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this show is awesome
kayebtoyz18 June 2006
In some ways this is just another talk show, it has a monologue, guest and music, but it's on cable and the host is Henry Rollins. So I guess it's not just another talk show. Everything that's been said about Henry Rollins can be said about this show. It's hard, honest, and takes no prisoners. It's not about offending anyone, but doesn't care if it does, but I kind of hope that it does (offend someone). The show may stay one the air longer. It's not like his music, spoken word and books aren't good enough, because they are, but this way I get I get intelligent, well written editorials from someone who believes in what he's saying and backs it up, and isn't selling ad time to do it.
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stick to music
vincent-2714 January 2007
This show just came to IFC in Canada, and I must say I'm not impressed. Nothing interesting or radical and Rollins television personality seems incredibly stiff and awkward. He had Chuck D on as a guest and conversation made no sense. The soapbox part was weird and didn't seem to work, the musical guest tepid. He is trying to portray himself as a cross between Bill Maher and Bob Costas, and neither works. He had one "rant" where he talked about the difference between owning a gun and owning a car and he said, for one of them you didn't need a license. Huh? Oh well, I'll give it another chance, but so far not impressed. Listen to Air America Radio on the net instead, or mike malloy.
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The Problem of The Henry Rollins Show is Henry Rollins Himself !
elshikh46 February 2011
It's a talk show, but with strongly-worded objecting tone. The thing is what's its agenda, direction, whatever? (Henry Rollins) answers this question, describing himself as well, by: "I'm An Angry American". Well, he looks pretty angry to me!

(Rollins) determines to seem scary. Look not at his physique, wide neck, or forever black costumes, but to his stern way of talking, and ruthless look to the camera's eye. He intimidates the viewers every episode: "..AND A LOT OF MY OPINIONS!" as if in case you wouldn't complete the episode, he would find you, and eat you!

Who is (Rollins) in the first place? An Actor? I didn't watch him unless in minor, mostly baddie, characters in some movies. And nothing said that he had a talent at all. So I hated when he was hosted in a show named Ultimate Film Fanatic as a judge??!! OH MY GOD. Who is this guy to judge anyone that got anything to do with movies??!!

Singer? For me, I can't stand his music or performance. Whenever I glimpse him with a mike to sing or play; "Mute" is the only answer I have!

Host? By listening to him, he isn't a fine one. I can't recall something insightful, or witty, he ever said. In fact, his remarks are so silly, and his speech is always unjustifiably harsh!

So in conclusion he's angry scary dude. It's hard to bear him in his own show. Hence the only watchable thing about it is the guests. How does he manage to bring them? I don't know. They talk frankly, heartfelt, and - most importantly - without a laughing audience. If only I could remove (Rollins)'s voice and image from the cadre!

I read that he has a large sun tattoo on his back accompanied with the words "Search and Destroy". I hope he doesn't mean anyone who critiques him by that!
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