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mrgarrisonisnotgaymrhatis2 September 2006
I've been a big Jason Mewes fan since watching "Clerks" back in 1994 and have followed his career by watching the "View Askewniverse" films for the past decade, so I was excited to see Jason playing a different character than the one he's been playing all these years, but unfortunately this film was tainted with Paris Hilton's atrocious acting, which unfortunately spoils the whole film. The premise of the story resembles something you'd expect to see on Nickelodeon "The son goes to Hollywood to save his Fathers restaurant and falls in love." If you're a Jason Mewes fan watch this film he was really good in it, but if you not, or never heard of him, avoid this film like the plague it's truly remarkable how bad this film is.
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Creme de la Crap
uptownrn24 September 2006
I love bad movies. I do, I love watching them and laughing at their absurdity. This was a bad movie that I couldn't enjoy.

Maybe it was because I couldn't get passed my previous conceptions of the two leads. To me Paris Hilton is always Paris Hilton, for better or worse I cannot get "That's Hot" and Tinkerbelle and well everything else associated with her public persona. And Jason Mewes...he's Jay, I see him and I wonder where Silent Bob is. (As a side note Kevin Smith is in the film, although not silent, thank God, he's probably the funniest person in it!) And here I was thinking it was impossible to have worse chemistry than Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman in Episodes II and III...Oh boy was I wrong. Mewes and Hilton make them look like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. Not that they don't try their best. I can't help but think that this character Owen is closer to the real Mewes than Jay...He's silly and goofy but also a little sweet and incredibly loyal. As for Paris, she seems very uncomfortable as Lisa, which is strange because this is not a person I have ever seen feeling uncomfortable about anything.

Now on to the supporting cast, who I must say, are excellent. Like I said before Smith, as Owen's lazy farting best friend back home, is hysterical. The guy who plays Lisa's boyfriend Hayden is great. Also Owen's Uncle Earl is hysterical, as are the guys in Hayden's "posse" This is definitely worth the rental, but except crap...even from crap...
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flashfil4 February 2007
I've noticed a goof in this film.

Paris Hilton is listed as one of the actors in the move which is strange as she's so wooden I thought someone had thrown a chair onto the screen.

Possibly the worst movie I've ever had the unfortunate experience to see...! Why people hire Paris Hilton and think she will draw a crowd is beyond me. I think its because these people are genuinely brain dead and have no talent to speak of.

Clearly a movie bank rolled by people who have too much cash and too little ideas.

So lets pull together - mail your mates and make this the no1 worst movie of all time to show the idiots who come up with this stuff were sick of it.
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Worst Movie for 2006 !!
ichocolat23 March 2008
I made two mistakes that I never intended to do ever again. Those two mistakes were:

[1] Completely forgotten to check IMDb before watching this film [2] Completely forgotten the fact that Miss Paris can never act !

And because of the mistakes, I have sat through an hour and a half watching this dull, boring and utter crap film. I never thought that I'd be reviewing film that Miss Paris acted in, but I think there is need to tell readers how bad this movie is. Whilst commenting on this film would not get me a Nobel prize, at least it'll save valuable time to those who listen to my advice not to watch this film.

A very poor rating of 1.9 out of 10 is a testament of how bad the film is. It shows that albeit some may find the movie to their liking, majority of the voters said that this movie is very bad ! So my advice is, pass this movie, and buy / rent some other titles instead.

Paris Hilton is...... Paris Hilton. No matter how many films she had starred in, or how many hours she had spend time in acting classes, the fact remains that she can never act. Experience does come in handy in other profession, but in acting, it's clear; One either have the talent, or one do not. Watching her wooden acting is so painful, and I hope she can quit acting, and find other better things to do instead. I think it is better if she becomes her dad's apprentice and learn her way in hotel business. She'll be a suitable heiress to her dad business.

