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  • While Joel gives Ed golf lessons, the Indian warns him Adam is around, the never actually seen monster-prankster, blamed for all kinds of weirdness since 15 years. Passing the night in his car in the woods after diagnosing a park ranger Burns, Joel is apparently robbed, actually taken in, by very human loner Vietnam vet Adam. Chris is delighted his instinctive sculptural inspiration fits the astronomical phenomenon Aurora Borealis (northern light). Chris accepts help from lost motor-biker Bernard, and discovers they share a lot, even an identity essential.


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  • The Northern Lights and the moon induced by them cause dreaming to intensify among the residents.

    Dr. Fleischman hears about "Adam", the local version of the Bigfoot monster. When his truck breaks down one night on a lonely road, he encounters the mysterious creature, who turns out to be an odd, hostile hermit living deep in the woods. However, nobody in Cicely believes him.

    Bernard shows up. He sold his condo in Portland, Oregon, bought a motorcycle and rode north without quite knowing why. He and Chris find themselves strangely in tune, even sharing the same dream. They finally learn that they share the same father and the same birthday. Satisfied, Bernard returns to Portland.

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