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Death Of Music
ml012a48608 March 2007
What really ticks me off about this show is that its made to look bigger than life, with great songs like 'O Fortuna' used while showing a reject crying and 'Dies Irae' for the judges entrance to the stage. Two great songs rubbished by the crap show yes but the worst use of a great song was with Barber: Adagio For Strings used beautifully in the film Elephant Man. Would this show put the song to great use? Well as you can tell they didn't, It was used with a segment of the show when auditions in Leeds failed to call back one person... I can only imagine what the director was thinking, Maybe "Wow no one got through in Leeds, what piece of music would best reflect this disaster??? What about the song that The Elephant Man died to while thinking of his mother? I can't get over the three judges who seem to believe that they are the greatest thing to hit the music industry since the electric guitar, Simon Cowell who seems to fall for ever teenage trollop that walks into the audition room (Like the porn star from one season that really couldn't sing... She got through). This from the man that brought us Robson and Gerome, Teletubbies and Five with endless covers to boot. Sharon Osbourne, Who was no one till MTVs The Osborne's and has been doing any crappy TV show/Advert since, I mean, Bingo anyone? However the worst judge of them all has to be Smeagol or Louis Walsh as he also likes to be called. He loves anyone who is Irish and loves to use phrases "I'm Not Sure If You Have The X-Factor" or "But They Are Number One" (Referring to Westlife), If by X-factor you mean failing to break the States and covering song after song, lip-syncing while sitting on a stall then Westlife sure have that... in spades. His shifty eyes, the way that he dresses and talks through his nose, he looks like a creep, the kind of guy who runs his business from an office above a taxi rank.

What they should do is call this 'The Three Judges' because its only about them, THEY pick what song THEIR act has to sing... Sorry I mean cover, and when you see the phone number of the person that you wanna 'Vote To Save' who do we see in a picture box next to said number... If you thought that it was the act who was/is singing you are wrong. What you get is a picture of the singer's mentor, WHY? Seeing a picture of one of these three berks is quite bad but no where near as bad as hearing their opinions... Let me get this straight, I HATE BULLIES and I hate these three idiots because thats what they are. In Simon Cowells first outing on reality TV I seen him on Pop Stars, At this time they saw no point in have any fat over weight security guards. After Pete Waterman rubbish one act and made her cry with some unnecessary comments we saw a shot of her talking to a rather muscular contestant who also happened to be a black belt in something or other. He said to the girl that if they said anything like that to him he would 'knock them out'. Anyway when it comes to it the black belt does say after his audition 'If you think your hard Pete then come on'. He said this walking up to the table, Simon Cowell backed away with a look of terror and left it to Nikki Campbell to defuse the situation... Simon Cowell? Simon Coward more like! Now he is in a room with fat morons to protect him he seems to take pleasure in bringing an impressionable young girls to tears with slurs on there singing, weight and looks with the comment "I have to be honest" (This is something that someone brought up on the American Idol reviews). All three are bullies though not just Simon... Walsh kept going on at a 16 year old girl and would not stop till she cried, he attacked everything about her till he hit a nerve. It only stopped when she was lead away. I'm not saying that they shouldn't tell auditionees what they think of their performance, sometimes it can be funny, but its stopped becoming banter between the judges and singers and is now people with the power to make 'Dreams Come True' telling people to 'Give It Up'.

Deep down inside I know that soon or later it will all come to an end... It has to, surely... we have to return to singer-song writers gracing the charts. As Robin Gibb (BeeGees) said "We are at a the stage where what we have now is covers, covers equal success, however it can only go so long before we have covers of the covers". Think of it, since the boy band phenomenon where someone like Walsh finds 5 good looking guys/girls, only after looks, do you think he says "Ok, who is the songwriter?" no, more like "Can one of you hand me that Abba album". This is what X-Factor does but on a bigger, faster scale.

