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Frederick Koehler: Lists



  • Lists : Somebody's mad right now.

    Coach : Nobody fucks with my car.

  • Coach : Tomorrow morning you'll meet your navigator Case. She'll help you navigate the course, reload your weapons, and help with the running of the car.

    Jensen Ames : I'd love to talk to her ahead of time before the race.

    Gunner : Yeah, I'd like a big-tittied girl to lick peanut butter off my toes, but it ain't gonna happen. This is still a prison, man. She's a chick. They get bussed in from the women's facility upstate.

    Coach : It's all about ratings. Fast cars, pretty women...

    Gunner : Machine Gun Joe's the only one that has male navigators, 'cause he's gay.

    Lists : A-a-actually it's because he goes through them so fast, and a-a-audience gets squeamish.

    Gunner : Yeah he goes through them... through their ass.

    Coach : He cuts each kill into his skin as a souvenir, I hear.

  • Gunner : [upon seeing RPGs on top of Machine Gun Joe's truck]  What the hell are those?

    Lists : Model 7 Russian State Armory RPGs - armor piercing, self arming, accurate to a thousand yards.

    Gunner : That's what I thought.

  • Coach : Who's the new guy?

    Lists : Jensen Ames.

    Gunner : The driver?

    Coach : Never heard of him.

    Gunner : Oh yeah. I saw him race years ago. He was good. He did some time upstate. Killed his career.

    Lists : [reading from notebook]  Holder of the fastest laps at Willard, Union, and Butler.

    Coach : [seeing prisoners approach Jensen]  I hope he's as fast off the track as he is on it.

  • Lists : 14K. First generation Chinese-American, tenth generation Triad. His father sent him to business school, and he's the only man in here who holds a degree from MIT. He's killed four men off the track...

    Gunner : That we know of.

    Lists : ...another seven on it.

  • Lists : Hector Grimm, the Grimm Reaper. The man's a master. Clinical psychopath. Three time consecutive life sentences. He's killed six men off the track, another twelve on it.

  • Lists : Jensen Garner Ames. Moved to the states at twenty-four years old. Named after a car, the Jensen Interceptor. A three time local speedway champion.

    Jensen Ames : You've done your homework, or do you just know everything?

    Coach : Jensen Interceptor. I had one. Handled like a school bus.

  • Lists : [to Jensen]  You've already met the local chapter of the Brotherhood. Their driver, Pachenko, has killed nine men on the track. Nobody knows how many off.

  • Lists : Travis Colt. Our local superstar. He used to race for Nascar...

    Gunner : Yeah, he was good too.

    Lists : ...until he fell asleep behind the wheel of his Mercedes with the help of a bottle of scotch and a handful of ludes. Wiped out the entire patio of Moscala, sent a dozen people to the hospital... and killed three of them.

    Coach : Technically, he's the best driver in here but a mean son of a bitch quitter.

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