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Beautiful made movie
rachelbbbbb11 August 2019
Beautiful made movie! It's a movies which didn't bring out the violence of the war, but a emotional and touchy story of a hero. It's really rare that we even see a Vietnam war movies. I literally cried throughout the whole movies. Very glad to see. Great pick on actor and subject! Love the concept that this movie has brought hope to our life. PTSD was well written and showed in front of us. All the suffers that those veterans had been through. Great storyline based on real story. For sure that this story has "heart" , I really hope that people can see, feel and understand what veterans had been through and provide support for them. Definitely recommend!
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A True American Hero!
ncoutlander21 January 2020
After seeing 1917 I really wasn't expecting much when I started watching the movie. 1917 would be a tough act to follow. I have to say now that at least for me...the true war Story vs a hearsay war story was way better.. At the time I knew nothing about William Pitsenbarger. I'm glad I refused all temptation to do a Google Search before watching the movie, I simply followed the story and was not disappointed. Beautifully written and I'm sure you will tear up, once you hear multiple witnesses describing the Airman's heroics.
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Great Movie
jstrandberg-885-30159323 January 2020
This was a great movie. People who nit-pick it miss the point. Movies are supposed to entertain us, they are not history lessons. Sure there are a few mistakes, but nothing that detracts from the story or the man's heroism.

And for you guys talking about his "sergeant strips" that change did not take effect until Oct. 1967 and this action happened in April 1966. At the time of the action his 3-stripes indicated Senior Airman, which is still an Airman.

Sit back and enjoy the film. I'm sure you won't regret it. God bless you William Pitsenbarger.
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Very well done movie
babyruth-3900624 January 2020
I totally loved the movie. My mother, my aunt and I went to go see it and it was very emotional for us. I'm so glad to finally see, what went into getting our cousin, the Congressional Medal Of Honor. Also, just putting this out there. It states here, William Hart Pitsenbarger Jr but he was not a junior. He was not named after anyone, except for his middle name, which was his mother's maiden name. I would also like to note, that Diane Ladd played Alice Pitsenbarger but Alice Pitsenbarger was not Williams' mother. His mother passed away in 1991. Alice was his fathers 2nd wife. Williams' mothers name was, Irene Emma (Hart) Pitsenbarger. I know this because William was my family. My great-grandmother and his grandfather, were brother and sister.
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Nothing Else Like It
user-19718-2793320 January 2020
First of all, I have never seen a movie take on a war story like this. Think Hacksaw Ridge, meets Saving Private Ryan without all the gore. It's not about the nations, the generals, the guns, or the tanks- it's about the people. The Last Full Measure is a Drama that happens to be a war movie. Plus, you have never seen performances like those given by William Hurt, Ed Harris, Sam Jackson, Diane Ladd, and Chris Plummer. I got to see the movie at a special screening in Washington DC, and the entire audience, including military brass, had tears running down their cheeks by the end. And, trust me, they weren't tears of sorrow-It leaves you with a feeling of joy and gratitude for any solider who places themself in the line of fire. Anyone who doesn't appreciate this film has no empathy. I would highly recommend seeing this in theaters, not just for the action, but to fully appreciate the nuances in these actors' eyes. I went with my grandmother who doesn't usually like war movies, and she won't stop talking about it.
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Worth a watch
suicycomod24 January 2020
Second review I 24 hours being off work sick has its advantages!! I saw the low review point on this but watched it anyway because of the cast, it nearly has a better cast than the Irishman !!!! I'm not American ... I did not serve in Vietnam nor do I know anyone that served in that war as some keyboard warrior reviews seem hung up on. I enjoyed a well written well acted movie and I'm not ashamed to say I sat here and cried for the last 10 mins, not something I do for movies I think ET in the cinema was the last time. This movie slowly wrapped its storyline around my heart, gripped me till the end and and didn't disappoint. Disregard the low ratings and rants from wannabe movie critics this is a movie to enjoy and cherish every moment of they don't make them like this too often and when they do movies like this have a habit of falling between the same cracks spoken in the movie. Enjoy it for what it is, a journey for more than one person including the viewer.
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Others sacrifice so I may have an easy life.
stevojaxon21 January 2020
On occasion I have been courageous. Sometimes I see it in others. But where and in the time I live, is the easy abundant safe culture, becoming devoid of values of character and promoting self interest above all else. This story is important, since in time, it may be seen as a fictitious fable that few will be able to identify with. A few need to live and tell such stories. More than anything, I'm glad I have the insight that allowed me the privilege of seeing and understanding this movie. War doesn't leave us, it simply changes shape. Nowadays we have the war for control of our minds, wallets and spirits. No blood spilled, just dumbing down. This is a well told story of humility, selflessness and sacrifice. I won't be around later when no-one identifies or cares about this story, or other stories like it. And I wouldn't want to live in that time anyway.
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The Last Full Measure.
lakes-4906824 January 2020
An EXCELLENT Movie..Fantastically True Story,Great Stars,acting top notch.All round a VERY Moving,Gripping Movie...Top Marks
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Just a beautiful movie.
jimmywrangleswows23 January 2020
This is not a war movie. It's a movie about love and friendship, heroism and honour. Do yourself a favor and give it a watch.
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Critics Be Damned, This Is A Moving, Gut Check Film
utahbeekeeper25 January 2020
I was "In Country" about 40 miles away when this went down. The Whole Operation Was A "Goof" so why are some folks gripping over the model of helicopter, or the strips on a uniform, or the fact that "Pits" didn't get sufficient screen time. As an Army pilot, I worked mostly with Army Dustoff Hueys and crews. However, these Air Force Pararescue teams were special! The events producers wanted to build into a commercial success need some fleshing out, some screen writing skills to make it what it is. This old Vietnam pilot wept like a baby during many scenes. One of my missions was to fly low as "bait" and mark targets for fast movers. The line spoken by a US Senator was a particular gut punch for me.

