Kung Fu Panda (2008) Poster


Jackie Chan: Monkey



  • Tigress : [seeing Po bounce down the palace steps]  If he's smart, he won't come back up those steps.

    Monkey : But, he will.

    Viper : He's not gonna quit, is he?

    Mantis : He's not gonna quit bouncing, I'll tell you that.

  • Tigress : One would think that Master Oogway would choose someone who actually knew kung fu.

    Crane : Yeah, or could at least touch his toes.

    Monkey : Or even see his toes.

  • Po : [dazed]  What are you pointing at? Oh! Okay. Sorry, I just wanted to see who the Dragon Warrior was.

    Oogway : How interesting.

    Tigress : Master, are you pointing at... me?

    Oogway : Him.

    Po : Who?

    [Moves around, Oogway's finger follows him] 

    Oogway : You.

    Po : What?

    Oogway : [Raising Po's arm with his stick]  The universe has brought us the Dragon Warrior!

    Po : What?

    Tigress , Crane , Monkey , Mantis , Viper : What?

    Shifu : WHAT?

    Mr. Ping : WHAT?

  • Tai Lung : Where's the Dragon Warrior?

    Tigress : How do you know you're not looking at her?

    Tai Lung : [laughs]  You think I'm a fool? I know you're not the Dragon Warrior. None of you! I heard how he fell from the sky on a ball of fire. That he's a warrior unlike anything the world has ever seen!

    Monkey : Po?

    Tai Lung : So that is his name. Po. At last, a worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  • Monkey : [after the Furious Five bowed to Po in his dream]  We should hang out.

    Po : Agreed.

  • [after his defeat by Tai Lung, Master Monkey hits Po] 

    Monkey : He's too fast... Sorry, Po!

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