Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (2008) Poster

Sherri Shepherd: Mom



  • Zuba : What are you looking at?

    Alex : Me? Nothing.

    Zuba : This watering hole doesn't need any more mouths to feed. So just skedaddle back to wherever you came from.

    Alex : Ok. Well, is there maybe a manager that I can talk to?

    Zuba : Oh. I see. You're here to challenge me!

    Alex : What? No! No. No.

    Zuba : Well, that's what it started to look like to me!

    Mom : Zuba! Wait.

    Zuba : Doggone, woman. I'm trying to take care of my business...

    Mom : Yeah, yeah, Zuba. Hold on. Alakay? Is that you?

    [grabs Alex's paw] 

    Alex : No it's Alex. Ix like New York Knicks.

    Mom : [stunned by the birthmark]  Zuba, look!

    Alex : [Zuba looks at the birthmark]  Oh. I've always had that. The vet checked it out. It's really... it's kind of a beauty spot, really.

  • Zuba : [Looking at Alex's birthmark]  A mark.

    Alex : All right, this is a little weird.

    Zuba : Honey, he's come home.

    Alex : What?

    Zuba : [shows his birthmark]  You've come home.

    Alex : [as he looks at both birthmarks]  Whoa.

    Zuba : Son.


    Alex : Dad.

    [Zuba nods] 

    Alex : Mom and Dad? Mom and Dad! Mom and Dad! It's my Mom and Dad! I got a mom and dad!

    [they form a group hug] 

    Mom : Our baby's alive!

    Marty : Dad!

  • Mom : You going to mope like this all day?

    Zuba : Hmph.

    Mom : Don't hmph me. Listen, Zuba. A miracle happened. Our son came back to us. How is that not good enough for you?

    Zuba : What are you saying, woman?

    Mom : We lost him once, Zuba. Let's not lose him again.

  • Mom : [pulls out small fabric blanket]  You used to call this foofie.

    Alex : Foofie?

    [takes a whiff] 

    Alex : Foofie.

    Zuba : Oh. He doesn't want that thing.

    Alex : [Zuba tempts to take it from Alex but he pulls back like tug a war]  This is my foofie!


    Mom : Zuba, you better give him his foofie.

  • Mom : [to Zuba]  Don't strain yourself.

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