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Blurs the lines between art and life...
EricAllenBell21 March 2006
Please, let's not get into a battle of the films here. "Bondage" and "Danny Roane" are two separate pieces of work. They were each made for different reasons and both deserve to be judged on their own merits.

There is an art form to getting a reaction from an audience, especially one that is controversial - meaning that it possibly has people confused, upset, enraged, etc. Oscar Wilde once said (in the preface to "A Portrait of Dorian Gray") that all criticism is in fact a form of autobiography.

I saw "Danny Roane: First Time Director" while at South By Southwest. The audience had a strong reaction to the film. And just like anything else in the world or in this country, their reaction was not all the same.

Liking or disliking someone's artistic expression is only one form, in a vast array of forms, in which one can evaluate a piece of work. If we are to remove "like" or "dislike" as the simple-minded binary means in which we look at this film, there is a lot there that cannot be denied. Undeniability is one of the hardest things to achieve in any art form.

Andy Dick, whether consciously or not (although I suspect consciously) blurs the lines between fiction and reality - an art within itself. He shows the audience the baffling and overwhelming power of not only alcoholism per se, but what happens to a person when they are in the grips of a spiritual crisis.

Everyone thought it was funny when we read in the press that Chris Penn got drunk at the Sky Bar and got into a fight with a midget, throwing him into the pool and getting tossed out himself. Now he is dead at 40.

There is something tragically haunting about Andy Dick's film. It is hard to watch, I agree. But I wouldn't dismiss it so quickly for that reason. If you look at his resume, Andy Dick has made a zillion movies and television appearances. His has a certain mastery over his craft, which is to say that he knows what he is doing. You may or may not "like" it, but clearly a lot of insight into his personal, real life struggles went into creating the film.

Regardless of your opinion of it, this is a movie that cannot be dismissed or ignored - just like Andy Dick himself. There are people who will like it for the wrong reasons, and there are people who will dislike it for the wrong reasons. But either way, there is no denying it. This movie, or this phenomenon rather (as Andy blurred the lines between the movie and real life afterward) clearly demonstrates that there is intelligence in the meltdown - a general dissatisfaction. And when one is courageous enough to face the dissatisfaction, intelligence is no longer restrained.
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A drunken director makes the film that you are watching
pansyass3316 March 2006
Andy Dick is a comedian's comedian. This is no more apparent than from his work in the film, The Aristocrats, as well as Danny Roane: First Time Director. I saw the film at the Texas film festival, and let me be the first to say it is not for everyone. It is only for those people who have a sense of humor, coupled with an infinite tolerance for oddity. In my opinion it was no more strange than South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut. It takes a type of person without a Politically Correct bone in their body to appreciate this kind of humor.

I also feel I must comment about the allegations of his pedophilia. I mean, it is just not true. And that is what happens when people think before they laugh.

I would also encourage anyone to check out the video section of Andy Dick.com and see how extremely generous Andy is with his genius work.
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Hilarious -- even if you don't like Andy's comedy
emily-39426 November 2006
Andy Dick's fictional film within a film about a drunken comedian with a mediocre TV career attempting to make a movie about himself -- a drunken comedian with a mediocre TV career -- is astonishingly, one of the freshest, funniest movies I've seen in years. Even if you're no fan of the shtick you have seen Andy Dick do on TV and elsewhere, this movie catches you off guard with some of the most outrageously funny stuff I have ever seen. Similar to Borat in its honesty and fearlessness of taboos, this no holds barred hysterical perspective on indie film-making should not be missed. The cameos by numerous famous people are more than just cameos. They all have roles that add something funny and could only be played by that person. Watch for Bob Bancroft, the guy who used to play the evil head of the hospital on Chicago Hope, who is brilliant as Andy/Danny's Dad in this film.
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A Bad Movie, but Laughs to Be Had
Nick_Dets28 April 2006
Andy Dick's new movie doesn't truly feel like a movie. It wanders from scene to scene with Dick's often funny, unmistakable brand of humor. A lot of the jokes don't work, but there more laughs then you'd expect. To enjoy it, think of it more of an extended episode of "The Andy Dick Show". But an episode of his brilliant (but short lived) series this isn't, and as a movie it's pretty awful.

Dick's "mostly autobiographical" story follows the title character, a down-and-out former sitcom golden boy who is quickly slipping to the F list. We learn through a horribly filmed, lazily directed "News Radio" spoof that it is wasn't Andy/Danny's proudest career moment, even if it was of his most successful. With a muddled motivation, he puts together a movie about his substance abuse problems.

With this story, Dick able to make jibes at the industry and these are the best moments of the film. Starting with the untoppable "Late Night With Jimmy Kimmel" sequence and continuing with hilarious scenes ripping apart empty-headed execs, intense crew members and naive actors, Dick is able to stick it to the industry. He is also able to make fun of himself and his colleagues in the process (Ben Stiller, Jack Black, James Van Derbeek and more are all able to make fun of themselves in assorted scenes).