So, a palatable score of 1 out of 10. To those who are involved in the production of this film, count yourselves lucky because I can't rate this film a zero.
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lynyrdskynyrd17 February 2008
This movie is awful! I would rather stab myself in the face for ten years with the blunt end of a pencil than have to sit through this awful, awful, awful, awful movie again. I can't believe I made it all the way through once. This movie was worse than watching a plate of dog poo for an hour and a half. I will set my TV on fire if anyone ever tries to watch this movie on it again. Paris Hilton was obviously sent from a horrible, cold planet of untalented heiresses who have billions of dollars they didn't earn and don't deserve, in order to destroy our planet by getting us to watch horrible, boring garbage like this until we all kill ourselves out of horrified boredom. Then they will move in and make earth shitty like their planet and continue making awful movies.
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"Are You Down For Some Tinseltown Partying?" --- Tagline For "Bottom's Up"
Robert_Hearth6 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
"Bottom's Up" (2006)

Directed By: Eric MacArthur

Starring: Paris Hilton, Jason Mewes, Brian Hallisay, Jon Abrahams, David Keith, & Nicholle Tom

MPAA Rating: "R" (for sexual content, nudity, language and drug use)

Paris Hilton has not had what I would call "a quality run in Hollywood cinema". In fact, she has had about the furthest thing from it. After a brief role in the horror disaster, "Nine Lives", and another role in the mediocre drama, "The Hillz", it seemed as though she was finally getting her career on track with a starring role in the effective slasher flick, "House of Wax" (2005). While she did not give an award-worthy performance, she still held her own and gave audiences what they wanted--a fun chase scene and a gruesome death scene. This is her follow-up to that movie and, unfortunately, she has regressed back into the straight-to-video market with "Bottom's Up". This is an unfulfilling film with painfully-awful direction and no chemistry between the two leading stars: Jason Mewes and Paris Hilton. The plot is thin and barely supports the weak romance that seems to be more a second-thought rather than a main plot line. On the upside, the cast is likable and the jokes, though few and far between, do work, for the most part. Overall, this is a better-than-average straight-to-video film, but it still reeks of predictability and recycling. There is hardly an ounce of originality and the movie really only deserves one watch, preferably on television, if anything at all.

Owen Peadman (Mewes) is a bartender in Minnesota who heads to Hollywood to take part in a bartending competition to raise money for his father's small restaurant. He stays with his flamboyantly gay (and yet in denial) uncle Earl (Keith). When the competition does not work out well for Owen, he takes to working with his uncle at an entertainment television station, as well as working his way into the Hollywood social circle. After a chance-meeting with wealthy socialite, Lisa Mancini (Hilton) and her actor boyfriend, Hayden Field (Hallisay), Owen is pulled into a world of betrayal, bigotry, and seduction--a world that will change him forever and may lead him to the love of his life. But, Hollywood is never a kind place to reside and, for Owen, keeping his head above water may prove to be far more difficult than he originally thought. This plot sounds like it could make for an excellent movie. Unfortunately, it doesn't. "Bottom's Up" only delves into this plot in the most shallow ways, delivering characters that we can't really care about and back stories that are flat and uninteresting.

The performances in "Bottom's Up" have a certain blah feeling about them. They certainly don't stand out and are instantly forgettable. Paris Hilton does what is required of her. She will not be winning an Academy Award any time soon, but she certainly shows that she is molding her acting skill into something more than she showcased in "Nine Lives". Jason Mewes, unfortunately, disappointed me. He could do so much better than this, but it seemed as though he expected the movie to be forgotten so he merely gave a dull performance and collected that paycheck. There is a certain charm about David Keith--a charm usually wasted on horrible horror flicks that wind up on the Sci-Fi channel. Here, he hits the nail on the head. Brian Hallisay does an okay job for his first role in a movie. My biggest question for Jon Abrahams is: why are you even in this movie? Did you just want so desperately to star with Paris Hilton again that you accepted a small, unimportant role in a straight-to-video comedy? What a bad career decision on his part! The rest of the cast fits into that blah feeling I mentioned earlier.