In conclusion whats really wrong with this program is the promise of 'The Greatest Singer In The World' and then leaving us with a good looking cover merchant. To me someone who sings while raising their hands up and down with their eyes close, stretching out every vowel in a song doesn't necessarily constitute to a great singer. My music idols are Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, Mick Jagger, Dolly Parton and countless others. These to me are people with something that couldn't be bottled but Simon Cowell seems to believe that he has not only bottled it, but is now selling it like golden eggs of which he is laying himself.
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Time to end it
Sleepin_Dragon20 November 2015
This series (2015) has shown that the X Factor has run its course, that the death knell has rung for Mr Cowell and co. and that it's time to end this misery. The nose dive in viewing figures has shown that people feel the same, it's been done to death and enough's enough.

I'm not saying that there aren't great singers on the show, but it's not about them, it's about the egos of Mr Cowell and co. What gives Cheryl the right to comment on people's singing abilities when she's mimed more times then Marcel Marceau.

The crying, grizzling, sob stories, 'it's my dream' thing ruins the show, they didn't have it on the U.S. series, what is the point, is it a singing competition?

Plaudits for giving us Leona Lewis, the one saving grace of the show, but otherwise I'm one of the millions that have switched off.

Please end it and give us a good drama on a Saturday night!! 1/10
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Exploitative Time-Wasting Drivel
bs3dc18 December 2006
It is hard to believe that BBC and ITV are not in partnership with pubs across the country to keep people out of their home with the same repetitive Saturday night "entertainment." At least the BBC is trying original drama even if it is one load of rubbish after another (IMHO) instead of landing us with trashy reality shows like ITV1 (remember Celebrity Wrestling anyone?).

The judges themselves are a joke. What qualifications does Sharon Osbourne have to give opinions on other people's singing? Anybody? At least Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh have a number of successful groups to their name before this. All three act like small bullying children bickering over each other's comments and the so-called "mind-games" are just a joke. They seem more interested in doing down the groups mentored by another judge or the other judges themselves than doing anything with their group. All this is presented by Kate Thornton. Has anybody told her she has been equipped with a microphone so there is no need to SHOUT ALL THE TIME?

The X Factor is exploitative of both the contestants and the people at home who waste money texting into the show in voting. People who made fools of themselves at auditions - sometimes intentionally it seems can carve careers for themselves out of having a lack of talent. However these contestants are frequently more interesting than the chosen acts themselves. The tasteless bullying at the auditons inflicted by Cowell especially makes me disgusted that not only this is only shown, but it is defended as "cruel to be kind."

The judges frequently promise record deals to those who are thrown out before the final - why bother with the public if you are not going to listen to them? Just another cynical money-making exercise like allowing people to vote house-mates back into Big Brother when people have massively increased their phone bills to evict them.

I only watched this at all last year under protest due to living with several obsessed girls at university. Seeing it more recently while channel hopping I was disgusted to see a boy-band act, where it was clear that only one had any singing ability whatsoever followed by Sharon and Louis heaping undeserved praise upon them. If these were among the last 5-6 acts then I am glad I did not waste any more time watching the rest of the show. It hardly matters since the winner will no doubt disappear quickly enough when she discovers the ridiculous terms on her contract. Expect a few of the rejects polluting the charts for a some months to come as well a la "It's Chico Time". Not in my house.
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Tired out trash
glenn-aylett13 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For ten years this rigged singing/reality show has polluted the airwaves and the pages of tabloid newspapers. I just don't get the appeal of second rate singers whose careers seem to be over as quickly as they have started( anyone remember Jedward or Joe Mc Elderry) and a show filled with sob stories, bland pop songs and a whooping and wailing audience and epilepsy inducing sets.

The X Factor has been going for ten years and people are starting to see through it, with ratings down by 5 million in the last 4 years. All this glorified karaoke show exists for is to make £ 25 million a year for Simon Cowell and another £ 5 million for his excruciating panel which consists of two washed up pop stars and an Irishman who resembles Steve Davis.

