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Craig Ferguson The Late Late Show
villwood27 May 2005
Two nights ago while flipping through channels I came across The Late Late show by chance, I normally am asleep by then. Lo and Behold I discovered the Best Talk show on TV. I have always watched Jay Leno, who is funny, and sometimes Letterman depending on his guest, I don't like Dave's arrogance though. But I realize I can watch The Late Late Show simply for Craig.

He is brilliant and hilarious and no matter who comes on the show, he will leave you rolling on the floor laughing. Why can't we have Craig come on earlier? He is a natural born comedian. Craig is such a pleasure to watch, he does not have to jump around, walk funny or act like fool to make us laugh. He is the BEST LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW HOST. Thank you guy for making me laugh so hard, it's been so long since I have done that.

Your forever fan Christine (in Canada)
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Fergy is keeping me up nights!
dshenderson19 April 2005
I must agree with the previous comment by M.C. Brennan, "savvy viewers will find Craig Ferguson hard to resist." That has been the case with my household. My husband and I rarely use to watch late night TV after the Jay/Dave time slot, but we can't get enough of Craig Ferguson. He can be variously described as charming, witty, off-the-cuff, extremely flexible (I love his character work in the show's hilarious sketches), self-effacing, silly, and down-right adorable! However Worldwide Pants went about choosing him, they knew what they were doing. It was pretty bold, putting an immigrant in such a high-profile position. I don't mean that in a derogatory way - it was a smart,gutsy move. Craig brings a new point-of-view to jokes about the news and other bits, alternating between telling things like any American would, since he has lived here for quite a while, and telling things from the perspective of an outsider,giving the viewers a sort of out-of-body experience. Yet he manages to never be un-American. He's towing the line rather well. And Craig is by far the sexiest, best-looking late night host there is now, period. I'm so glad that the comments written about Craig and The Late, Late Show in early January are still holding true now in late April. We can relax in the knowledge that he will be with us five nights a week for a long time to come.
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Craig Ferguson is the Best !
DorothyLWM23 November 2005
I have to agree, Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show is the best talk show on TV, no contest. He makes me laugh out loud, even at that time of night. Johnny Carson made me laugh like that occasionally, but not regularly, as Craig does.

I first caught his show because Gerard Butler was to be a guest, as I would listen to Gerry read the telephone directory. That interview was the most fun interview of all time, anywhere, with those two guys together, my sides hurt from laughter.

I enjoy watching Craig with his other guests, too, but mostly because of Craig, himself, and his monologue is the best part of the show. It would be nice if he was on earlier so more people would catch his show, perhaps, but I will be there with bells on, no matter what time it is.

