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Surprise! Gratuitous gore and nudity can be tiresome
the-gil-monster28 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I really tried to give "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" a chance.

Yes, it's a Rob Zombie movie- meaning that he casts his friends in an overlong music video for a song that has only overstayed its welcome on the classic rock airwaves by thirty years. Yes, it's animated by Spumco- meaning that no fungus-ridden toenail, no wax-encrusted ear canal, and CERTAINLY no booger-filled nostril would be denied a graphic close-up still.

But know that I hushed my wife every time she said "NOT FUNNY." Know that memories of Spumco's groundbreaking "Ren & Stimpy" remained fully entrenched in my mind through my movie. Know that the odyssey of the washed-up wrestler El Superbeasto and his sister Susie-X (Sheri Moon Zombie in a Mary Sue role) through the Haunted World holds so much promise and in its three years of development we all had every right to be excited. But golly gee whillikers; when I crossed The Film Director of No Restraint with The Animation Company of No Restraint. you know what I got...? Bored.


Look, shock gags are like betta fish- they do not mix well with others of their kind. When filming or drawing something provocative, it needs time to captivate. Enthrall. Repulse. Take root in the viewer's brain (watch "Meet The Feebles"- ah HAH; see the people near you cringing upon mention of that movie...? THAT'S how you shock someone!) In El Superbeasto however, there is so much breasts and blood and gore and breasts and blood and gore and breasts and blood and gore and breasts and blood and gore and breasts and blood and gore and breasts and blood and gore and breasts and blood and gore in the first FIVE MINUTES that it's like the aforementioned bettas in the same bowl- they've immediately rendered each other to shreds, and all we're left to watch is a bowl of lifeless mud. And no amount of Nazi zombies can resuscitate that.

And- for a world inhabited by every movie and fiction monster out there- the movie can be stunningly predictable. If you can't figure out for yourself why the Bride of Frankenstein is coming to climax while sitting in a haunted lagoon, look out- you're clearly a one-celled organism and there's an amoeba waiting to engulf you.

That's not so say that "El Superbeasto" is unwatchable. Some of the songs are genuinely enjoyable. Most of the jokes come from Dr. Satan and his gorilla Otto (ripped from "George Of The Jungle", but hell that's always funny) and their interaction with Velvet Von Black. Granted, that could be because El Superbeasto himself is the most detestable protagonist I've seen in a long time- over-the-topness be damned. I'm trying to imagine Zombie writing him up, and saying to himself "Now THIS is a guy I can spend four hours alone on a car trip with!" I'm failing.

I also take offense to Zombie's ubiquitous nods to the classic horror and exploitation films of the past because I truly believe that they're lacking in respect. Tura Satana reprises her role as "Faster, Pussycat! Kill!! Kill!!!"'s lethal lady Varla long enough for Susie-X to slam a door in her face. Zombie's beloved "Phantom Creep" robot has a major role as Susie's sidekick, but he's a horndog who transforms into a crab-walk-like car that Susie drives by lying belly-down upon, and shifting a single lever between his legs. (...Get it? Bela Lugosi does. And he's underground right now crying.)

Other references include Michael Myers is struck by a car as he crosses the street- which of course stands as a great metaphor for what Zombie did to the "Halloween" remake. Worst of all, the ending to "Carrie" is ripped off and accompanied by a song decrying Zombie for ripping off "Carrie". No wait- that may be squaresies with how many times Otis Firefly and Captain Spaulding appear in this film. And then when El Superbeasto grabs a mic and bursts into Loverboy's "Piece of My Heart"... ooh, we have a triple tie.

...I think that if The Haunted World of El Superbeasto was more in form with "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog", it'd be much more enjoyable. Now I didn't really care for Dr. Horrible, but the "villains" received much more screen time than the "heroes", so I can understand its appeal. Come to think of it, that was what I liked about Zombie's own "House of 1,000 Corpses", so why couldn't lightning have struck twice...? Instead, Rob Zombie's first animated opus is kind of like an "Austin Powers" movie. Only Austin has been replaced with Andrew "Dice" Clay. And Dr. Evil and Mini-Me are holding out for more money.

...Finally, here's an aside to all the other commenters mentioning "El Superbeasto" in the same breath as Ralph Bakshi's "Fritz The Cat": Please go SEE "Fritz". Immediately. This way you can go back and edit your "Superbeasto" IMDb entries with a sincere apology explaining how foolish you were to compare Bakshi's razor-sharp dissection of '60's college life and pop philosophy with Zombie's non-stop potty humor. Some of you, within ten minutes of watching "Fritz", may realize how freaking wrong you were and cannot wait until after the closing credits to amend your original text. You are quite permitted to pause the film.