Think, £ 30 million is wasted every year by ITV on a show that can never be repeated or made into DVDs and which is forgotten as soon as the final credits roll. This £ 30 million could be much better spent on ten drama series that have the potential to be repeated for years as good drama always draws an audience. All I am hoping for is ratings fall further and The Fix Factor is cancelled.
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A freak show for narcissistic idiots.
jayjaymadigan25 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
In the dark days of 2004, England was hungry for another singing competition, and from the bowels of hell, The X Factor was conceived, if you ever wanted to see a bigger bunch of talentless, narcissistic, brain dead bunch of no hoper's then look no further, every year is worse than the last, terrible singing, horrible bickering judges, a disgusting crowd who all start screaming abuse as soon as someone says one bad thing about an act they like it is perfect car crash television for the brain dead masses who have nothing better to do on a Saturday night September through to December just in time for the dreaded Christmas number one, if you want compelling, intelligent entertainment, well you're likely to find it on DisneyKids than you are on ITV on a Saturday night. Utter RUBBISH!
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I just don't understand
sglrml26 September 2008
I simply don't understand how anyone could possibly find this show in any way successful. How can people stand for the auditionees being abused by the judges? I may be no expert but I don't believe that someone should be allowed come onto the show with some false hope or dream in their head and then be punished for it. Aren't they human beings too? Is it right that the judges can laugh at their performance and then criticise them for making some effort? Quite simply if people like Simon Cowell are going to be allowed to insult other people like this, then I don't know what the world's coming to. Just because a person is idle or boastful about 'having the X Factor' is it right for judges to display a similar type of behaviour? Is this a way of saying that other people don't have feelings the same as anyone else? In any case not all the auditionees behave like that and I don't believe that they should be hurt in such a cruel way.
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'The Celebrity Judge Show! ...oh and some random people from the streets
I've given this show 2 stars for one reason. When it first started it was good... They showed loads of people in the auditions, they all got screen time, and the judges hardly featured...

...But a few years ago, the producers seemed to have decided 'Normal people are boring' and the cameras feature on the glitz-and-glamour judges, and practically ignore the contestants.

This show has become more of a mindless sham as it's went on. Origionally the contestants received lots of attention, they showed probably 50 people in auditions an episode (even if most of them only got a few seconds. Now you barely get eight people in an episode, and only listening to about 5 seconds of them, maybe a WHOLE MINUTE if they kick up a fuss. Or if they have some sappy or sad story behind them.

The 'Sob Story' seems to be a common feature of the show nowadays, with at least one per audition episode. If not that then it's always a 'pretty boy' who gets lots of attention because all the brain-washed girls fall in love with them and will pay money to vote for them.

The voting just seems stupid now. Back when they had 3 judges, votes MEANED something, but now they have 4, they can decide from the bottom two who stays and who goes, which is very unfair, as the public may as well not have voted in the first place. Also for the results show, it's all crap, and you only need to watch the last 5 minutes (now probably extended to ten because of all the judges getting screen time 'making up their minds') During the auditions, it's predictable what the judges are going to say every time, depending on how much screen time said act gets. If it's 5 seconds, definite no, 30 they're thinking about it, but probably no, full song/performance = certain yes. But even then, they let through some crap acts, just to be money makers for when it comes to the votes (as half of the time they get a record deal somewhere or other, just by appearing on the show, example: One Dircetion) because they might have the 'little kid', the 'pretty boy', the 'sob story', the 'contestant that doesn't sing modern pop unless they have to...

This show started off half decent, and has just fallen into a crappy celebrity-obsessed shambles...
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The circus comes to town
studioAT15 December 2013
In about July when we are bemoaning another wash out summer or a heat wave over the hill to greet us comes The X Factor and the circus rolls in to town.

From sob stories to people deluded about their own talent for the last 10 years the show has brought us everything. The judges have come and gone but the hunt for talent seems to have continued regardless despite the endless claims that it ruins the music industry or is making people a laughing stock.

