's ridiculous to go into this movie expecting a Godfather like script.

The good: I love great movies. I can't stress enough how much I love those great cult movies like Eraserhead, all those great independent movies like Brick and the such. However, throughout this movie, I couldn't stop laughing. I think I even laughed at this movie more than I laughed at Knocked Up. There are 2 fundamental ways to enjoy this movie. 1: Be stupid enough to thing the jokes were good. or 2. Realize just how bad these jokes are, and laugh at the script not with it. Some of the quotes in this movie are just so misplaced and unnecessary that it's hilarious. Maybe it's all of those racial based jokes that are so horrible that they are amazing.

I hope you all have heard of the movie The Room. I think it takes the same state of mind to watch this movie. If you watch Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" with the same state of mind the people who gave this movie a one did, you'd probably vomit. But, you can't. I can't stress enough how necessary it is to watch this movie as if it were an independent movie.

This movie is horrible, and that's what makes it so great. Every year there are tons of mediocre 5-6 star movies that invoke nothing in people. Once every few years though, we get a gem like this. A movie so bad that we have to watch it in a totally different way in order to enjoy. Viewers, I ask you, embrace this train wreck and brace yourself for the turbulence.
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This is not the worst movie !
WesleySaysHi24 November 2007
A movie is bad when the actors are bad, directing is bad, screenplay is bad, etc. If everything is bad, then the movie deserves the worst mark. It's not the case of this movie. I liked the actors and their performance, although I hated the story.

Unlike others who made a comment, I see this movie as a warning. Many people gave it a bad mark, but not for the right reasons. I value it at 4.5 on a scale of 10.

WHO'S YOUR CADDY is a bad movie, but it's not the worst. Some time ago I saw IDIOCRACY and I think that both movies have something in common: both show where we are heading, idiots will prevail. This movie carries out the message even more convincing than IDIOCRACY. While IDIOCRACY is overrated, I think that WHO'S YOUR CADDY is underrated.
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Not altogether bad, but when the audience ends up rooting for the "bad" guy, you are dong something wrong
a-twetman14 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Compared to other films on IMDBs bottom 100 list, Who's your Caddy is fairly watchable; production values were high enough to make it look like it was actually made by real film makers, the acting is not completely atrocious, it is not s dull as a rock, the jokes are not as cringe worthy or lacking in humor as other bad comedies, and so on. I do however realize that lacking in negatives does not make a ting good, just less bad. It could perhaps even be called mediocre.

There is one thing though, that firmly plants this on the bad side of the scale, and that is the complete disconnect with any sort of reality. We are meant to root for rapper C Note and his crew but they are not portrayed in a particularly good way. They are disrespectful to people around them, they teach a young kid that objectification of women is a good thing, they bring fire arms onto the golf course, and cause bodily harm to "bad guy" Cummings. Above all, pretty much all of their victories are caused, not by any form of virtue, but by the film makers disregarding normal human conduct not to mention laws and regulations. Oh, and suggesting that Cummings gets raped in the end is just in poor taste.

I seriously felt bad for Cummings and was rooting for him all through, not a good thing when he is supposed to be "the Man", and C Note the good guy rebel.
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Why we should be tee'd off at this film
StevePulaski21 August 2011
When pitching the idea for Who's Your Caddy?, the filmmakers most likely said "let's remake Caddyshack, for next to nothing, and do it with an African-American cast." That's all this has to offer. The thing that made the 1980's Caddyshack so funny, so clever, and work well was because it was energized by a cast of comedic talent like Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield. I'm surprised nobody ever said "let's ask Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, and Tracy Morgan to be in this." I'm known to like urban films. I thoroughly enjoyed the film Barbershop, and absolutely loved Boyz N The Hood, a drama film about three males growing up on the wrong side of the street. Even urban comedy films like Death at a Funeral, Don't Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, and Friday I can't help but laugh at. They are well written, but they also have a mind to their madness. They aren't always just random shouting from the characters, with pointless jokes. They can be funny and have a big heart.

Who's Your Caddy does nothing but try to "start something." It tries to pull racial issues where none exist, and it tries to make white people the anti-Christ of the world. This was 2007. Now it's 2011. Racism exists, but it's now much more seldom than it once was. Instead of acting like this is the first time blacks and whites ever crossed paths, why don't they try and make it something different. Something, you know? More current and entertaining.

The story is a rapper nicknamed C-Note (Patton) is forbidden a membership to the prestigious golf-club that is Carolina Pines Country Club. So he purchases land that is part of the course, and winds up bribing his way into a membership earned from the club's strict owner (Jones). The rest of the film is just senseless humor about horses eating marijuana, farting, and racism. You can see this comedy comes from a very mature nature.

One of my favorite black comedians, Faizon Love, makes an appearance, but he thinks that being funny means shouting all his lines and repeating everything everyone else says just adding "the n word." Andy Milonakis also shows up playing a teenager, but if you know the truth that Milonakis is in his mid-thirties, and he only has the voice and appearance of a teenager because of a condition that stunts his growth, the joke is ruined. Now if I went into this under the impression that Milonakis was around seventeen, done some homework, and learned that he was in fact in his thirties, than the joke is on me. But since I didn't, the joke is on the movie for thinking I'm that out of touch.

The humor also derives from gangster rap and other things not currently present today. The film passes itself off as "just another 2007 comedy." Not a flashback one. Who's Your Caddy? tries to be current, but at the same time, it is so dated and so out of touch with today's society that if you're laughing at the movie, it's because it doesn't truly know what it is.