Thank you, Scotland - Again!
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A Nice Breath Of Fresh Air
alexkolokotronis16 July 2008
At least when it comes to network TV that is exactly what he is. He is so unlike the other four guys that have late night talk shows. Something feels different with, you actually get the sense he is having fun and in a way that rubs off on the viewer. He does not get the most famous noticeable guests but he always makes the most of having them. Usually the worst part of the late night talk shows is when they get to the actual talking. Craig seems to make it the best part of his show. He is very funny when he is interacting with his guests. In the case of Jay Leno, David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O'Brien they seem to make it the worst part of their shows. His guests have fun, he has fun and the viewer has fun rather than everyone falling asleep. They do not seem to enjoy having their guests, Craig does. With his show there is more of a positive energy than their is with the other four. One thing that he is not is cynical. He does not take too many cheap shots at people and is still the wildest and most outrageous of the late night talk show hosts. It still is network TV though so there is a limit of what you are going to see but with Craig who cares which is a real testament to his abilities. At first he looked as if he was going to burn out with his comedic style being used on a network talk show but clearly he has not and I hope he stays on the air for a long, long time. It would be nice to see him uncensored for once though. The only thing I can really blame him for is for not allowing me to sleep because he is so hilarious.
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I have to wear a speedo, its the law...
a17j24a5 December 2005
Craig is probably one of the funniest guys on t.v. My friends and I all enjoy watching him. He is so cute and we never know what he's going to do next. My favorite characters he does are Prince Charles and Larry King. When those segments come on, I cry from laughing so hard. Many critics do not like Craig and I haven't figured out why. His show is much more entertaining than Kilborn was. Craig is also a very smart man, and he tries to play it off like he's stupid. It's actually the smart way to do it, look at Paris Hilton. OK, that was kind of mean. But anyways~ Craig always has a new "catchphrase". Cheeky wee monkey, naughty little donkey, strangely attractive pizza delivery boys, etc. I knew Craig from the Drew Carey Show but his talk show has inspired me to see some of his movies. The Big Tease and Life Without Dick are both hilarious. Saving Grace was an incredible movie. I believe Craig wrote and directed it. It was funny and moving and for the most part, believable. Besides, any movie about growing, smoking, and selling pot is always a classic.
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Off to an excellent start
penelopedanger4 January 2005
Craig Ferguson is one of the brightest and funniest comic wits Great Britain has produced in the last ten years. Still, Ferguson's selection as host of the Late Late Show came as a big surprise. Known to American audiences mostly from his appearances on "The Drew Carey Show," Ferguson seemed like too much of an unknown quantity to host a nightly network talk show. Judging from his first shows as host, however--especially his smashing official debut--casting Ferguson may have been a stroke of genius. The irreverent Scot--a cult figure from his work on "Red Dwarf" and "Freakazoid"-- is lively, likable, sharp and captivating, gently mocking competitors like Conan O'Brien and Jimmy Kimmel and poking merciless fun at the dull conventions of late-night. Fans who may have worried that Ferguson's UK comic sensibilities would be blunted or watered down by US network standards should rest easy--at least in early episodes, he's at his best, and is a significant improvement from Craig Kilborn's snarky Hef's-grotto fratboy sensibilities. O'Brien and especially Kimmel should keep a close eye on Ferguson--this show is off to a bold start, and savvy viewers will find Craig Ferguson hard to resist.
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CBS, why?
mollyscot_uk28 March 2015
I find it frustrating and quite sad that CBS had the chance to follow on from Craig with another unique, intelligent and unpredictable host yet, instead, chose to follow the growing trend of dumbed down TV for the attention deficit, celebrity obsessed, "don't ask me to think" audience.

We have more than enough of this formulaic dross already. Frenzied audience, whooping and hollering with evangelical hysteria for no apparent reason. Check. Embarrassingly unfunny opening monologue. Check. Pointless house band. Check. Pre-recorded sketches with celebrities doing "hilarious" stuff to show us they are oh so self-effacing and down to earth (pre-approved by their publicists and lawyers of course). Check. The host fawning over the guests du jour with sycophantic waffle "I just loved your new movie/book/album", "You are a legend/my hero/EVERYBODY loves you" and my personal favourite "Just listen to them.." (wide camera shot of brain dead audience on their feet clapping,chanting, whooping, …) Check.

This latest offering is just more of the same; produced, packaged and tied in a neat little bow. Late night Fallon, Kimmel, Leno, Letterman and yes, I'm looking at you too, Ellen. There is enough day time and evening dumbed downed fluff to fill a pillow the size of the Atlantic. Could late night TV not at least try to be a haven for some sort of integrity? What are the advertisers afraid of? Do they think their particular brand of insomniac medicine dulls the senses that much? Corden, at least, takes proctology to new heights; with each and every star utterance he either guffaws like a demented banshee or gazes open mouthed like a teenager in love.