In other words, "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" and "Fritz The Cat" are animated films with adult ratings- That's their ONLY similarity! END OF!!
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An odd, weird, and mediocre animated film
Criticman122 May 2011
Rob Zombie has been known for doing many heavy metal songs and directing horror movies like, "House of 100 Corpses" and "The Devil's Reject's". But in 2009, he released a direct-to-video animated film based on the comic book made by him. The animated film was called, "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto".

I like the film's animation. It's Spongebob Squarepants meet's Ralph Bakshi. The film also has some nice voice acting from Tom Papa, Sheri Moon Zombie, and Paul Giamatti as the villain.

The problem's with this film is that sometime's the movie can be boring and some of the funny moment's in the movie can be pretty lame.

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, is not a bad movie, but it's going to depend what you're into. If you're a Rob Zombie fan or someone looking for a mindless movie to watch, then this movie is for you. If you're someone that take's animated films seriously, then this movie is not for you.
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Love it or Hate it! Inappropriately funny!
mrjoeobrien25 September 2009
Watching this movie I did nothing but laugh, though I knew it was wrong to laugh at zombie Nazi's getting their heads sliced off by a hot animated busty-blonde-chick with an eye patch, I just couldn't help it. The movie was stylish, funny, and careless, with a "So what?" Attitude.

This movie will either leave you in disgust, or laughing until your lungs bleed. Personally for me, this movie was a love, as I can only speak for myself I can't say you'll like it, but if you think you'll like it, then you'll probably love it. If you like immature and comically brutal cartoons, with sex drive and bad-mouth language, then you'll love this!
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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
CuriosityKilledShawn20 February 2010
Rob Zombie has been on the receiving end of far too much criticism in his career as a filmmaker. Nearly every one of his films have had mostly negative reviews despite the fact that he clearly has a stronger understanding of horror than most of the PG-13 hack-jobs that fill out the genre these days. THWOES is perfect for his hyperactive imagination to take full advantage of world of cartoons.

Superbeasto himself is a actor-slash-director dressed as a Mexican wrestler. His sister Susie X is some kind of secret agent hunting zombie Nazis. They're supposed to work together but Superbeasto's womanizing and laziness often prevents him from taking part. His old high school punching bag Steve Wachowski adopts the guise of Dr. Satan and plans to take over the world once he weds a girl with a 666 tattoo on her ass. That girl just happens to be a stripper Superbeasto has the hots for and he's not going to let Dr. Satan have his way.

THWOES plays a lot like a feature-length skit from MTV's Liquid Television back in the early 90s. It's often surreal and rapid-fire. If you like the maniacal humor of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law and can keep up with the madness then you'll get a kick out of El Superbeasto. There's lots of blood and gore and nudity too if that's your kinda of thing.

Keep a lookout for Captain Spaulding and Otis Driftwood too, and stick around for the end of the closing credits.
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Rob Zombie presents his own fritz the cat.
buiredintime11 September 2009
Okay we all know Rob Zombie and the way he films, it's all about the uneasiness of the situation, the excessiveness of it all whether it be extreme amounts of gore, language, nudity, fast paced cuts and over the top acting. It's nothing new going into the Haunted world of el superbeasto to think it would be anything different, I knew the moment I heard Zombie was going to do an animated film that he in fact was going for Cool World meets Fritz the cat. The man obviously loves his Woman in seductive form and he loves his exploitation turned to 11. Of course Haunted world is no different.

Now I won't sugar coat the movie, it's graphic, as graphic a comic movie I've ever seen, boobs pop up everywhere, people mutilate themselves and are killed in graphic ways, there's sexual situations at every turn and language so course that it would make a sailor curl in his boots. It's to be expected and to be honest it get's a little old after awhile. I don't understand why Zombie can't just tone it done a little. I know he's really into the horror aspect of it all but sometimes I think Zombie does it just to do it, it distracts from what could be a really cool Animated movie.