"Usually we are judged by what we do. But what we don't do is what haunts us."

Yes, William H. Pitsenbarger was the epic reason for the movie and maybe we didn't see enough of him. That can be easily forgiven by me. A bit of Hollywood "Poetic License" was very well executed in this case, and it resulted in a beautiful motion picture. Every comfortable American who perhaps has never taken up arms and walked a post needs to see this one, Well done (for a change), Hollywood!
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One of the best movies I've seen in a while!
brooke-6139328 April 2020
Great storyline and entertaining throughout the whole movie. It's sad to see our vets get no recognition and this movie showcased how humanity, respect and compassion is still alive. I cried at the end. I never cry watching movies but this one really touched my heart!!! A must see! :')
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Framing William H. Pitsenbarger
marcd3031927 January 2020
How can a movie with such good and noble intentions, augmented by some of the most heart-felt acting I have seen in a long time, leave me so disappointed?

According to what I have read, writer-director Todd Robinson had wanted to do a film about Medal of Honor recipient William H. Pitsenbarger for over a decade, but had to fight development hell and studio indifference.

My problem is the film used a fictional investigation to frame the story, hence the opening title card that said: "Inspired by True Events." In doing so, the film-makers shifted the focus on the investigator, not William H. Pitsenbarger.

It is encouraging that Hollywood is finally giving our veterans from the Vietnam War son long overdue recognition. The story of William H. Pitsenbarger is truly inspiring. It did not need the fictitious artifice of a fake conspiracy story to make it more compelling or relevant.