It is as pointless to compare this to Craig Ferguson's show as it is to compare "Twelve Angry Men" to "Fifty Shades of Grey". I am, however, reminded of one scene from the former LLS. The opening sequence, Craig and Secretariat, their faces mere inches from the camera, both just staring wide eyed. Seconds pass. Nothing happens. Finally Craig says "We're seeing who blinks first". Pointless, infantile, laugh out loud genius. Groucho Marx would have loved it. It will be interesting to see which, if any, of the networks blinks first.
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I really like Craig Ferguson
jackiehc11 May 2005
He's my new favorite late-night TV talk-show host. (Jay Leno is second now.) He comes across as natural, relaxed and a down-to-earth person, which is refreshing. Actually, I have a bit of a crush on him. Just discovered him not that long ago, and really look forward to seeing him and his show. Love his Scottish accent and his sense of humor. Unfortunately, I got real tired of Conan quite some time ago. He doesn't do much for me, but I find Mr. Ferguson very entertaining and quite adorable. Love his little Scottish or English sayings, like when he calls us "cheeky little monkeys" with an impish look on his face. He's so normal and sane, and THAT is refreshing, also; not defensive or egotistical like some other hosts seems to be. He seems like a very likable and decent guy (somewhat like Leno). I find him to be more entertaining than Craig Kilborn was, although I liked Kilborn, too, especially his interest in jazz, which is also an interest of mine. I like Ferguson's humility. I forgot to mention his gorgeous blue eyes...sigh. Oh, and I really like his theme song, very catchy, and a cheerful, upbeat tune....I just love Craig Ferguson--he's a doll!
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Craig-Hope You're On Tomorrow and Our Future Yesterday
TheyCallMeMrGibbs7 November 2011
Upon a chance, I was awake at 1 in the morning, flipping through the channels. Let's see. Keeping Up With the Kardashians. No. Kitchen Nightmares. No. Jersey Shore. Hell no. Upon a chance, I flipped to CBS, and I saw Craig Ferguson for the first time. Within 30 seconds, I loved the man! Craig is easily the funniest late-night talk show host. Not because he has headlines, not because he has a top 10 list. Not because he has enough money to pay for an audience that will laugh at anything he says. He is the best because he is funny! There are certain kinds of funny. Self-deprecating, deadpan, satirical. Craig can be all of these, but instead, he is spontaneous. To add to that, he is genuine. Unlike many talk-show hosts, who should consider themselves lucky that they have a job at all, Craig knows that he is lucky he has a job, and this adds to his appeal. He is sincere and empathetic, as evinced when he refused to make fun of Britney Spears b/c he once had a drug addiction. Only Craig would do that, and only Craig could do that well. Craig's guests are also better by far. The show actually allows guests to open up and say what they want for eight minutes, no cue cards involved. Jay Leno: "So I hear you're from the United States?" David Letterman: "So I hear you're from the United States?" Craig Ferguson: "Have you ever explored bisexuality?" Only Craig could ask these questions so well, and only in that environment could guests answer honestly. I also applaud Craig for treating all guests equally. Unlike some talk-show hosts, who would offer special treatment to a Will Ferrell or a Julia Roberts, Craig accepts guests who in their field might be underrated or underutilized. No band either. No Kevin Eubanks or Paul "Parrot" Shaffer or Andy Richter. It's all Craig, and I love him for it. I will admit that Geoff can get a little repetitive, and double entendre's on the show are becoming kind of clichéd. In conclusion, I'll give the show a 9 out of 10. In truth, it should be a 10 out of 10, but nobody's perfect, and Craig plays that to perfection.
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I have a new favourite talk show host...
AmiableAmy6 February 2005
I used to watch The Late Late Show with Craig Kilbourne now and then, and found it enjoyable. Now, I actually try NOT to miss it, because I love Craig Ferguson. I find him to be charming, interesting, witty, intelligent, down-to-earth, and....well, just darn HANDSOME. I didn't watch the Drew Carey Show more than a handful of times, and I hadn't heard of Craig until the Late Late Show started up again. The Scot in me finds him especially intriguing. In some ways he's like a younger version of my father, which, if you know him, is a huge compliment. Scotsmen rock! I just love how REAL Craig is - he's casually mentioned things of his past, positives and negatives, without making it into a "woe is me" or "I'm the best" type of thing. He also seems like a wonderful, fun father to his little boy. The Late Late Show is definitely something I'll be faithfully watching! Some talk shows I only watch depending on the GUESTS that will be on; this one I actually watch for the host! Craig Ferguson - keep up the great work.
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The best talk show on TV
reidschentag20 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Craig's show is the best late night talk show that there is, and nothing need be said to support my claim If at any time in your life you need something, anything to cheer you up, this quirky little show is probably enough to save your life... not that I was in any situation like that to test that theory, but I believe it's just that good.