Sure, not everyone who has won it has gone on to great things and the ratings seem to be on the skid but for pure Saturday night entertainment The X Factor has delivered year on year.
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The winning formula rolls on, more stage-managed, forced and less thrilling than ever
bob the moo20 September 2006
Recently "Nasty" Nigel and Simon Cowell were in court because the former (nothing to do with this show) was claiming damages off the latter for stealing the idea from Pop Idol etc to make this show. Of course to the majority of us this just seemed like an easy claim because, aside from legal technicalities over whether or not you can copyright a concept, the X Factor is clearly just Pop Idol etc in slightly different clothes (but not even that different). The court case was settled behind closed doors and everything went on as normal but we the viewers were still left with a show that continues to flog a formula that seems like it will never die.

The X Factor is supposedly different from Pop Stars/Idol because it is about the people as well as the music; you know – that x factor that makes stars stars. Well, at least on paper that is what it is about but taking a look at it, it looks awfully like Pop Idol crossed with Popstars (groups and solo artists), with different judges, a new presenter and a slightly different approach (we see a lot more of the training as each artist is taken under the wing of one of the judges). It has nothing really original in it and, although the artists are supposedly got individuality (x factor) they still belt out cover versions; in fact series 1 winner Brookstein (praised by Cowell for his individual sound) was very quickly dropped from the 6 album deal he won because he refused to do an album of cover versions. Anyway, so much for that idea, so for the most part this is just another clone of the same formula. The music is nice, big, professional karaoke of hits that everyone can sing along at home to but it is all very dull and depressing if you are looking for more.

The training camp may allow those of us that were adolescent boys in the 1980's a chance to rekindle our lust for Sinitta but mainly the way that the groups are split up across the judges is less about training and more about allowing conflict between them. The producers have realised that it is the judges that get the headlines and inject the character into these shows so here we have it pushed and endlessly stage-managed. They do this to extremes, this year having Osbourne throw water on Walsh, with the latter saying he has quit the show, only to return after a week of free headlines in the tabloids, stirring up the viewers and upping ratings (something they can't do with the bland acts themselves). Presenter Kate Thornton can't help us because she is just as caught up in the whole thing and comes across as there is nothing more important happening in the world than the results of the public vote – and maybe for her there isn't. Even after the vote though, the judges still get their say (which made me doubt their independence since both "losers" will belong to at least one of them), cue more pantomime booing, hissing and jeering in line with the whole idea of manufactured drama.

Overall this is a popular show because the formula works for a lot of people. I won't demean them on this decision but I will say that it doesn't work for me. The judges stir it up the best they can and try to get headlines for the show and conceal how bland the artists themselves are but really this is just what it has always been – a big, obvious karaoke show that gives the masses something easy and hollow to watch on a Saturday night. Hopefully it will all come to an end soon but I suspect we'll continue to get the same formula with minor twists for as long as the viewers will watch it. My only hope is that one of those twists will be the inclusion of live, hungry bears, freely roaming the backstage area.
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" No Mas . No Mas " ...
Theo Robertson19 September 2004
... Screamed Roberto Duran as he walked out of his legendary bout with Sugar Ray Leonard . After seeing the first three editions of THE X FACTOR I also have to scream " NO MORE . NO MORE " and walk away from this TV concept that is doing my brain no good . Call it what you want but it's just FLOP IDOL under a different name

And after seeing POP IDOL , American IDOL , POP STARS THE RIVALS etc we know what to expect by now . The trailers revolve around Simon Cowell being interviewed : " I think we'll be seeing some outstanding talent "

Cut to some loser making a fool of themselves

" I doubt if we'll see one bad singer "

Cut to bad singer


In order to make a fast buck the criteria has changed . Instead of singers aged 18 to 26 the entry criteria for auditions are for singers aged 18 to 24 , 25 plus , and groups . There's also a ridiculous judge in the shape of Sharon Osbourne . Forgive me for asking but is she actually a big name in music management ? I know she manages her husband ( Obviously very badly ) who's only claim to fame is that he's one of the very few rock superstars from the 1970s to be still breathing and without a criminal conviction for downloading child porn . I also find Sharon's use of the word " fabulous " very irritating . " Oh you look fabulous darling . Darling what a fabulous voice you have . Fabulous , fabulous , fabulous " You'd have thought being married to Ozzy for all these years she'd happily believe Professor Stephen Hawking has a fabulous voice . Is she the best judge the producers could find ?