When this movie ended, I had such a distinct feeling of indifference. I didn't like the movie. I didn't dislike the movie. I just didn't care either way. Erik MacArthur's direction is absolutely horrible and the brief animated sequences inserted along the way come off as cheesy and bothersome. What was the point of these? MacArthur also directed a short film, featuring the same characters from this film (played by different actors and actresses, of course). The short was named "Life Makes Sense If You're Famous". If this idea was originally planned for a seven-minute short, why would you want to stretch it out into a movie that is eighty-nine minutes long? The logic behind that choice simply befuddles me. It explains why the movie seems as though the plot is stretched so thin and why the pacing is patchy and slow in many places. Overall, I would say that there really isn't any reason why you should watch this movie…unless it is on cable one night and nothing else better is on. But it still isn't a bad movie, thanks mostly to the likable cast.

Final Thought: Though not bad, there is no reason to watch it.

Overall Rating: 4/10 (C+)
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Not the best movie but....
matus200028 June 2007
Bottoms up it's a very poor movie, not very funny, not creative, and poorly acted mainly by Paris Hilton, this girl should stay as far away from acting as possible, the references to her life throughout the movie are way too obvious to be funny. All of the characters are undeveloped and the edition is very poor as some of the cuts last way longer than they should, however Jason Mewes and Brian Hallisay are pretty good. Mewes has a not "jaja funny" character and he he does it fine, Hallisay it's OK as a pretty boy/stoner actor. Hopefully we'll be seeing them in other flicks, this one wont kill their careers cuz nobody saw it.

Ill recommend it only if you're a huge fan of the actors or if you're at your house all alone, with anything to do but stare at the your wall wondering why no one likes you.
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re-12313 November 2009
This movie is without doubt one of the worst i've ever seen. Having read the summary beforehand I knew it was never going to be a classic but it really was painful viewing. Due to the films simplicity I'll just follow its lead and simply list my thoughts on the film.

* The chemistry of the male and female leads is completely non existent and i've never seen a less convincing couple on screen than Jason Mewes and Paris Hilton

* The male lead in the movie is Jason Mewes, who unfortunately is entirely unsuited to this role and charisma free.

* The plot is the most threadbare and tedious I have ever seen, with a Minnesota bartender travelling with his gay uncle to Los Angeles and meeting a spoilt heiress. Sadly that really is about it.

* The script is neither funny nor creative.

* None of the characters are likable. In particular the supposedly humorous, gay 'Uncle Earl' just being a stereotypical and plain annoying character.

* Editing on this film was clearly not a priority, with many scenes appearing to take place that weren't really necessary and often scenes seem like endless drivel.

* Paris Hilton appears to be playing herself and is incapable of doing that. Her acting ability is non existent and it sounds like she has rehearsed her lines way too many times.

One of the most surprising elements of this film was seeing Jon Abrahams (star of 'Scary Movie' and 'Meet The Parents') playing a minor role in a poor DTV film. Despite this he seems completely uninterested when on screen and you can hardly blame him. But what was he thinking agreeing to this?

Overall, films don't get much worse than this and if you enjoy this film you really are easily pleased.

I give this movie 2/10.
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Paris Hilton can't act, Period. She's not the next Kate Winslet or Cameron Diaz
strtmanadammac5 February 2007
I recently rented out this film as an act to cover up all the boring lives me and my brain have had during the extended holidays, and this film, I hoped would cheer me up. Wrong.

I have seen more than enough films about people who want to do what this film does, and that was the first Mistake I made during my selection. The second one was, seeing Paris Hilton starring in it, because I've see, from House of Wax that she doesn't try hard to make her characters look well up on screen. The final mistake I made, was not checking on what critics had said.

Do not go rent this film because you will be disappointed.

