"Women of the House" You Talk Too Much (TV Episode 1995) Poster

Teri Garr: Sissy Emerson



  • [Sissy says that she spit in Jesse Helms' soup] 

    Natalie Hollingsworth : You know that is truly one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard!

    Sissy Emerson : Get real, Natty, waiters do it all the time!

    Natalie Hollingsworth : Maybe to you.

    Sissy Emerson : Trust me, I know I've only known you for a few months, but I feel very safe in guessing that many of your waiters went home with cottonmouth!

  • Natalie Hollingsworth : I'm sure Hillary won't even let him have a dog.

    Sissy Emerson : Oh, I'm sure she will, and if they're smart, they'll make it a female. Then there can be someone else in The White House Newt Gingrich can call a bitch.

  • Sissy Emerson : Now you see that? You've started a rumor. I mean, by tomorrow, that's gonna be all over town.

    Natalie Hollingsworth : And this from the queen of spreading rumors! Not to mention that when you first came here, you couldn't remember if Suzanne was a lesbian or if she had killed a man.

    Suzanne Sugarbaker : What the hell is this all about? I killed a man?

    Sissy Emerson : Oh, I was drinking then, and I was working for the Post. I can tell you now that it disgusts me.

    Jennifer Malone : You mean, because you unfairly maligned people?

    Sissy Emerson : No, because I was drinking during the wrong administration. I should have been drinking during the Reagan years.

  • [Watching a horror movie] 

    Natalie Hollingsworth : This is just ridiculous! Here she's looked through the peephole, she sees what's out there, so she opens the door wearing a push-up bra with little hearts all over it, and she thinks he's gonna be happy with a fifty cent tip!

    Sissy Emerson : Excuse me, but I thought that's why we were monitoring these shows so that we could expose the kind of sexist thinking that you're espousing right now that says scantily-clad women deserve to be murdered! And that somehow it's sexy!

    Natalie Hollingsworth : I'm not saying she deserves it, I'm just saying that as women, it behooves us to be prudent!

    Sissy Emerson : And I'm saying that we have a right to walk down the street or answer the door any damn way we please and not get killed for it! Yes, Darlene is a stupid girl. Am I sorry she's gone? Not really. But she has a right to answer the door in that outfit!

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