The biggest problem is just the subject matter and immaturity brought to light in this film. It disgusts me that this comedy is making humor out of racism, a very demeaning and vile thing that still exists today. It makes white people out to be the enemy. They try to say "Golf is a white man's sport and they don't allow black people." Stop and think - one of the biggest golfers today is black. And if you go to any golf course, I live right by one, you'll see black people play it too. Sure the sport is dominated by whites, but blacks are just as welcome. There are no racial issues here. So why bring them up as if their were? Who's Your Caddy? says a lot about the world today. It says that white people are the enemy, they are used in this film to be awkward, and that the makers try to expose it in a comedy film with no redeeming qualities. Maybe this could've been a documentary, instead of a comedy if it wanted to focus on racial issues in the sport of golf. If that's the case, pick a genre.

Starring: Antwan "Big Boi" Patton, Jeffery Jones, James L. Avery, Tony Cox, Tamala Jones, Jenifer Lewis, Andy Milonakis, Sherri Shepperd, Tony Cox, and Lil Wayne. Directed by: Don Michael Paul.
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More like Who's Going to save this Awful Movie?
Smells_Like_Cheese30 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A few weeks ago, I showed my boyfriend a movie called White Chicks, I'm sure you've heard of it if you haven't seen it. He loved it and I said for me what really made the film was Terry Crews, I love this guy and how much life he brings to the screen. My boyfriend then mentioned a film called Who's Your Caddy and said that Terry was in it and that he's absolutely hilarious. So we watched it and sadly not only is Terry in the film for just 5 minutes, but this was just a terrible movie. Not only is this one of the most racist films I've seen but it's incredibly sexist as well. I have no idea what Hollywood was on when they thought that this would be a good film to green light, but obviously they just didn't care.

When "street smart" rapper Christopher "C-Note" Hawkins applies for a membership to an all-white Country Club, the establishment's proprietors are hardly ready to oblige him. Unwilling to accept that the club views him as unfit for membership, C-Note purchases land that contains the 17th green - willing only to exchange the hole for a membership. This sets the stage for an outrageous assault on the country club and its membership committee as C-Note and his fun-loving, streetwise crew disrupts the events and games at the club with their irreverent attitudes and a back-and-forth prank fest.

See my thing is I actually do love the story, but I think I would have loved it as a drama with a little comedy. The whole element of this black man whose father was shunned from a trophy because of his color from the powerful white man and getting revenge, I think that's a really good idea. However, since the comedy was a little too outrageous and in your face most of the time, they add in this touching story ad very last minute and it's way too late for me to care.

I hate stereotypes and this movie was out of control with the stereotypes. Between the black man who's a ghetto rapper, the big black girl who's so tough and sexual at the same time, the white rich man who won't give one thing a chance nor has any motive and the white son giving so easily into the rapper's life embracing it. Not to mention how the women are treated in this film, the white boy slaps a girl's butt and they encourage it! I thought that was a bit much. Plus the powerful white man wants to get rid of this group so badly to the point where he hires a hit man? A hit man who plants a bomb at his son's party where he could have been killed, what the heck? Everything about this film was wrong. The only thing that was redeemable was James Avery and Terry Crews. Other than that, please skip this film, I have the better idea, hopefully Hollywood reads this comment and takes my advice.

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A decent comedy movie
burnadrenaline19 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I don't really understand why this movie is rated so poorly. To be honest, I'm not even sure it deserves to be in the bottom 100. I specialize in reviewing comedy movies as a hobby, especially those that have a lot of bad reviews. However, I can't really see why people dislike this one so much. There are some nice laughs here and there and the music is catchy. There are a lot of celebrity cameos and I think it really does what it sets out to do. By the end I was rooting for C-Note to win the golf game, and he does.My favorite part of this movie was Big Large. Big Large is a great source of funny scenes in this movie and he had some really well-timed toilet humor that came into play when I least expected it. It doesn't look like it had the budget to be one of those legendary comedy movies but honestly, I think it's worth a try. If you like goofy comedy, hip-hop culture, and golf humor this movie may be for you.
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Very Watchable Comedy - much better than expected and lots of fun!
EclecticFilmHero28 July 2007
"Who's Your Caddy?" is fun, surprisingly friendly in tone, and ENTERTAINING.

Let me make clear: the plot is threadbare, character motivation is sketchy and you get the feeling that the film was put together in a 'Hey, that part's funny - let's put that in!' manner. However, anyone too harshly critical of this movie is not enjoying it on its intended merits.

The acting from the players is actually pretty good and the pacing clips along so you are never bored watching it. Some films you wish you could fast forward to the end so you could leave the theatre. I find this with many films rated above 6 stars. But "Caddy", though never intended to be 'serious' comedy, is a lot of fun and a pleasant diversion. It is much, much better than should be rightfully expected from one of its genre.

There are vulgarities, but not uncomfortably so. (However, I would not at all take children.)

The racial theme I took more as an indictment on class differences, and it was not nearly as one-sided as you might expect.

There are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments - even more than are in the trailer. The cast is surprisingly good, especially Jeffrey Jones at his smarmy best.

In short, the rating "Caddy" is getting from many users I do not personally understand because I consider a movie that keeps me entertained and is pleasant to watch a winner. Do I think it a great movie? - no one would. But is it unpretentious fun? - absolutely. Give "Caddy" a chance - you should be pleasantly surprised at its quick pace, its genial tone and its fun laughs.
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