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  • Maggie is asked to be homecoming queen. Ed reflects on success. Maurice gets beat on a business deal.

    J Davis


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • The local highschool graduating class are short of girls and asks Maggie to be their homecoming queen. What seems at first to be the result af a crush from one of the students (notice a very young Jack Black as the high school kid) turns out to be a pity gesture because Maggie is always alone. Maurice tries to pull a fast one on a successfull Native American businessman, and fails miserably mainly due to having a couple of drinks at dinner. Ruth-Anne is being audited and balances on the edge of real trouble because of her habit of trading goods - without declaring. The auditor is admidst an ugly divorce and because of her distress, makes a mistake in Ruth Annes favour. Ruth Anne is torn between on whether to disclose the error.

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