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Henry Cavill: Humphrey



  • Tristan : [Tristan goes to see Victoria on her birthday, picks up a small stone for the window to call her as he used to, then smiles, drops the stone and knocks on the front door, Victoria answers]  Happy birthday.

    Victoria : [Looking pleasantly astonished at Tristan's transformation]  What happened to you?

    Tristan : I've found the star.

    Victoria : I can't believe you did it. Where's my star? Can I see it? Is it beautiful?

    Tristan : Yes.

    [Tristan reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lock of Yvaine's hair, wrapped in a small piece of white cloth. He gives it to Victoria] 

    Victoria : Well, it's awfully small.

    Tristan : Well, that's just a little piece - a token for your birthday.

    Victoria : Well... Well, then forget about the star. It's not the star that I want.

    Victoria : [she puts her arms around him] 


    Victoria : You know what I want.

    [they are about to kiss but he pulls away from her] 

    Tristan : Yeah, I do. You want to grow up and get over yourself.

    Victoria : [indignantly]  Well! Oh!

    [Humphrey appears around the corner and at the sight of Tristan drops a medium sized box wrapped in red wrapping paper that was suspended from his left hand] 

    Tristan : Humphrey!

    Humphrey : Thorn. You must have a death wish.

    [Humphrey then unsheathes a small, thin sword. Tristan unsheathes a much larger and and brandishes it menacingly] 

    Humphrey : [backing down]  Ah...

    Tristan : [looking amused]  Humphrey. Humphrey, it's all right. She's all yours. You really are a perfect couple. The best of luck to you both.

    [Victoria looks inside the cloth containing the token that Tristan has given her] 

    Victoria : [ungratefully]  Why would I want this? It's just a measly handful of stardust.

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