Mouth Organ?

Or Awkward Pause? (hardly a decision is it?.. you cheeky monkeys)

oh and p.s. his lighting isn't as bad as he says... but it's not great either... + Geoff Peterson (The sex robot) makes up for any issues due to low budget
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This is gonna be sweet
frankerton4 January 2005
Craig Ferguson, Mr. Wick, I thought would have been the most unlikely person to take over The Late Late Show. Watching his first episode last night as official host, he's the right man for the job and the perfect counter part for Conan O'Brien. For me, it's a new kind of funny. He's a fresh face for late night television. Craig's presence can and probably will take the show to new heights and boost Ferguson's own Hollywood stock. The new late Late show is funnier and classier than it has ever been. Kilborn's version was funny, but this is better. I would have thought during the guest hosting episodes that Adam Corolla or DL Hughley would have taken over the position, but it was the cheery IL' Scots man getting the call. Ferggy is funny, and late night TV is where he'll be for a long time to come.

Drew Carey is out and Craig Ferguson is in people!
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davis21wylie1 June 2009
With Conan O'Brien's move to the Tonight Show, Ferguson is officially the best 12:30 host on TV, in a landslide, over Jimmy Fallon. Which admittedly isn't saying much. But truth be told, Ferguson was even holding his own with Conan over the past few years, ratings be damned. Now, I'm not a huge fan of his sketch segments, which are often more self-indulgently silly than anything else, but everything else about Craig's LLS is absolute talk-show perfection. The extra-long monologues alone are worth tuning in for, as they're typically side-splitting -- and mostly improvised -- treks through the inner workings of Ferguson's brain (a brain that once cooked up an onstage persona known as "Bing Hitler", so you know it's going to the height of absurdism). Ferguson also has amazing chemistry with his guests, usually going so far as to tear up the question cards before each interview, just to show that he's going to have an actual conversation with them instead of a boring, scripted shill-fest. You must be on your toes in an interview with Ferguson, because very little is off-limits for comic material... Yet the difference between Craig and Dave Letterman of the 1980s is that none of Ferguson's act is mean-spirited -- he's so charismatic and talented that he's able to get away with just about anything and still garner laughs. Whether he's opening the show with singing puppets or sipping from his over-sized, snake-shaped coffee mug, Ferguson has developed a unique, often hysterical brand of late night entertainment despite working on a shoestring budget in relative obscurity. Jimmy Fallon has all of the resources of Conan's old show (plus The Roots) at his disposal, yet he gets fewer laughs in an entire episode than Ferguson does in a given 5-minute span. The man is just that gifted. Now let's hope CBS has the good sense to promote him to 11:30 when Letterman finally decides to ride off into the sunset around 2012 or so...
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I love this show!!! Any show with monologues about Gary Numan and Douglas Adams gets my vote!
scarletminded3 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I happened upon this show not too long ago. I've been looking for something as funny as Conan O'Brien, yet people like Jimmy Fallon don't cut it for me.

Then I found this show. Wow, so funny and reminds me more of the type of humor found on British shows...yeah, I know Craig's it is like a bit of the BBC on American TV.

