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  • The A-Team is called in to help out an airline when one of their planes is hijacked by a terrorist group. Hannibal and Face masquerade as airline executives to bargain for the release of the passengers in a prisoner exchange. Meanwhile Murdock and B.A. sneak aboard the plane through the cargo hold in an effort to help neutralize the hijackers. Things get dicey though when the plane takes off unexpectedly and B.A. becomes catatonic, thanks to his fear of flying. To make matters worse, Murdock is accidentally blinded when a gun discharges in his face and it's up to Hannibal to land the jet even though he has no flying experience.


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  • A Gang Hijacks a 747,and an Airline Exec. hires the team to get the plane and passengers back safely.Murdock's been judged sane by the Hospital Doctor,and is being discharged,saving the team an escape plan for him.(!) He's put out at being put out.. Hannibal and Face pose as the Owner and a VP bringing the ransom,offering themselves as hostages for the passengers' release (accepted),while Murdock and BA (The Plan is the Plane doesn't get airborne again!) get in the cargo hold to provide backup...but the plane does take off,BA goes catatonic with Fear,and Murdock has to intervene to save the team before the Gang fly to their getaway rendezvous,parachute jump out,leaving Hannibal and Face to crash with the plane..Despite Hannibal warning of the consequences of depressurisation by gunfire,armed Gang members unaccounted for by Murdock and BA (once he comes out of it) start shooting,depressurising the plane,Murdock gets blinded by a muzzle flash,and the Gang's Pilot gets sucked out of a hole in the fuselage,Leaving Hannibal to land the plane with Murdock's guidance,while Amy on the ground takes action to make sure the ground control staff don't follow through with a Plan B to trick Hannibal into a splashdown in the ocean,to avoid the possibility of the plane crashing on or near the airport as fuel was at a critical Level on board..Back on the Ground,Murdock discovers the doctor that released him has gone crazy,and He's readmitted..

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