1/10 (And that's being generous)
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not as bad as water-boarding, but close to it.
kylebolson12 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I can honestly say that it was the worst movie I've ever seen in my entire life. Watching Paris Hilton's "acting" was literally painful. The major problems were the bad acting, lack of plot, random flashes to cartoons, no character development, and terrible dialogue. First of all Paris Hilton has absolutely no acting talents whatsoever. It's like the lights are on but no one's home. She's off in space not even paying attention to what's going on. I can't say I really blame Jason Mewes for not doing a phenomenal acting job. Any one forced to act as if they felt a genuine affection towards Paris Hilton would clearly be asked to achieve a feat beyond the talents of anyone on the planet. The movie starts off to be about Jason Mewes trying to win money to save his dad's bar. He enters a bar tending flair competition, loses, and within the first 15 minutes the plot has completely shifted over to be a crappy written love story. This plot line is never mentioned again. For some strange reason there are random flashes where the movie switches over to cartoon. I suppose due to budget issues or whatever. I have to say that the somewhat amusing yet utterly retarded cartoon was Matt Davis throwing himself off a cliff while yelling "I'm a huge jack-ass!" I'm still not very sure as to what that had to do with the "plot", but it's always fun to see Matt Davis look like a douche bag. As for the character development, we're supposed to believe that Paris Hilton is viewed as a rich snotty party girl (as in real life), who actually is nice, kind, helpful towards the poor, and my favorite likes to read books. That's a laugh. Can you imagine Paris Hilton reading anything that doesn't spell C-O-C-K? The truth is there was absolutely no character development towards this idea that Paris Hilton was smart or caring. Think about it she has the personality of a brick, and she can only act as herself, you do the math. As for Jason Mewes character, he nearly gets run over by Paris, loses both his and his uncle's jobs due to her, and he still says "She seems nice." That doesn't add up. His character must possess some sort of ESP because he's able to magically sense the fact that she's a "nice girl" despite nearly getting run over and fired.

The dialogue in this movie was dreadful. Some of the worst was that between Matt Davis and Uncle Earl. Their trash talking consisted of "Go back to the valley Quaker oats," and "Let's rock n' roll chumpenstein!" Other good lines were, "I'd rather be at home reading a book." I doubt that Paris Hilton could read a picture book, much less one with actual words. I could go on giving examples of terrible of dialogue, but with the examples I've given anything else would pale in comparison.

On top of this the film contained poor cinematography, bad editing, and seemed to lack any real direction. I would definitely give this film one star, but only because zero is not a choice. I don't recommend this movie to ANYone unless perhaps I hated them and wanted to steal 89 minutes from their life.
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Bad movie, bad acting, bad everything!
dushieblue2 April 2008
I'm not even going to start on how bad this movie was, because that analysis would be a hundred pages long. It was just completely uninspired and unfunny, period.

I will however say something about the acting: G.O.D.A.W.F.U.L.!!! Jason comes across like he's bored out of his mind and has no charisma whatsoever. Paris can't act her way out of a paper bag. When you can't pull off a shallow character like this with some humor and charm, then you REALLY need to stay away from "acting".

All in all you really need to stay away from this stinker if you want to enjoy yourself. If you want to be surprised at just how awful Paris Hilton is of an actress then by all means...
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Not that bad
wmboos6 September 2006
This movie, like all Paris Hilton movies is going to get the same old reviews. Horrible. It really wasn't that bad though. There are many more ways to waste an hour and a half of your life that are worse. The movie is predictable, stupid, and a little non-politically correct, BUT, it does have its moments. Most of the actors pull off their parts very well, even though it's hard to see beyond who Ms. Hilton is.