There's no doubt "Danny Roane" is filled with some great moments, but they are strung together with bad camera work, platitudinous scenes, and plenty of unoriginality. Not to mention none of it feels consistent or effectively planned out. Dick and producer/star Marshall Cook admit to not following many conventional film techniques, and it really hurts the film. It wouldn't be so much of the bother if the script wasn't such a banal rip off of "Bowfinger" and "Living In Oblivion".

With more work, higher talent in crew and a bigger budget, "Danny Roane: First Time Director" could have been a hit. As it is, it far too often descends to bomb territory and gets tired out too quickly. In all, it's a pretty awful debut, but that's not to say there's some laughs to be had.

Note: I attended the Northeast Premiere of this film, where Andy attended obviously drunk. Although I reviewed his film with as little bias as possible, he was disrespectful to even the fans in the audience. Seems pretty contradictory of the final words in the credits ("Thanks to my fans who stuck with me through the bad times.") It was hard to tell if Andy was really acting in this movie-and if he was intoxicated while shooting most of it. With his film, one can tell he's pretty jaded from the industry- but it seems he's jaded more so from himself.
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Unfiltered Funny!!!
emotionpictures18 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Let's face it, Andy Dick is controversial. He is both loved and reviled. What most of the "Dick-Haters" don't get is: THEY ARE THE TARGET! Andy has made a very successful career out of exploiting his audience's preconceived notions of what he is. If you believe he is a troubled out-of-control lunatic, you will believe whatever the press feeds you, and you won't be disappointed. If you believe he is a genius, you'll find genius in his work. The truth is, the press is often naively drawn into his theater too. Much like Andy Kaufman, you really don't know what's real and what's theater. The same could be said of Andy Dick's directorial debut.

"Danny Roane: First Time Director" is an unapologetic, politically incorrect, balls-out comedy, to the extreme! Danny Roane, a former TV star, has a drunken meltdown on national TV, and is quickly blackballed from show business. He decides to make a comeback by writing and directing his own autobiographical descent into alcoholism and recovery. On and off the set, a documentary film crew records his journey from beginning to end. Danny calls in favors from every celebrity he has ever worked with or met, and begins his cinematic masterpiece "DED DREM". When his alcoholism returns with a vengeance, his project and life spiral into madness.

Watching Andy lambaste Hollywood and his own image is fearlessly funny. It's amazing how many fools leap to attack something that has just premiered at a single film festival. They just don't get it, and that's just the way Dick intended it. When you watch it with Dick's self-aware surreal absurdity in mind, you'll see the genius that lies beneath. I highly recommend it.
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Hilarious spoof on movie-making.
PWNYCNY6 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is hilarious and spoofs the movie industry. This movie depicts movie making as an exercise in pretentiousness. Andy Dick delivers an outstanding performance as the drunk actor who decides to become a sober movie director and in the process of making a movie becomes a drunk again. The movie-making process drives him back to drink which in turns clouds his thinking, leads to bizarre creative choices and produces chaos on the set. Friction quickly develops between the director and the rest of the cast and crew, also with hilarious results. Soon everyone involved in the movie are trying to figure out how to cope with the inebriated director whose conduct becomes increasingly erratic. The point of the movie is not that alcohol abuse is bad but that the movie making is an exercise in self-indulgent behavior and decadence. The director is producing cinematic junk yet the cast and crew stay with the project, even when the director goes missing in action and winds up in rehab. The very goofiness of the story is engaging.
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Very Funny Andy Dick Flick
curlyqueue23 December 2007
In 1993, Andy Dick was in Arthur Borman's movie spoof called "The Making of '...And God Spoke'" playing the part of Dick Andrews to perfection. He really won my heart in that movie. He was that good. I'd never seen physical comedy that made me laugh so hard before. That movie set my standard for mockumentaries.

"Danny Roane: First Time Director" is like that movie's younger teenage cousin. It has a ton of amazing actors in it: Ben Stiller, James Van Der Beek, Anthony Rapp, Jack Black, Mo Collins, Bob Odenkirk, Maura Tierney, Kate Flannery. Then you've got Michael Hitchcock, also from '...And God Spoke', who is always fantastic. I love watching him. Plus, Kevin Farley! Gotta respect that. Dispersed in between all this star power is this crazy plot, which basically allows Andy Dick to do whatever he wants. It's pretty hilarious but there really isn't much variation from that '...And God Spoke' format. It's kind of the same film. That's not a bad thing; that's why I bought it.

Basically, this movie has a lot of funny people in it, and it's a vehicle for Andy Dick to do some more great physical comedy. If you like Andy Dick, definitely check this out.
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Danny Roane - bad, Bondage - good
ewanmovies19 March 2006
I was at SXSW also. I saw both Danny Roane and Bondage. Bondage is a brilliant film that isn't supposed to make you laugh so hard beer comes out your nose. Bondage has very funny moments and doesn't have to resort to the lowest level of comedy known to humankind. Danny Roane is disjointed, fragmented and unapologetically offensive. It is a surreal mess of images, gross humor, & terrible dialog. Yes, there are some rather funny moments. But not enough to ever sit through it again. This time, once may have been too much. On a personal note, Eric Allen Bell is a very nice person. Eric did a fantastic job with his movie(Bondage)and Andy was very funny. The train wreck that followed the screening of Danny Roane was appalling at best.
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Worst movie I've ever seen
xpoopx1 May 2006
The only reason I didn't get out of my seat and leave was because I was at the East Coast premiere and didn't want to be rude to Andy Dick.