What's really irritating me about this show is that there's not enough emphasis on the deluded idiots who insist on turning up to make an idiot of themselves . There has been glimpses though not enough for my liking and it wasn't until the third episode we had a couple of classics . One was a male Princess Diana lookalike who informed the panel that he was 144 years old while another came in dressed up as Guy Fawkes and did a rap number and tried to give the judges a copy of his video which they refused because both the video and the singer stank . No I don't mean his singing was awful ( It was ) but because the Guy Fawkes lookalike had terrible B.O

Maybe it was wrong of me to comment on this show long before it has finished its run , but I am getting very fed up with this annual contest which only exists to make revenue for advertisers and a fast buck for Cowell's record label . Last year's POP IDOL was won by Michelle McManus who was a body even more unattractive than Mick McManus the wrestler and who has failed to shift records in any large numbers and hopefully the winner of THE X FACTOR will go on to even smaller things . Does the country that gave the world The Beatles really need these talent shows ?

No mas please
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kb-1207210 September 2018
I remember when X Factor started there were some actually decent contestants (Leona Lewis, for example). Go forward 14 years and it's full of desperate wannabes with mediocre talent.
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The boredom factor
budvar9918 February 2006
Welcome to the world of karaoke, If you are a 14 years old female you will like and believe that what you see is entertaining, for the rest of us its the same old tripe that we have got used to for the last five years. No I don't watch it (it's just hard to avoid all the hype in the media).

In my opinion the voting can be rigged and then the shows screaming host pretends that the "public have .............(long pause)........decided" when the "winner" has already been chosen. But keep on voting as many times as you like (hummm isn't that rigging anyone) the production company really needs your votes err money.

Forgive me if I am wrong but I always assumed that judges have to be independent with no attachments to the contestants. Enough said.
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The ZZZZZZ Factor
Thormod_Morrisson1 November 2004
What can you say about yet more "talent show" drivel? I watched this (not out of choice) at a friend's house and it is everything one has come to expect from the wannabe genre. And when I say 'wannabe' I'm also referring to the judges, whose idea of musical excellence is woeful. While I'm on the subject, from what corner of obscurity was Sharon Osbourne plucked? With the somewhat dubious honor of managing her rock dinosaur husband Ozzie, a certain ill-advised body has decided she has the ability to comment and advise on the pros and cons of the next (laugh) big thing. This is third rate entertainment of the worst kind. I didn't quite have to be tied down to suffer watching it, although a little whiskey-induced concussion might have helped to soften the blow. Not to be recommended.
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Very Addictive
whiskyjak12 December 2004
OK, first of all, I was NOT gonna watch this show, not after the disaster of Pop Idol and Michelle McManus (yes I got caught up in the hype!) This time, I got hooked! With talent like Tabby, Cassie, VWS, and others, well you had to watch it! I was surprised at one of the Finalists being there, but voted like mad for Steve (cos the ones I wanted had gone!) It was nail-biting TV, and at least with Sharon Osbourne, you got honesty! One of the highlights was her emptying a glass of water over Simon Cowell... or was it two glasses? I'm pleased for Steve, after working the clubs and pubs (been there, seen it, got the T-shirt) he deserves a go at "fame"! No-one really has lost, because Sharon has Tabby and Cassie under her wing, Louis has G4.. no doubt VWS will get a record, Rowetta I think should too!