In closing, there are many big name, big budget films that are far worse, and you won't miss anything if you don't watch it. But I promise that you will laugh pretty hard at least a couple of times. I give it 5 out of ten stars for that reason
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Love Jason Mewes, Hate Paris
punkrockergurl037 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I Just Saw this movie last night...Let me start by saying I'm a HUGE Jason Mewes Fan..but this movie pretty much sucked...all the acting was good(especially by Jason Mewes)except for Paris Hilton. She is one of the worst actresses ever!(Paris Hilton fans please don't attack me, it's my opinion you can have your own)The funniest parts in this movie are the parts including Jason Mewes's characters gay uncle, and the first scene including Kevin Smith. It had funny parts here and there, but overall it wasn't that good. Paris Hilton was just annoying, her acting was bad, the way she walked you could just see that she was full of herself, Every time she talked(for obvious reasons), and in some scenes she's working in a Soup Kitchen..really truthfully can u see Paris working @ a soup Kitchen??..also their chemistry is not believable, not because Jason Mewes, I just couldn't ever see the two of them together, there's not really any explanation for why Jason Mewes Character likes Paris's kind of would you like her? But Kevin Smith's cameo was good, MOST all the acting was good, but It's not a very good storyline. If your a Jason Mewes fan,I'd say see it, just for him. But if you haven't heard of him, or dislike him..I wouldn't bother. Again don't bash me..I'm just stating my opinion..after you see it..decide for yourselves.
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mildly entertaining movie directly due to Jason Mewes involvement.
djlobo4 September 2006
well it should be a 4.3 out of 10. If this movie was based on creativity or acting i'm sure everybody would vote it a 1/2. However never the less it is what it is, and it is Jason Mewes low budget not at his finest dialog but has you laughing the whole way through. If you are a true Mewes fan you will enjoy it even tho it is awesomely bad movie. Brian Hallisay does deliver a solid acting performance as a stoner celebrity not obsessed with the limelight. Paris Hilton why o why is Paris everywhere. She couldn't act her way out of a brown paper bag. Only acting she should be doing is in adult videos. Oh, and the gay uncle is a riot. <3 the jogging outfit.
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bottoms up
kairingler7 May 2008
First off, this isn't that bad of a movie,, i mean if you go in expecting only so much, look at it this way, you have Paris Hilton, who still can't act worth a lick,, but doesn't butcher the lines in this one,, now she doens't run around half naked in this one like House of Wax,, i know big disappointment there, the plot, well there ain't much of one,, i mean it is a barrel full of laughs all the way,, especially the bit about the gay uncle.. basically the main character has to win a bartending contest, and when he doens't win , he has to find a way to make money in Hollywood,, so he can bring it back to his dad to save his restauraunt in Minnesotta, all in all the movie was funny , yeah some was lame,, but all in all though it wasn't near as bad as people make it out to be.
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"Bottoms Up" definitely deserved it's fate. It's an unfunny mess.
tarbosh2200012 May 2010
"Bottoms Up" definitely deserved it's fate. It's an unfunny mess.

Jason Mewes plays Owen, who is a bartender. His Dad's bar is about to close because of money problems. Then out of the blue, Owen sees there's a "King of The Bar" contest in California. He applies, but doesn't win, and now he needs to get the money fast. He meets Lisa Mancini (Hilton) and blackmails her to be popular.

It's a very stupid plot, with the choppiest editing I've seen in awhile. There's no buildup, or segue into scenes, There are plot holes and there is dialogue missing. And the "Golden Palace.Com" plug was the most shameless plug ever. "Hey man, I have an idea, let's win some money at Golden Palace.Com!" says one character.

Also why does Paris have blonde hair on the cover, but she's a brunette in the film? Jason Mewes was trying his hardest to breathe life into his character, but the script let him down. Paris Hilton was also trying... but not too hard though. She's basically playing herself. It's funny when other characters call her "A whore". Truth in jest perhaps? Let's not mince words: "Bottoms Up" is terrible.

For more insanity, please visit:
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A fun 80's campy flick.
VinceRocca18 September 2006
Far be it from me to pass judgment. I've only made one movie, "Kisses And Caroms," so I'm not an expert. Being that I'm a budding filmmaker, I constantly look at other DVD's as film schools in a box. I've learned to figure out why a flick does or doesn't work.

Most low budget indie movies are made by filmmakers who use all their resources and creativity to make something out of nothing. They take small budgets and stretch them to find ways to achieve Hollywood results with no cash.

While watching Bottoms Up I felt like it was a movie made by people who usually work with higher budgets. It feels like people took a step down in film-making.

After coming to this conclusion I checked IMDb to look up the filmmakers and confirmed what I suspected. The writer/director was an actor in the $40 million dollar Plesentville and the $75 Million dollar We Were Soldiers.

Among the movies 16 producers (yes SIXTEEN) is Paul Walker. The same Paul Walker who acted in The Fast and the Furious and coincidentally Plesentville.