I was hooked on his monologues about Gary Numan and Douglas Adams, people that are never monologued about...topics for the rest of us that don't watch reality TV and are more geeky, I guess. I love the Kraftwerk like graphics on his "check the Tweets" area. I love Geoff, the sort of Tim Gunn as a metal skeleton sort of sidekick and lately, puppets like a rabbit and a crocodile have been hosting the beginning of the show...hilarious and original. Who else would make a joke about Mark Rothko or Gustave Flaubert, other than this man? And yes I am one of the five Americans that get those jokes...keep them coming!!!

This is how late night shows should be...silly and almost surreal, not stuff for normal folks like the Tonight Show is. I am almost happy Conan got out of that and now can do something else.

Craig Ferguson is so funny too. He could make any topic funny and he seems to talk off the hip most of the time. He probably should get a show on earlier, but I think an earlier timeslot might ruin the surrealism of the show because that always seems to happen. I want to hear about Gary Numan and not the latest TV show or hear him go on in a fake Italian accent about pizza and sculpting potatoes into penises. I hope that doesn't change!
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Best talk show host because he just talks to them
coleman601-504-8448647 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I only watched the Late Late Show with Kilborn once and wasn't a fan of his. I didn't pay any attention to the show much after that and so left it alone. It was the film Kickass that sparked my interest when I suddenly saw a fellow Scotsman appear on an American talk show when I came back to the show and I've never looked back.

Often I decide if I want to watch an episode of a talk show depending on which guests are on it but Craig Ferguson as a host is reason enough to catch every episode regardless. His laid back attitude and often improvised monologues give him a very honest and down to Earth presence. He has a fantastic sense of humour and copes very well when things don't quite go according to plan. One such incident is when he accidentally smashes the screen on the teleprompter, but he just laughs and continues on with the opening whilst using a brush to clean the glass up.

Ferguson is also fantastic in the main segment of the show: the interviews. Instead of making a big deal out of a celebrities latest project, Ferguson barely mentions it and instead has a laid back and funny chat with them. The approach of a conversation instead of interview usually results in guests looking saddened when they run out of time. Morgan Freeman for instance when told his time was up, comically slammed his hand on the desk and shouted "NO". Craig then used the commercial time to continue the interview despite the producer's objections.