For good intentions - 10 For execution - 5
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I think I'm in shock...
spikeit25 January 2020
Just walked out of the theater minutes ago and I'm still processing it all. Wonderful movie with a strong cast. A powerful story and message about the sacrifices made by Pits and all the men and women serving our country. Very emotional and moving... makes me want to do more that matters in the world.
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This is a tremendous movie from a Navy Veteran
crussel4-380-6635685 April 2020
I really enjoyed this movie, a lot of truth and a lot of forgotten honor.
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Beautifully heartwrenching
michaeljamesregan25 January 2020
What an incredibly touching movie (with a beautiful score I might add). Of course it is still fiction and part of the story needs to be redirected. But what an accomplish and feat of a film to get to the core of Pitsenbarger as well as the lost and forgotten men. It's not a typical war movie (as it focuses on the aftermath, the honoring of a hero and those that fought for him for over 30 years). In doing so, keeps it unique and fresh. It focuses on PTSD, veterans and the effects to loved ones, friends and family. I found myself in tears at various moments and just leaving as though I saw all the effort and years put into making this film. Phenomenal casting all around. Great directing by Todd Robinson.
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Selfless sacrifice when its most needed.
solomonjp24 January 2020
I'm not an American and I don't see the American engagement with the war in Vietnam was the right thing to do. But the soldiers have nothing to do with the decision. I see this at a very human level, a story of great sacrifice and going beyond one's job or duty to save others lives at one's own peril. The movie provides an opportunity for those who haven't been at war to experience the trauma of loss. Particularly of a person who saved your life. I never saw the point of medals given posthumously. I now see why. This movie educated me through my heart and my empathy, not through my head. The actors, the direction, the music and the editing was just right. There are cheesy parts; they are brief, its like too much icing on a good cake. One can easily ignore them and enjoy the movie
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Great thoughtful, movie! Not your typical war flick
romanraju20 January 2020
Wonderful heartfelt movie. I left it moved with a deeper appreciation for the men and women in service ( both now and before) that we all have so much to be grateful for. Truly great performances by A list cast. In such a divisive time it's nice to agree on the honor of our brave military serviceman. Take the time to watch it..
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What a story
freddb3426 April 2020
Just finished this. The heartache felt by those vets and the burden they carry for fighting an unpopular war leapt off the screen for me. We owe them for what they gave up and gave us. All gave some, some gave all.
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Well Told Story to Have Medal Of Honor awarded to AIC Pitsenbarger
itsbobr26 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Inspired by a true story

Career Civil employee Carlton Stanton (Bradley Whitford) assigns Scott Huffman (Sebastian Stan) an assignment to look into Retired Sgt Tully's (William Hurt) request that Helicopter Medic (AIC) Airman First Class William H. Pitsenbarger (Jeremy Irving) be posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions back in the mid 1960s in the Viet Nam War. Currently, AIC Pitsenbarger holds the Air Force Cross. Stanton doesn't think this will go anywhere and that is why he gave the assignment to Scott Huffman because Scott is 3-months away from losing his job to higher ups. The word was there was not enough documentation to award the MOH.

Scott Huffman takes the assignment and must interview former members of Charlie Company that AIC came down from a helicopter to help Charlie Company apparently in an ambush in Viet Nam. He helped the wounded, put wounded in the basket to be uplifted by the helicopter and ended up staying put to protect others when Sgt Tully told him to come up. Then he grabbed a rifle and ended up being shot.

This is a very well told and well acted story and at times you may need a box of Kleenex.

Notables who were in Charlie Company: Samuel L. Jackson as Billy Tokada; Peter Fonda as Jimmy Burr; Ed Harris as Ray Mott, and John Savage as Chancy Kepper who wrote the After Action Report of that battle; Robert Pine as Huffman Meridith who took Scott to the exact place in Viet Nam where the battle took place and you will see a lot of blue butterflies.

Notables Other: Cristopher Plummer as Frank Pitsenbarger; Diane Ladd as Mrs. Pitsenbarger; Dale Dye as Senator Holt who tried to get the award approved in Congress but was shot down; Alison Sudol as Tara, Scott's wife; Hannah Black as young Jenny, Billy's love interest; Rachel Harker as adult Jenny.

Here's the thing: Scott Huffman can get nowhere to get the MOH, Medal of Honor, for Billy Pitsenbarger and even turns down a promotion to be an Under Secretary of something. Now you have to understand that Scott Huffman is a fictional character and goes to the press to make his point. This being the case how did AIC Pitsenbarger actually get the MOH posthumously? I have no idea. This was not addressed. If this is inspired by a true story how is this left out? I asked this question because at the end of a true story normally, there is a statement at the end of the movie that tells what happened to the main character(s). This didn't happen in here. Then I found out Scott Huffman was a fictional character.