One last comment about the judges... Love em or loathe em, they do know the business!! Let's hope also that Steve will be more of a success than Michelle McManus, and please, please..... no mention of Hear'Say.
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Sharon has The X-Factor
clairesa1316 October 2004
Sharon Osbourne has a lot of experience of the music industry, just because she's famous for being Ozzy's manager doesn't mean that's all she's done, her father was a manager and she has been involved in the industry for all of her life. In my opinion she is the best judge, she has compassion and does not get off on insulting people just for the hell of it, she cares. Sharon is a fair judge and does not insult someone unless the person deserves it, for being arrogant or rude.

If you didn't like Pop Idol then why would you watch The X Factor?

It is a classic TV talent show, and does not discriminate against the older performers or groups, anyone over 16 can enter and they only discriminate on the grounds of talent.

If you liked any of the previous 'Popstar's' or 'Pop Idol' shows then you'll love this.
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What no Ant n Dec?
gibbs-181727 April 2020
Yeah another Brit invention.

They show us the "terrible singers" wether they be drop dead gorgeous or let's say not.

Then they show us people who are different in many different ways so we can point, laugh, make memes etc. They have extra clips to show.

But they never show the ones where the 17yr old girl who's a size 22 with acne and mixed dress sense sings like an angle.

Or the boy band who's voices are like the beach boys the lead singers teeth are brownish because his parents didn't teach hygiene and two of them are only 5" 0' with one over weight.

No this is a body shaming contest.

Incidentally, people like I mentioned don't get to go on stage that would give the game away.

At least pop idol played it straight down the line.
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Season 13
ivenceto-321-22265224 September 2017
What were you thinking kicking out so many good singers like Gift, Sam, Ryan and leaving that stupid, BAD sorry excuse of a performer "Honey G" in the show?

You people make a joke out of this show and all the good singers who try for it. Huge huge huge huge disappointment.
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Ghostsammeo1 January 2011
I only started watching Xfactor last year, and then mostly only the auditions. This year (2010 Xfactor) was different.

I was like all the other haters out there, believing it to be some stupid money-making scheme by Simon Cowell which shames terrible singers then praises slightly better singers.

This year I found myself mistaken. The auditions are still the same, it's just the audience laughing at bad performances (don't get me wrong I'm not saying it's bad to laugh at some freaky old lady screaming down the microphone) but this time, when it came to the live shows, I actually liked the contenders. Not only could they sing well like I believed no-one really could on the Xfactor, most seemed to have nice personalities, only shown further on back-stage shows like Xtra factor. You can choose your favourites which would for me be the good singers with good personalities, and then choose your most hated. (Some one you just don't like the look of or a bad singer, it's your choice) and then from then it's listening to them sing and hoping your favourite stays in.

It can get tedious and boring at times, I often left half-way through once my favourite act had performed, but it's much better than I expected.

It may just be this year, maybe next year it'll be packed-full with boring generic singers. Either way I know I'll have to check it out at least.
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Become a childish "my acts better than yours" show instead of a talent show.
Izak8611 November 2007
I used to quite enjoy the X Factor when it first started, however I have been increasingly fed up with the way everybody takes to too seriously and the way the judges act like little spoilt kids especially when someone criticises "their" act.

The auditions are good though and by far the best part of the series. I always find them very funny.

If the judges weren't also mentors, maybe it would improve the show and stop the stupid jibs at other judges acts. Its just so childish.

I think for the next series, I'll watch the auditions and forget the rest.

Turn the clock back to the 90's and bring some decent Saturday shows back to life!
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Stockard20 September 2004
This show is fabulous! Sharon Osbourne is fabulous, Simon Cowell is fabulous and Louis Walsh is...well not fabulous, he's just...there. We are only three episodes into the series and already it has proved itself to be miles better than Pop Idol and other such previous shows, and that is because of Sharon Osbourne. What a brilliant judge, honest compassionate and so very funny. I could happily sit and watch her yell "fabulous" for the whole hour.