These people clearly don't know how to make a low budget movie. Sixteen producers is unheard of on a low budget flick. Steven Spielberg is a great filmmaker, but he couldn't make Clerks for $27,000. Even if Kevin handed him the script.

The editing isn't the smoothest, but don't blame the editor, Sherwood Jones. The movie was clearly shot in many single takes with no coverage. Not much to cut to. This also means the performances have problems but not because of the actors. It's because of single takes.

Despite this, all the actors including Hilton do deliver some strong scenes. had the movie been put in the hands of an indie filmmaker who is used to no money, or if a few more million were thrown at it, it would have turned out to be a good long lasting flick.

Overall with it's added animation and score the movie comes off like a fun 80's campy flick.
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Paris Hilton was Red Hot
whpratt15 July 2008
The only reason I viewed this film is because I find Paris Hilton a very attractive sexy actress with fantastic lips. The story deals with a young man named Owen Peadman, (Jason Mewes) who is an outstanding bartender in Minnesota and works in his father's bar. However, his father needs money to keep the bar open and so Owen heads to Hollywood in order to win a bartender contest. Owen has an Uncle Earl, (David Keith) who shows Owen all the people he has to get to know as well as all the hot spots where most of the actors hang out. Uncle Earl is gay and he hides it from Owen until he has no choice but to let his secret out. There is plenty of nudity and real foul language and there is not very much of a story. Paris Hilton played the role as Lisa Mancini and became quite interested in Owen after she looked down her nose at him. If you like Paris Hilton, you will see her in dark hair, but still very very attractive.
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Goober goes to Hollywood
lastliberal2 July 2007
I am going for a record folks. This is my third Paris Hilton Movie (1 Night in Paris, House of Wax). Is that a sign of suicidal tendency or have I lost it completely? I report; you decide.

Jason Mewes is Goober, a bartender (slack job in this case) with slacker buddies (one is Kevin Smith), who goes to Hollywood to get money to save pops restaurant. he stays with his gay uncle (David Keith), who is pretending to be straight. This is the only character in the movie worth watching as he is hilarious pretending to be straight when he is the very definition of flaming queen.

Goober wants to be cool, so he wrangles his way into Lisa Mancini's (Paris Hilton) current boyfriend's (Brian Hallisay) entourage. This is the biggest collection of idiots I have ever seen. As Uncle Earl says, where is Charles Manson when you need him. But there was some real juicy tatas at the parties! Paris Hilton as Lisa actually comes off as a really nice girl deep down (BWAAAAA HAAAA HAAA)) and ole Goober falls in love until she sticks it to him again. And, no, he doesn't get to stick it to her first.

Oh, heck, there were some funny parts, so I will bump up the score. Tatas: 2, funny parts (including Uncle Earl): 2 for a total of 4.
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Not bad - if a little underdeveloped
thewhites2kn25 September 2006
I have just finished watching this movie and thought i'd share my views with IMDb.

First of all, it's not an amazing movie. I can see why it went direct to DVD but it's not all that bad.

So what do you all want to know? Hilton of course! She's not that bad. She's one of the better actors in the piece in actual fact. She plays her part the way it should be played (Although considering she plays a millionaire heiress dating the hottest teen heart throb in Hollywood - she couldn't mess up too badly). I have no doubt that most of the reviews will just bash Paris & her performance (because even if she put in something Oscar worthy - people would hate it because they have an infatuation hating her no matter what she does).

The story revolves around a young guy from a Mid-Western town going to Hollywood to win a bar competition in order to collect the $10,000 prize money to save his fathers steak house. The real problem in this film is Mewes. If Mewes' acting was described as wooden then Nicole Richie would be described as a skinny. He is TERRIBLE! The amount of times he looks into the camera is ridiculous and most of the time he seems a little stoned.

David Keith is brilliant as Gay Uncle Earl - offering hilarity and nailing his part to perfection, Jon Abrahams character is extremely under developed but you still get the gist of what an ass he is, Brian Hallisay's turn as the heart throb isn't half bad but again his character seems under developed.