Oh, one more thing. I saw Michael Imperioli's name in the credits, but I don't recall seeing him in the movie. If you watch this and see him as Jay Ford, let me know where he was in the movie.

All this aside, takes nothing away from this well told story. I did check out that William H. Pitsenbarger did receive the MOH posthumously. The better title of this could have been The Cost of War.

And William H. Pitsenbarger: May God have mercy on your soul and thank you. (9/10)

Violence: Yes, an ambush in Viet Nam. Sex: No. Nudity: No. Humor: No. Language: Heard only one f-bomb. Nothing else.

Rating: A
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Thank God for Heroes
jbaird-6948526 April 2020
This was a beautiful, touching, well made movie. It brought tears. If you have a heart you will be affected.
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The real hero
kenstallings-6534621 April 2020
The real hero of this story is the real William H. Pitsenbarger.

Other heroes were the men who served briefly, but epically, in Vietnam with him, of the First Infantry Division.

The real story would have been compelling enough. When this movie told the real story, it was noble and poignant. The movie faithfully depicted Pitsenbarger, an Air Force rescue squadron Pararescue Jumper, volunteering to replace the wounded medic of the Army platoon in harms' way. It showed him exposing himself to constant mortars and bullets. And it showed very accurately, him taking off the flak vest that was his best protection, and giving it to a grievously wounded Army soldier named Fred Navarro, whom he did not even know, so that he may live. And it showed him making a fateful effort to take up arms to thwart enemy advances on those Army soldiers, so that again they could live at the cost of his own life.

It showed the extremely emotional Medal of Honor ceremony, where then Air Force Secretary Whit Peters delivered extremely powerful narration, and it showed the determination to successfully upgrade Pitsenbarger's medal to the top award for valor that our nation can bestow.

it showed the scars that many from that battle suffered for the rest of their lives. The movie portrayed all of these momentous events in accurate and therefore powerful ways.

Sadly, the movie also introduced falsehoods into the narrative, to depict political intrigue that simply never happened, and in doing that, it rendered a disservice. Truth is, the awards package was initially weaker than it should have been, and the medal was downgraded by senior theater commanders to the Air Force Cross, the top Air Force award for valor and the nation's second highest honor.

The reasons it was downgraded to the AFC from the Medal of Honor are murkier than presented in this movie. There was never the pointless and petty squabble on the US Senate floor that this movie falsely represented happening.

So, why does a flawed movie earn ten stars? Because, sometimes in life, what something achieves rises above the mark and overcomes ordinary limitations. By telling the truth in the faithful manner, by telling the true story of what William Pitsenbarger did, this movie rises to the level of perfection. The wrongs are too weak in comparison to detract from the strengths.

That ultimately echoes precisely the perfection that Pitsenbarger's true actions meant to so many who needed his supreme sacrifice, his last full measure of devotion.

It will take someone to watch the movie to understand and accept why!
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This will make you cry
xxx_tash_xxx15 April 2020
Absolutely good movie, recommend watching this. Had my husband crying 😭 definitely a 10/10
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Well cast, well acted, and wonderfully directed.
jbathie10 April 2020
I'm not sure what type of person wouldn't enjoy this movie. Maybe someone never touched by an armed conflict directly, maybe someone who believes peaceful tactics are the best defense? I'm not certain.

But I am certain this movie is worth the 90 minutes. Movies packed with well-know talent tend to do fairly well, although I don't think those who gave their time for this project were in it for the fame, or even the money. It was a project that needed to be completed, and people needed to know who Airman William H. Pitsenbarger, Jr. was, and who he was for so many men that day in April 1966.

I'm confident in saying you'll enjoy this movie, perhaps not as much as I did, but it's worth investing your time in. It'll be 90 minutes well spent.
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Moving and worth watching
raddyb24 January 2020
To say this film moved me to tears wouldn't be saying enough. Amazing cast and directing. The story itself is incredible and it needed to be told because we need such stories as inspiration to be better human beings.
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What a film
leejball21 January 2020
Great film. Good actors, good writing, well directed, great story.
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