Now it's not all bad, in fact the acting is quite entertaining and good, especially Tom Papa as Superbeasto, he's so over the top it's hilarious. He plays a wrestler living a crazed strange world where his characters are all monsters and creatures outside of a few people. What makes the movie interesting and fun is it does detour from his true horror genre, yes it has it's horror routes but the movie is so much different than what you've seen from Rob zombie, I say he should tone it down but the movie as a whole is somewhat fresh, it's somewhat funny thanks in part to Mr. Lawernce and Tom Papa in part writing the script. Instead of having Rob zombie write true cliché character, the characters here are different and entertaining. I especially like the new takes on some of Zombies movie characters like Dr. Satan, which in this movie is skinny, scrawny and has a pet ape and surprisingly is voiced by the most awesomeness Paul Giamatti. You also Spongebob himself Tom Kinny playing Otto the deranged father from Corpses, as well as Sid Haig playing Captain spaulding. Even though these characters are gruesome in the live action movies, there played with quite entertaining delight and goofiness in this movie. Heck they even threw in Rosario Dawson for good measure.

Now on the flipside the story plays a lot like a elongated TV series, being from Starz media I'm almost assuming that this will become a TV show in the future if it catches on. It doesn't make sense all the time and feels like it's too disjointed at some points where the story literally stops to show us some sexual situation or naked woman and man having sex. The story to me is probably it's weakest point, it's not all bad and can make you chuckle if you have a disturbed sense of humor such as myself but still it's like I said earlier, it's almost like Rob Zombie is paying homage to fritz the cat.

On one last note, I expected the film to almost have a Heavy metal feel, in that the animation would be disjointed and raw but instead we get something close in line to Osmosis Jones and Beavis and Butthead, it's slightly disjointed but it's not too extreme, it's just what it is. Trust me when I say it's very cool to look and very well drawn but it still could have used a slightly heavier disjointed feel.

Okay to summarize, out of all the Zombie films I've seen this is the better of the films, it doesn't mean it's all around great because it's not, it has problems, some more glaring than others but within all it's flaws the movie is still fun to watch and I would recommend it with only slight caution, if you get offended easily then be cautious otherwise I give it a 7/10.
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Very enjoyable film
rollypolymasta12 March 2010
I don't agree with all the reviews of this movie, I didn't think it was bad and I didn't think it was side-splittingly funny. I enjoyed lots of the jokes some I found really funny, others made me smirk and some not as funny but with the sheer amount of gags in this film your bound to not find all of em funny.

I mainly enjoyed the film because I thought it was good, i enjoyed the action, the jokes, the animation and story (despite it not being very linear and rather silly) and I thought the voice acting was very professional. I do agree with many of people saying that this film isn't for everybody it is gory, full of nudity and swearing but I didn't in anyway find it offensive although I can see how some people might.

Overall I think this was a good effort by Rob Zombie and while it wasn't on par with some of his other movies like House Of 1000 Corpses it was still a very good film.

My recommendation for people wondering whether or not to see this film is to check out the first 10 minutes if it hasn't appealed to you by then, then it's not your sort of movie but if it seems promising check it out because it'll be really worth your while.
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Rob Zombie's most underground film
UniqueParticle5 July 2019
Among the most inappropriate profanity filled animated feature movies. Rob Zombie's films/music get a ridiculous amount of hate and I don't agree with it he's one of my favorite directors ever! This is easily the weirdest, satanic, nudity enriched, and most violent 87 minutes of animation ever created; I love it the way it is - the more extreme the better! There's a few bleak bits and provocative bits but come on the first 2 minutes literally warn you which is a spectacular thing so yeah the hate this got is just unfortunate, that's all I'll say.
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Like Ren and Stimpy of rob zombies mind.
ministry6996-127 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Surprisingly it was half way decent. Granted it was made to be corny, debauched, and overall offensive to people who just don't get the joke.

I enjoy the Carrie rip off scene and hearing the backing music to the scene singing "why did you have to rip off carrie". That to me shows that none of this was ever meant to be taken seriously. of course the 1st couple of mins gives away if you didn't get the point is that its all a joke then you wont get it at the end of this.

Granted somethings could have been left out like the direction they went with Velvet Von Black's style of voice (as done by rosario dawson)

I love how Dr. Satan is a joke, unlike the '1000 corpses' take on the character.

And I have to admit as much as i cant stand sherri moon zombie's voice most of the time, for once it seemed to fit in with the character.

bottom line:

Its a beyond slap stick comedy, if your serious about this, you wont get it, if you have a big sense of humor you might just enjoy this.
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I actually liked it quite a bit
Jackpollins19 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
The only reasons I was even slightly expecting to like The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto is that (a) it's made by Rob Zombie and (b) the people who provide voices in the film are mostly familiar celebrities. I was not expecting much considering those were my only two reason for even considering to see it. After seeing it, though, I was thoroughly impressed. Zombie does a good job at going from his four live action horror films to an animated horror-type spoof. The film has a plot I cannot explain because there really isn't one plot. The film, however, despite the plot(s) is well-paced, and very, very entertaining. I liked how the animation adds to the story, and the film never skips a beat. The familiar cast of voices do perfect on making their voices fit the characters. Rob Zombie is a talented guy who makes a lot of good movies and music. A lot of people are trashing this film, but I personally am impressed with what Rob Zombie did to this film, and I think he should keep making more of these types of films. I will mention I was confused a lot of the time, and the film is not perfect, but I was entertained and I am recommending it nonetheless.
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There is no gray area with this film. You're either going to love it, or you're going to loathe it.
Strawberry_Typhoon30 September 2009
Nothing diminishes the effectiveness of a film like hype. Considering the fact that Rob Zombie has been talking about The Haunted World Of El Superbeasto since before The Devil's Rejects was released, there was some tremendous hype behind this little side project. Suffice it to say, there are going to be some people that are disappointed.

Let me start by saying, there is no gray area with this film. You're either going to love it, or you're going to loathe it. I happen to fall in to the former category. Something about Superbeasto just worked for me. One of the major complaints I've heard is that the film seems to just sporadically break into song. This is one of my favorite parts of the film. Yes, the songs are juvenile, but they work. All I know, is I'll be seeking out Suzi X's(Sheri Moon-Zombie: The Devil's Rejects)"Nazi Zombie" theme to use as a ringtone.

To me, this was an enjoyable watch. Perhaps I was able too keep my expectations grounded in reality, unlike others. If you're one of these people, who can't stand the excessive vulgarity that riddles Rob Zombie scripts, you're going to hate Superbeasto. This film was one big dick and fart joke. With a myriad of short cameo appearances, fans of Zombie's past work will immediately recognize their favorite characters. Even Michael Myers makes a short appearance.

The Story is practically non existent. Superbeasto meets Velvet Von Black(Rosario Dawson: Clekrs II) at a strip club, and it's made obvious by his giant erection, that he is interested in her. At the same time, Dr. Satan(Paul Giamatti: Shoot 'Em Up) is convinced that she is his "Unholy Bride" chaos ensues.

If an insurmountable level of animated titties, and gore, and an expletive riddled experiment mixing Heavy Metal, with Ren and Stimpy sounds appealing to you, then you will enjoy this movie. Admittedly, this probably wasn't meant for the average movie viewer. But for those of us out there with a sick, demented sense of humor, it hits the spot. I have a sneaking suspicion that a few hits from your favorite bowl will make it that much more enjoyable.

3.5/5 - napalmfuzz
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Rob Zombie At His Best
moodygh1030 August 2011
Doesn't Rob Zombie make you sick? Is there nothing this guy can't turn his hand too? He is a creative genius! What he has unleashed here is one totally Un PC piece of animation. The whole thing is filled to the brim with extreme amounts of gore, immature toilet humour, blasphemous strippers and hilarious gratuitous nudity. Every bit of this film from the characters to the soundtrack is utterly outrageous. So many nods to other films to watch out for. The voice talents of Tom Kenny, Tom Papa and Paul Giamatti are amazing. Even room in this for cameos from Devils Rejects Otis and Captain Spaulding (Moseley & Haig) I loved every second of this film and just know I will end up watching it over and over again. The only thing that worried me was the Suzi X character voiced by Sheri Moon Zombie. Is it wrong to find a cartoon character sexually attractive?

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Almost as bad as Zombie's music.
OrangieTooDope8 April 2019
The animation is cool but the story is terrible. If you saw 2 minutes you would think this is really good. By the time you see 10 minutes, you realize it's not. I don't know much about Rob Zombie but I guess he thinks he's Danzig. Werewolves, Nazis and naked women can be cool, but not here. He should have consulted Danzig instead of just trying to rip him off.
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Boobs, blood, swears and a ton of lame jokes.
ElijahCSkuggs15 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
If you're a Zombie fanboy, don't read this. I will not be able to sway you're thinking. So, enjoy the movie, you're gonna love it! It even has Mike Myers and the Firefly gang in it!

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto revolves around a bunch of characters interacting with one another in a rescue mission(El Superbeasto), marriage story (Dr. Satan) and....something or other (Beasto's sister etc. etc.). The story isn't anything noteworthy, it's just a go-with-the-flow type of thing.

Why I watched the movie is because I like Zombie. I loved his comic book The Nail, and I think his movies are alright. And it's been a while since I've seen an animated flick with boobs and blood. So, yeah, I was pretty psyched to see this. Boobs, blood, and something that'll push the limits a tad in animation; subject manner wise. Oh, and of course to laugh as well.