One thing about the movie that does grate on you is the foul language. For the first 15 minutes it's OK and quite funny but after that the "fuck" and "cock" into every sentence is annoying! Overall - Not bad, if a little underdeveloped with good turns from Keith & Hilton and bad turns from Mewes.

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Good film, sort of enjoyable.
musicsman27 November 2006
I have recently seen the movie, and thought that for a cheaply made film, it was very good, the plot line was good and very realistic. Boy moves town, boy meets hot girl, boy wants to be with hot girl, boy has complications, boy still gets girl. I thought that at times the acting was a little bit C-list but not from the main stars, which was rather good and overally convincing, much better than House Of Wax. I thoroughly enjoyed the film, and would recommend it as an uplifting movie for a night in with the partner, as long as you want to be mildly entertained. Teens only though, because it is not really that suitable for people who are in their mid 20's or any older.
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Why I'm giving this a 10
vagrantfilms16 December 2006
OK, So here is the deal this is certainly not Preston Sturges, but there truly are worse films out there than this. I mean I can't really live in a world where The Passion of the Christ is not on a list of worst films, or where Larry The Cable Guy goes middle of the pack on this list, which reminds me, I'm hoping enough people see The Hamster Cage, because its incredibly bad, let try and get that film on here for the ages.

Here's hoping films other than a low brow , indie comedy can while being bad can give way to true stinkers. An yes The Hamster Cage was also a low budget indie, but compared to Bottoms Up , The Hamster Cage is auspisciously bad, and takes itself a lot more seriously.
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Very Engaging Movie
johnnjnj5 February 2007
For fans of Jay and Silent Bob, also known as Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, this movie was not about them in their usual roles. This movie was not written by Kevin Smith and has little bearing on the style and characters he would write into a movie. But to see them in the same movie in different roles made this worth a look. And I was not disappointed at all.

Owen Peadman is played by Jason Mewes aka/Jay. Owen is a very milder version of Jay but still an intriguing character and his acting was excellent throughout the movie. From his facial expressions to his quick witted responses, Mewes does not disappoint. Throw in the few scenes with the always funny and witty Kevin Smith and you still have a good Jay and Silent Bob connection. Not to mention Owen using the Jay and Silent Bob term "Sirs" in one scene. The underlying familiar humor was welcome.

Now let's look at the characters of Uncle Earl Peadman played by an outstanding actor, David Keith. David Keith has played many macho roles and seeing him play a gay man was quite different. But he played it well and by the end of the movie, you felt his character.

Now let's take a look at the questionable role for Paris Hilton. First of all the role was perfect for her because she's lived that lifestyle. I almost perceived her as wishing she was her character instead of playing it. But unfortunately that's not true. So putting her name aside, I think the young lady who played Lisa Mancini did a great job at bringing out her character. She was a soft, hard and everything in between.

The movie will probably get bad reviews because of her. But as a comedy, I thought the movie was witty, funny and well written with underlying twists.

I recommend this movie just because you can sit back and watch it and laugh without thinking too much. A nice view after a hard day at work.
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It feels like this movie drags on and on...
TOMNEL21 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This movie feels like it's about 2 and a half hours. In actuality it runs at just over 80 minutes, but the bad jokes and terrible acting make it seem twice as long. Jason Mewes has always been fine acting in other movies, but here his acting is really dull. The worst actor is Paris Hilton, who plays a rich heiress, known by the public because of her father's fame...sound familiar?

The direction is usually okay, but it can get annoying. One instance Paris Hilton kicks Jason Mewes in what looks like the most staged act ever. One scene the camera swirls around 180 degrees, but it seems they couldn't get a full 360 degree turn, so it keeps doing the same 180 degree turn during the same conversation and it's practically nauseating. For the main titles, I'll blame Howie Nourmand, the title supervisor. The opening scene was a poor flash animation, as were several scenes throughout, and it cheapened the movie.

