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Ian McShane: Tai Lung



  • Tai Lung : [exhausted after fighting Po]  You... can't defeat me! You... you're just a big... fat... panda!

    [He throws a weak punch, Po catches his hand by the finger] 

    Po : I'm not a big fat panda. I'm THE big fat panda.

    [he raises his pinkie] 

    Tai Lung : [gasps]  The Wuxi finger hold!

    Po : Oh, you know this hold.

    Tai Lung : You're bluffing. You're bluffing! Shifu didn't teach you that!

    Po : Nope. I figured it out. Skidoosh.

    [he flexes his pinkie and a golden shockwave ripples out over the valley] 

  • Tai Lung : Who are you?

    Po : Buddy, I... am the Dragon Warrior!

    [bows over, panting from the stairs] 

    Tai Lung : [incredulous]  You?


    Tai Lung : He's a panda! You're a panda! What are you gonna do, big guy? Sit on me?

    Po : Don't tempt me.

  • Tai Lung : The Wuxi finger hold!

    Po : Oh, you know this hold?

    Tai Lung : You're bluffing. You're bluffing! Shifu didn't teach you that.

    Po : Nope. I figured it out. Skadoosh!

  • Tai Lung : Finally... oh, yes... at last, the power of the Dragon Scroll is *mine*...

    [He opens the scroll - and stares at it] 

    Tai Lung : It's nothing!

    Po : It's okay. I didn't get it the first time either.

    Tai Lung : What?

    Po : There *is* no secret ingredient. It's just you.

  • Tai Lung : [attacking Shifu]  Everything I did, I did to make you proud! Tell me how proud you are Shifu! Tell me! TELL ME!

    [he knocks Shifu to the ground] 

    Shifu : [quiet and sad]  I have always been proud of you. From the first moment I've been... proud of you. And it was my pride that blinded me. I loved you too much to see what you were becoming. What I... was turning you into. I'm s... I'm sorry.

    [long pause, then Tai Lung growls and seizes Shifu by the throat] 

    Tai Lung : I don't want your apology! I want my scroll!

  • Tai Lung : I have come home, master.

    Shifu : This is no longer your home, and I am no longer your master!

    Tai Lung : Oh, yes. You have a new favorite. So where is this Po?


    Tai Lung : Did I scare him off?

    Shifu : This battle is between you and me.

    Tai Lung : So, that is how it's going to be.

    Shifu : That is how it MUST be.

    [Tai Lung attacks] 

  • Tai Lung : Where's the Dragon Warrior?

    Tigress : How do you know you're not looking at her?

    Tai Lung : [laughs]  You think I'm a fool? I know you're not the Dragon Warrior. None of you! I heard how he fell from the sky on a ball of fire. That he's a warrior unlike anything the world has ever seen!

    Monkey : Po?

    Tai Lung : So that is his name. Po. At last, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  • Tai Lung : Shifu taught you well.

    [disables Monkey with a nerve strike] 

    Tai Lung : But he didn't teach you everything.

  • Tai Lung : [growls]  I rotted in jail for 20 years because of YOUR weakness!

    Shifu : Obeying your master is not weakness!

    Tai Lung : You knew I was the Dragon Warrior! You always knew! But when Oogway said otherwise, what did you do? What did you do? NOTHING!

    Shifu : You were not meant to be the Dragon Warrior! That was not my fault!

    Tai Lung : Not your fault? Who filled my head with dreams? Who drove me to train until my bones cracked? Who denied me my destiny?

    Shifu : It was never my decision to make!

    [gazes at Oogway's shrine and picks up his staff] 

    Tai Lung : It is *now*. Give me the Scroll!

    Shifu : I would rather die!

  • Tai Lung : [to Zeng]  I'm glad Shifu sent you. I was beginning to think I'd been forgotten...

    [grabs Zeng's throat] 

    Tai Lung : Go and tell Shifu that the REAL Dragon Warrior is coming home!

    [throws him into the sky] 

  • Tai Lung : [as Po scrambles up a wall after the Dragon Scroll]  The Scroll has given him power! NOOO!

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