As brilliant as the audition shows are, the "boot camp" shows should be even better, with the judges eventually taking home 5 acts each from whichever category they are given. The show just hooks you in and you can't help but watch, and it is getting more and more popular each week, with over 500 000 more viewers tuning in each new week. Kate Thornton is doing a great job as the presenter, although i would have preferred to see Ant and Dec.

The live shows should also prove excellent, and we will see how Kate does with presenting those. As it is, we have about 3 or 4 more weeks worth of audition shows and i am looking forward to every single one. Brilliant Saturday night TV is finally back!
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Use to like it but now, I think it should be gone from television.....
Irishchatter23 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I remember when I was 14 years old in 2009 and started to like watching X Factor because there was mainly nothing on the telly and basically, I thought it was cool then. I have to say, the people getting involved on the show to sing their hearts out and thinking they will be future singers, is just ridiculous. Sure after the winners and losers appear on the show, they disappear and never to be heard again until the next year they were on the show.

I haven't heard nearly Leona Lewis,Shayne Ward, Leon Jackson, Joe McElderry, Alexandra Burke, James Arthur, Matt Cardle or Sam Bailey do anything recently with their music. They would've been successful for themselves even more if they got their thinking caps on and just show off their music. Its just a disgrace really, Simon Cowell should really check on them more seriously. No wonder hes getting more money then them, hes doing this bloody show by getting his face fixed with botox among the other judges being his followers.

I'm glad I stop watching it, it does suck you right in watching it and it also wastes your times when watching it a few months!
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The X Factor
jboothmillard13 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
We had seen Popstars (The Rivals) and Pop Idol, we thought that could be enough, but no, there was another one. The only thing that's close to all of them is the involvement of National Television Award nominated Simon Cowell. With him are Westlife's manager, Louis Walsh and Ozzy Osbourne's manager and wife, National Television Award winning Sharon Osbourne. When I started watching the actual show, it was really good. The contestants worked really hard, and the one's that didn't put in enough effort eventually left. The best singers are always left to last, and it becomes really hard to choose the winner. But personally, it's the auditions that are the highlight. Some become really successful and deserve to go through, but the best ones are the bad ones. So far the show has had winners Steve Brookstein, Shayne Ward and Leona Lewis, but other acts that were discovered have become successful as well, such as G4, Journey South, Maria Lawson, Brenda Edwards, Andy Abraham and Chico. It won the National Television Award for Most Popular Entertainment Programme. Simon Cowell number 33 on The 100 Worst Britons (for being mean), he was number 67 on The 100 Greatest Sex Symbols, and he was number 28 on TV's 50 Greatest Stars, the programme was number 14 on The 100 Greatest Funny Moments for Robert Unwin singing The Bee Gees' Tragedy and then Aqua's Barbie Girl, and it was number 19 on The 100 Greatest TV Treats 2004. Very good!
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Quite interesting but can be misleading
Simon_J_Rodgers14 August 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not quite sure what to make of this show. I quite like the beginning of the series where people drop in for their first audition and they have to sing acappella. Some latter shows in the years permitted backing tapes. Some of them are quite good, some are quite bad. Some of them are so bad you just know that they are not serious about the competition.

Sometimes I think the judges should allow one or two bad ones through to the next round for a laugh. It's never been done before, so who knows what would happen? In order to get through the first round, the auditionees require the majority of yes votes, which means more than half. So when Sharon Osbourne had to leave due to a home fire, they needed both Louis and Simon to vote yes, otherwise they were out.