Owen (Jason Mewes) hasn't been taking care of his father's bar, and it's going to close down if he doesn't get money to pay the debts off. Owen goes to California to win a bar tending contest, and while there he lives with his closeted homosexual Uncle Earl (David Keith). Uncle Earl works as a camera man for an entertainment program, and while on set, Lisa Mancini (Paris Hilton), a well known wealthy girl, almost hits Owen with her car and ends up ruining a movie set. Because this would be bad publicity for the studio, she doesn't agree to pay Owen or acknowledge what happened. This angers him, so he blackmails her, but instead of the money, he wants her to make him popular. They end up falling in love, but she's dating TV star Hayden Field(Brian Hallisey). Chaos ensues.

Spoilers are featured in the next two paragraphs, so don't read on if you want to be surprised by the predictable ending. The characters here are very strange. Owen is extremely unlikeable and I would have liked to see him get nothing, go back home poor and live in a cardboard box, but instead he gets the girl, and gets the money for his dad's bar. Hayden Field is actually a nice character, and wants to help people out. Hayden ends up losing his career, because Owen is a jerk and releases a porno video that Hayden made. Hayden ends up working in a fast food joint, which makes no sense. I didn't realize that right after you lose your acting job you become poor and need work. Looks like the writers didn't think of that...anyways, Hayden ends up with no girlfriend or money, but he still is friends with the jerk who did this to him, and he even suggests for Owen to pursue Lisa. What kind of sense does that make? The writing is based entirely on backwards morals that don't add up.

The whole video tape part of the film made no sense. Every part of the film relating to the video tapes were stupid, and full of plot holes, inconsistencies and were really just a cheap way to end the movie. First thing, is why in the world would a big time movie star have a VHS camcorder? If he's so rich, he'd at least have a camera from within the last 5 years, and Hayden said himself that every company gives him everything for free. Apparently cameras weren't one of them. Next, why would the video of Hayden ruin his career, but the even more explicit video from Uncle Earl boost his career higher than it ever was? Also, how in the world would television host Pip Wingo (Phil Morris), who didn't even see what happened to the tapes, figure out exactly how Uncle Earl switched them. Is he psychic? Finally, why does no one actually think to watch the tapes before paying huge sums of money to get them? Are people, other than the very untalented writers of this flick that stupid?

Onto the acting. It's about what you'd expect in comparison to everything else about the film, really bad. Jason Mewes and Paris Hilton give similar performances, like both of them were drunk or high while filming, which they very well could have been. David Keith deserves to be a supporting character on a TV sitcom, because this guy is pretty charismatic. His character is annoying, and nothing is funny about his character, but he's trying his hardest, and with a TV show, he wouldn't be half bad.

The musical score isn't bad. It's fairly lively and fun. It was almost like a worse version of Danny Elfman's theme to Pee Wee's Big Adventure, but it really wasn't bad. It's one part of the movie that's alright.

I don't get why the title of this movie is Bottoms Up. Jason Mewes plays a bartender, but that has nothing to do with the plot, and is rarely seen. It's probably named this to appeal to drunk teens who find relateable titles hilarious. It might as well be called "Take a Hit" or "Knocking Back a Few". They're just as logical titles as "Bottoms Up". It's not about drinking, it's about a poorly acted romance.

My final complaint is about the cover. Why does Paris Hilton have blonde hair on the cover but brown hair in the movie? Why is she first credited over Jason Mewes? She really isn't in that much of the movie despite being the main romantic interest. Also, I think Jason Mewes has a more solid fan base than Paris Hilton. It's really easy to nitpick this movie, because of everything about it. Clichés around every corner followed by nonstop gay/fart jokes. Maybe that's funny to some, I can't imagine this being funny to anyone.

My rating: BOMB/****. 85 mins. R for language, sexual/crude humor and drug use.
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I liked it
mrider312 September 2006
My girlfriend and I just finished watching Bottoms Up and we both thought that it was pretty good. Might want to see this movie because there's a few parts in the film you'll keep thinking about throughout your day because its so funny. If you notice in the film there is a shot of a million dollar Ferrari which is pretty nuts. Film was shot in a few clubs that I've been to so that was also pretty cool. So ya overall I liked it and don't understand why people are not going to getting this DVD. I'm surprised this film didn't go to theaters because its better then half the movies that are there now. So I give this movie a 10 out of 10 because its different and its fresh.
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