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  • Obsession reaches new heights when Chris is dismayed that his ex-lover can't find any difference between him and Bernard in bed. Joel worries about losing his New York "edge". And Marilyn snoops through the medical files to find her perfect man.


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  • Joel begins having episodes of memory lapse, doing things no New Yorker would ever do, such as turning his back on his money by leaving his wallet on a pool table, and then later forgetting his parka.

    Meanwhile, Bernard shows up -- new girlfriend in tow -- and promptly discovers that not only did his new love know his brother, but that she KNEW his brother, in the biblical sense, as well. She and Chris lived together for about 6 months ago, and then one day he just upped and offed. This turns out to bother Bernard very much.

    Joel begins trying to get his "New York" back by becoming the jerk he was when first arriving in Cicely, renting New York-type movies (Dog Day Afternoon, Taxi Driver, The Godfather, for instance), and succeeds only in the jerk part.

    Chris tries to prove that he and Bernard are totally different people, and ends up almost alienating his brother completely.

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