I know the title of the series is "The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson" but because of how popular it has become and what Ferguson has made the show into it has been renamed in my mind "Craig Ferguson's The Late Late Show".
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His show is constantly improving
trmpstr32811 July 2010
When I first started watching late night shows, I kind of stayed away from Craig. It wasn't in HD and the production values weren't quite as good as Conan's. When Coco moved to the Tonight Show, I tried watching Fallon. I couldn't take it!!!! Craig's show really started to grow on me and now he's my favorite current host (until Conan's TBS show starts). His monologue almost sounds like it's just him saying whatever comes to mind. This is a great alternate to the now-boring "setup-punchline" routine that every host has been doing since Johnny Carson. I think the highlight of his shows are the interviews. It's like Craig and the guest are just having a conversation that just happens to be hilarious and interesting even if I don't know who the guest even is (which is most of the time). So take a break from the polished and clean-cut late night shows and give Craig a chance. I'm glad I did!!
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I miss Craig!
TheTopDawgCritic24 October 2016
What has happened to late night shows? Seth Meyers a.k.a SNL left-overs - flop. Steven Colbert, can't hold a candle to Letterman. James Corden... even with an entire fancy set, a band, etc, he is lame and boring and seems to be enjoying his own show more than anyone else. Only the carpool karaoke is somewhat amusing. I miss Craigs skits (Aquaman, Price Charles, Michael Cain etc..) and Geoffs amazing celebrity imitations. Craig was a one man show that kept me laughing and entertained from start to finish! I would cancel plans just to make sure I tuned in from start to end. We all miss you Craig, you were truly a pioneer and a legend in the late night show scene. :(
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The best late night talk show I have ever watched
hrooff7 March 2012
I watched David letterman , jay Leno , Conan o,Brien , jimmy Kimmie and jimmy Fallon but I never laughed hard and enjoyed every moment in talk shows as I do when I watch Craig Ferguson , he simply the best . My addiction to this show is indescribable , first I watched Craig in the last three months of 2011 and immediately I fell in love with the show . and I start to watch previous episodes from 2010 ,2009 and 2008 . Also, the show became better With Geoff Peterson arrival he makes me laugh every time he talks . My favorite guests who have appeared on the show ( without order ) : Kristen bell, Sandra bullock, Lucy Liu, robin Williams, Evangeline Lilly, Gerard butler, Ewan McGregor, Steven wright, Amy smart, Hugh Laurie, Jim Parsons, Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Bush, Jason Schwartzman, Carrie Keagan, Lisa Kudrow, Sigourney Weaver, Tim Meadows, Steve Carell, Malin Akerman, Carla Gugino. I am sure that I forgot other great guests who have appeared on the show, but the main reason that makes me watch the show is CRAIG FERGUSON .
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I just wish I'd found Craig on the LLS sooner!
chrysalis200516 January 2006
I absolutely LOVE the LLS show with "TV's Craig Ferguson"! He's hilarious! I used to watch Dave and/or Leno at times, but they just couldn't hold my interest--and didn't make me laugh much (although I loved Dave's "stupid pet tricks"). I rarely watched Conan--just don't like him for some reason. Never saw much of Kilborne either. I just wish I'd found Craig before late November! I just kept the TV on one night since I don't sleep well--and I switched back to CBS just as the LLS was coming on. I laughed harder than I have in a VERY long time! I was literally wiping tears of laughter from my face! :-D I was an immediate fan from the first show & haven't missed and WON'T miss any of Craig's shows from now on! I'm even looking forward to reruns! (Even if I've already seen them.) LOL I watch the show for Craig more than for any of his guests. I LOVE him reading emails, his improv monologue is hysterical, & his skits are funny. I also don't watch the show for the guests; I watch it for CRAIG! As others have said, he's handsome! And I adore Craig's Scottish accent! (I have some Scottish ancestry.) Now I'm renting his movies from Netflix--watched Saving Grace--funny movie! He is such a refreshing & truly funny addition to late-night shows! He's the best of them all in my book! I think his ratings will continue to go up & that this Scottish frisky pony (*cracking whip*), who is absolutely laugh-out-loud hilarious, will be around for a very long time! *grin* Way to go, Craig, you gorgeous Scotsman!
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Intelligent, witty, engaging and genuinely curious about the world
piakate27 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The show is one of the shining gems on television today. We Tivo it every night so that we don't miss anything and so we can watch the best moments over again ...

Ferguson is an amazingly funny person who seems to improvise his whole hour, and although I believe the eight other writers on the show are kept busy with suggestions and skits, it is clear that Ferguson ad libs regularly. If he is interviewing someone he knows or just knows what he wants to ask he will tear up his cue cards and let the discussion flow where it wants to. He is genuinely interested in people and what they do and you can tell - regularly the guests say things like "I don't know why I am telling you this" as they realize they are having an actual conversation rather than being interviewed. When Dennis Hopper was on most of the hour was spent discussing modern, non-figurative art. I learned much about Basquiat, an artist I had never heard of before but whose work I find very interesting and creative. I regularly find new musicians, writers, actors and other artists because Ferguson or his guests talk about them or because they are guests on the show.

Ferguson regularly pokes fun at politics and politicians and it seems clear that he has a liberal bent, even though no one is immune to his jabs. What makes him unusual is that he has such a firm grasp of political issues, the man could possibly give Jon Stewart a run for his money when it comes to American politics and he probably has the edge when it comes to European history.

In addition to being funny, the man has integrity. After it became clear that Britney Spears was not just a wild pop star but actually a very troubled young woman, Ferguson took a whole monologue to explain that he was not going to make jokes about her anymore and that she clearly needs help, not media frenzy. Many are the times he has shared personal stories about being a recovering alcoholic and if is guest is open about being in recovery he will happily talk to them about it too. On the anniversary of 9/11 he usually has some sort of memorial show - where firefighters or others who still live with the consequences get to talk about their experiences.

