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Cute show combining interviews and English lessons--for the hosts
Katy-2728 December 2005
I've seen a few episodes of the show from tapes my mother made while she was in Japan, and it's fairly cute. Apparently, the show's premise is that the hosts and hostesses learn English by conducting English-language interviews with American/English celebrities. They're clearly unnerved by the task before them (and at the idea of goofing in front of famous faces, not to mention the entire country) but manage to pull off intelligent questions and answers, and their grammar, usage, and confidence improves with every episode. Apparently one of the hosts started out as a complete muddle, but now he's passably good--which says something for the 'throw yourself in' approach to learning languages. What I'm impressed with is their ability to draw such big names as Dakota Fanning, Haley Joel Osment, Hayden Christiansen, and George Lucas (this was during a special Star Wars themed series).
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