I feel that this was unfair and the rules should have been amended slightly in order to make things a little fairer, after all, what would Sharon have said if she was there? Was it the auditionees fault that she wasn't there? I hate the little inconsistencies as well. The group "Eskimo Blond" got through the first round with their lead singer, Harri, or some name like that. She then went on to go solo the next year and got further than her band did as they replaced her with another girl and according to the judges, Eskimo Blond did not have a lead singer (all three girls just sang and backed themselves, no one girl stood out). They were singing "Viva Forever" by the Spice Girls. It sounded quite good. Does it really matter about a lack of lead vocals if the tune sounds good? Surely enough another girl trio came on singing the song "Do Your Thing" by Basment Jaxx, (I believe) and again they did not really have any have any lead vocals, and it was a lot less smoother than Eskimo Blond's "Viva Forever", with one girl practically shouting "Do Your Thing" all the time, nevertheless they got through! One or two auditionees after a bad start were given a second chance, which is unfair on the other auditionees.

Some of the judges comments are funny, however sometimes it is quite clear to see that they go too far. Sharon Osbourne said to one girl something along the lines of "You're not the sort of person suited for popular music" and she shouted back "And Ozzy is!?" Who's to say which sounds are good and bad really? It really is a matter of opinion. Personally I am not familiar with Ozzy Osbourne's work but I'm sure for him to get so much fame, he must be some good. However some people do not like his stuff and such opinions should really be respected.

I find it funny how the acts that I like always seem to come second. Is this some sort of fix? It would seem that acts that are not mainstream pop will never win. G4, Andy Abraham, Ray Quinn and Rhydian. All good singers and all came second.

The winners were good as well, but isn't it funny how these four are not really pure pop singers either? G4 and Rhydian are both the classical type, Andy Abraham is more soul and Ray Quinn is a crooner.

Not only did Andy Abraham have a good voice, he had bags of personality and really down to earth. I've never met him, but he's the sort of bloke I'd want as a friend for life. You only have to look at him to know he's a good man.

And how on Earth some rubbish acts like Hope got as far as they did is really beyond me too. I always find that no matter how rubbish a girl group are on this show, they only have to sing Lady Marmalade and suddenly they're the best sound ever (well for the next few minutes anyway).

Don't forget that just because an act doesn't win, doesn't mean they are totally useless. Look at that Onka Judge who sang Michael Jackson's Earth Song. Yes he was bad but he was funny. He might not make a good singer, but I'm sure he's be a good entertainer, comedian or a bit of both.

Over all, it's a good show for finding good singing talents, but it can be unrealistic as far as REAL winners are concerned.
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Addictive viewing, but I would NEVER participate in it!
TheLittleSongbird25 July 2009
The X Factor I do find very addictive, and while it is very entertaining at times, there are things I don't like about it. There have been some talented singers, I especially loved Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis, but other wannabes in the auditions have been laughable, and there have been others who were fine in auditions, but were dreadful on the live shows. I do like Simon Cowell, though his criticisms can be very hurtful and unfair, reminds me of Jason Gardiner on Dancing on Ice. When the contestants sing, I do like most of the song choices, as long as the arrangement, choreography and singing is good, and their outfits too, and I have mostly liked them. Louis Walsh sometimes gets on my nerves, he heavily criticised Daniel Evans, and compared him to Ricky Gervais in a nightclub or something like that, and that is the sort of thing people would take to heart in a bad way. As I said The X Factor is very addictive, but I do have a nag that applies to other entertainment shows as well. The actual decision to replace Sharon Osborne with Cheryl Cole was okay, though Sharon was very encouraging and friendly, and is missed. But now Strictly Come Dancing have replaced Arlene Phillips with Alesha Dixon, which is ludicrous. Dixon is a beautiful woman, and has a talent for dancing, but I wish that people would stop being so prejudiced, and stop replacing more experienced people with younger ones. Honestly, it has been too long that people keep judging others by their appearances and ages instead of their talents which is actually more important. In conclusion, I like The X Factor, but I would never participate in it. I want to be a singer being 17, but I prefer to start small, instead of rushing what I want to do, and not be subject to negative press. Speaking of that, the X Factor is very manipulative, thanks to all the lies the media put in the papers. 6/10 for entertainment. Bethany Cox
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