Did I say he is funny? Spit-take funny! This is some of the best television being made today, and if you do not check it out you are missing something important.
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The Best Talk Show On TV
sanyog-2682324 March 2019
I watched him on YouTube and he was just brilliant and funny. he does not act fool and play stupid games to make people laugh like both jimmys and other hosts
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Scottish comedian Craig Ferguson interviews guests
nicholaszec10 September 2016
Craig Ferguson's Late Late Show has proved to be the only talk show that I can view every episode from beginning to end. Its been almost two years since he has stepped down, and his replacement, James Corden, whom I like, has undone all of Ferguson's work to make The Late Late Show something different. Talk shows are hardly watched on television any more. Many resort to the internet to watch bits and pieces of a rehearsed interview. Ferguson did not follow any of the established talk show rules. His conversations with celebrities were unique and often times strange, but always hilarious. His running gags never got old, and his wit never failed. His presence in Late Night Television was the only ripple in an otherwise dry, routine genre of television. I will never forget Ferguson. His shows would always make me laugh, often times for the first time that day. I will never lose respect for the man who, " Made something that wasn't here before."
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Good morning Craig...
crash2122 May 2015
I will have to say from the beginning, I tended to like the Late Late Show's with Craig Ferguson even better than The Late Show with David Letterman. Simply because he was rougher on everyone; he could have the show based on his commenting and joking about the day's running issues, with a lot of sarcasm in-between. Although, he was a more serious joker, kind of like David Letterman at the time, because when he was tough on an issue, it really came out of him. Sadly not many people seemed to like it like that, because the show replaced him with someone who's jokes seem to come straight out of the daily news and aren't even amusing, along side a small clap from the audience. Craig Ferguson, we want you back. Or at least a more worthwhile new host for the show, not just someone new.

At least, (ironically) NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" tends to be a good show with a very similar show and host. But still, it's not Craig.
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Host with Heart and Wit!
ShelbyTMItchell11 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I admit that I do not get to always watch the Late Late show with Craig Ferguson a lot. But really I like him and he gets the wit and charm of other people that are from Scotland. He is not British BTW, but from Scotland.

Not only that but he shows both heart and soul. In particular when the CO shooting happened in 2012, we got to see a human side of him. Plus he seems to treat his guests with warmth and respect. While not taking himself too seriously.

Though he does treat the show with warmth and respect. With a mental skeleton of a sidekick named Geoff, whom you would think and acted as real and not a robot.

Still Ferguson seems to be the best of the bunch in the late night comics and he does have a soul at least. More than the others.
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Late Night Shenanigans
atlasmb20 December 2014
Now that this show, starring Craig Ferguson, has run its course, I feel compelled to offer my opinion of this irreverent late night offering.

I don't know how or if Ferguson did research regarding the preferences of his audience, but it felt like he did. Viewers apparently responded to the wise-cracking skeleton robot called Geoff, so he became a regular, Ferguson's sidekick. Then he added Secretariat, the two guys in a horse suit, non-talking character that spent most of the show off to the side.

I loved those parts of the show. Apparently other viewers did too. And Ferguson knew it.

My other favorite thing about the show was the long list of "regulars", those guests who seemed to love being on the show--notably Kristen Bell--and responded well to the kookiness of Craig and his cohorts.

Ferguson's energy may have waned sometimes, but he (with Geoff) always indulged his wacky sense of humor, creating a long list of regular routines, like the monologue, his reading of viewer emails, the verbal "abuse" of the show's producer, and many many others.

Still, Ferguson never shied from serious conversations with his guests and sometimes indulged in philosophical discussions, displaying a broad understanding of the discipline.

His love of music, including the punk genre, was always part of the show, even when he and Geoff played with harmonicas.

Now that Ferguson has moved on, I feel an awkward pause in late night entertainment. I will miss the shenanigans.
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