There were a couple funny parts in the beginning of the movie, but that's about it.

You, yes YOU, could make a better movie just by using the video feature on your cell phone.

He admittedly had no storyboard, no plan at all of what direction the movie was going, or anything. It was just him making it up as he went along. And that is OK for a bunch of high-schoolers wasting time, but not for a theatrical release.

(Oh, and at the questions and answers forum after the screening, all Andy Dick did was make fun of everyone who asked a question...yes, he called a student a crack-head and another young woman fat).
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Mockumentary with an underlying message?
OuthouseProductionsInc7 November 2007
In most circles, if you bring up the name of Andy Dick, controversy arises. You either love him or hate him. However, in this dark mockumentary of Hollywood and perhaps himself, he shows his true acting and comedic skills. The film is always catching you off-guard with unexpected twists, surprise cameo appearances with today's top stars, and offending almost every human subgroup known, while taking you down that dark road similar to Spinal Tap, BORAT, or any Christopher Guest movie...it hits true to home and doesn't need to force humor out of already very funny situations. I highly recommend this film to anyone who loves to watch raw, un-sanitized off the wall humor and can laugh at themselves too.
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If you know Dick, this is the movie for you.
MBunge13 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
"Written and directed by Andy Dick". No 6 words have ever more precisely described a film. If you know who Andy Dick is, you already know from those 6 words if you'll love or hate this movie. If you don't know who he is, why would you ever bother with Danny Roane: First Time Director? What, your internet was down and your local video store was out of everything, including the first season of "She's The Sheriff"? In case you're reading this review and don't know Dick, he's a comic actor who had a run at minor league stardom on the show "Newsradio" only to see his life consumed by his addictions and asinine behavior. This film is mockumentary following Danny Roane (Andy Dick), a former TV star whose career was destroyed by his alcoholism, as he tries to resurrect himself by writing and directing a movie about his painful journey. It starts with Danny's spectacularly inept efforts as a filmmaker and quickly sees him relapse into booze and spiral out of control while everybody else either stands around or does their own bits of shtick.

About 50% of Danny Roane: First Time Director is an obvious attempt to mimic the awkwardness-as-humor style of "The Office", with Danny alternating between a slightly more self-aware Michael Scott and a drunken Dwight Schrute. About 25% is Dick flailing around on screen in a desperate attempt to provoke laughter. The final 25% is inspired lunacy like a music video starring Adolph Hitler and James Van Der Beek getting his ass shaved. While much of the comedy, both the subtle and willfully offensive, falls flat, there's enough laugh-out-loud funny stuff here to keep this 83 minute long film going…well, not exactly strong. Let's say that every time you start to slip into boredom, Danny Roane tickles your balls just enough to keep you interested.

Unfortunately, while Andy Dick is a far better filmmaker than his alter ego, he's still not much of a storyteller. There's no plot here except "Line 10 - Danny does something stupid. Line 20 - Go to line 10". Other than Danny having an obese best friend, a suck up assistant director and an arbitrary conflict with his film's set designer, there's little reality, rhyme or reason to any of the characters or their relationships. The script also has several roles which appear to be leftovers from previous drafts. The characters were kept but 90% of what they were supposed to do in the story appears to have been cut out.

To his credit, though, Dick does generate some honest humor. It ranges from a malfunctioning vomit machine and the revelation of what happens to the butthole of a hardcore drinker when they stop cold turkey to a naked Danny passing out on the lawn of the beautiful Maura Tierney and a music video that combines 80s fashions, beach volleyball and AIDS. I've sat through a lot of supposedly hilarious indy films that left me stone faced. I laughed quite a few times at Danny Roane: First Time Director.

If you never understood why people found Andy Dick funny, you won't find any answers here. If you've enjoyed his work in the past, you'll like this movie even more. If you've never heard of Andy Dick, I'm sure you can find an episode of "It's Your Move" floating around on the web.
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wigsrus20 March 2006
Personally, I'd like to know what "Indyfan1983" is referring to in the film "Danny Roane" when he rants about it having "more scat than a scat film and more blood than and stag film (sic)". Maybe I am confused. Besides his comment being grammatically incorrect, just what kind of stag movies is this guy watching where blood is an element? Also, how many scat films does one need to personally watch to be able to make a scat film/"Danny Roane" comparison?

What exactly is going on in this movie? What is so bad or horrible? I am an Andy Dick fan and want to see it, but some of these posts are so disjointed. What is the deal? Is it funny or not?

God Bless, Susan
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Loved it.
lewisburrows-4995328 April 2018
I love films we are Hollywood takes a piss on it self. There is no better selection than James Vanderbeek to get hired, and then fired for this purpose.
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