Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters (2007) Poster

Dave Willis: Meatwad, Carl Brutananadilewski, Ignignokt, Video Game Voice



  • Ignignokt : Err, if you want to achieve in this life, you must set your goals higher.

    Err : I'm already pretty high.

    Ignignokt : And so am I.

  • Ignignokt : Digital gold cascades from my square bladder.

  • Meatwad : [upon seeing Carl's body ripped from his skeleton]  Oh my God, Carl!


    Meatwad : Where did you get that lollipop?

  • Master Shake : Now this square is the... man.

    Meatwad : Ok.

    Master Shake : This circle here, that's a uterus.

    Meatwad : That's what it looks like?

    Master Shake : Up close yes this is lifelike drawing of the uterus. See the guy takes the car after his job to pick up the uterus at her house...

    Meatwad : Mmhmm.

    Master Shake : because she doesn't work unless she's sweeping up something.

    Meatwad : Wel... and where do they go?

    Master Shake : All the way... to a hotel... which definitely has cable... and that's where this trapezoid becomes hmm shall we say... hahaha entangled with the exposed and aerated crotches.

    Meatwad : And that there is the exposed crotches?

    Master Shake : I told you that's the chair and the spatula.

    Meatwad : I knew it.

    Master Shake : Congratulate yourself my friend... you have just been laid.

    Meatwad : Ooh... that feels good.

    Master Shake : Yeah, I never tire of it.

  • Ignignokt : Thank you, Err. What was that thick shake?

    Err : Well, now I'll tell you what it is. It's mayonnaise I found in the trash can!

    Ignignokt : [throws up] 

    Err : And it had hair in it! And you drank it! 'Cause I'm your doctor! Do what I say!

  • Ignignokt : Welcome home, baby! I say this to all of your things, for this is a robbery.

  • [Meatwad is putting on a rock concert in the front yard] 

    Meatwad : [pointing to his dolls]  And we got all these in tune, right? Tell me these are in tune.

    Frylock : Yeah... they're dolls.

    Meatwad : Well, shoot... are they in tune?

  • Carl Brutananadilewski : Linda, I care about you. And I respect you. So where, uh, where am I gonna do ya?

  • Cybernetic Ghost : [attempting to distract Aqua Teens]  Thousands of years ago I ran for treasurer of student council

    [Frylock slams door] 

    Cybernetic Ghost : . It involved a lot of hard work! We decorated many cookies. We spent all night putting up green frosting and then we drew up many posters but the principle called me down to her office and informed me that I had violated election rules...

    Carl Brutananadilewski : [walking over]  Yah thousands of years ago I kicked your ass... and I'm going to do it again right now!

    Cybernetic Ghost : That is what Sister Margaret kept telling me if I displayed my physically agenda in her bathroom

    [Carl whacks off Ghost's head with Tire Iron] 

  • Ignignokt : No, my nutrients! You must retrieve them for me at once!

  • Ignignokt : My nutrients! Retrieve them at once, they have escaped!

  • Meatwad : [flexing]  Show me how to get some pythons like... Chief Wahoo McDaniel.

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