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  • After being dumped by her motorcycle poet boyfriend, Margaret challenges her mother to set up a (Korean) date for her. After finding she likes the man she attempts to act more "traditional" for his both korean families.


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  • Margaret () returns from a date with Dakota (), her new poet flame, but things quickly go sour when he tells her he is moving away. At the bookstore, Mrs. Kim () notices Margaret's sadness over the breakup and offers yet again to set her up with a nice Korean man, and Margaret finally gives in. Mrs. Kim looks through her computer files and finds Raymond Han (), a doctor from a good family. Later, Mrs. Kim anxiously readies the house for Raymond's arrival, wanting to make a good impression, and pushes Margaret to wear a more conservative--or "wifey"--dress, telling her to be "demure and polite." When Raymond arrives, he offers Margaret's parents a gift, although Grandma () is too distracted by her broken television to notice. To Margaret's surprise, she hits it off with Raymond, and soon tells Gloria () and Ruthie () all about him as they have lunch, saying he is a great catch. When Raymond surprises the three of them, however, Margaret's friends notice how different and obedient she becomes around him, but she says she just "toned it down" and wants to keep dating him.

    Later, Margaret and Raymond return from the Korean folk-dancing date, and he tells her how different she is from American girls, which seems to bother her. He invites her to meet his parents at a dinner, which delights the Kims, and her mother gives her a necklace from her grandmother, saying she has proven herself to be more "mature" now. Knowing that Raymond's family is extremely traditional, Stuart () and Mrs. Kim attempt to teach Margaret proper table manners and decorum, and although she slips a few times and displays a poor grasp of the Korean language, she manages to charm the Hans. He tells her she was "perfect," but she admits she has not been herself around him, and when she describes her true personality and lifestyle, he agrees that their relationship will not work out. Mrs. Kim is distraught over the break-up, but Grandma is content just to have her television back.

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