Do we get any of those things? Yeah, we do. We get a bunch of boobs flopping all over the place. We even get some violence. Very cartoony violence that shouldn't offend anyone. But one thing we don't get is the laughs. El Superbeasto has to be one of the un-funniest flicks I've seen in a long, long while. With each character machine-gunning there lines at you, you're bombarded by joke after joke after joke. And they all (around 95% of them), amazingly, stink.

I'm not kidding. This movie as a comedy is a gigantic failure. If you use the "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit" line, you (should) know you have reached bottom of the barrel for joke ideas. Only reality-TV stars, and people who try too hard use that line. Then you have Rosario Dawson playing a hood-rat that is one of most annoying and cliché characters I've seen in quite some time. The list goes on and on, consistently, with weak and lame joke one after the other. Now don't get me wrong here, there are probably a couple jokes that worked, hell, maybe even a handful. But due to the non-stop stream of dialogue, it's tough to catch everything. That's also a reason why all the songs stunk so bad. Yeah, there's songs and I think some dancing as well.

Besides the utter failure it was as a comedy and as a movie, in my opinion, the production values were very good. It's got that Ren and Stimpy/Sponge Bob style to it which is vibrant and oodles of fun. The delivery by the voice-actors was all fine as well, which makes it even a bigger shame having the writing be so poor.

The film even though has boobs and blood and swears, it's just much too silly to be offensive. So, though I was hoping for something that'd possibly push limits, I should have known better. It's definitely not for little kids, but this is something I would have eaten up when I was 10 or so.

Instead of making this let-down of a film, Rob should have invested his money into helping the creators of KORGOTH OF BARBARIA. Now THAT is a funny, brutal and awesome piece of animation.
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Honestly, I was bored.
StaunchWoman21 September 2009
I am a big fan of House and Rejects, even Zombie's first Halloween, but this animated film was nothing special. With a budget of 10$ million, you're left wondering if most of it simply went to paying the animators. The editing was all over the place and the main character didn't convince you in any way to care for him. In comparison to every other character, there wasn't much to keep you in your seat. I saw the Ottawa premier recently and felt robbed of my time. There was the occasional funny moment here and there, but the excessive use of spoofs (his own films and MANY others) was way overboard. After seeing the second Halloween, I had to admit that Sheri Moon was no actress, but she wasn't too bad just doing a voice for an animated character (which doesn't say much, really). I admire certain films that can poke fun at themselves, and here it was attempted but with nothing funny to back it up. Some people might say that's what he's all about, (what do I know?) but when the entertainment value suffers, there's no excuse. I found myself waiting for the film to end. I don't even believe this film is even worth the download. A friendly warning to all who care...
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A massive disappointment, a big waste of talent.
MifuneT26 September 2009
A big disappointment. There were so many things that this movie had going for it, but I can't help but feel that it was all wasted.

Starting with the voice talent, we have Paul Giamatti, Rosario Dawson, Danny Trejo and an assortment of very recognizable talent voicing the characters in this film. And then we have Sheri Moon Zombie. While all of the other voice actors did a fine job, her voice acting really ruined this movie for me. Her voice was so annoyingly high pitched, so unnecessarily awful. I likened it to a banshee hopped up on Ritalin, made even worse by the way she rushed through one-liner after the other; I wanted to turn off the TV on more than one occasion on account of her voice alone.

This brings up another big fault-- with the exception of Giamatti's Dr. Satan, all of the characters' dialog was just a series of trite one liners fired off in rapid succession. It was trying too hard to be crude, trying too hard to be funny, yet it barely registered a smirk on my Laugh-O-meter. I didn't feel appalled, I felt apathetic.

With a 10 million dollar budget, I expected so much more, yet the animation was sub par, the editing all over the place. It felt as if the editor just wanted to race to the finish as I did, 15 minutes into it. Rob Zombie has shown signs of creative genius, in his comics, music and some of his films, but to my dismay, it doesn't come out in his attempt at animation.

It reminded me all too much of the disappointment I felt with one of my other idols, John Kricfalusi, when he did the Ren & Stimpy Adult Cartoon Party, which abandoned everything that made his original series genius, in favor of completely mindless, low brow humor. At least with Kricfalusi, I can still appreciate his animation; I can't say the same for Zombie.

Mind numbingly pointless, hard to justify even paying for a rental.
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A Prime Example of Crudeness Run Amok
thecinemaview24 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
"The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" is what happens when a filmmaker becomes so obsessed with himself that he forgets he is making films that people will actually watch. It is so inexplicably awful and insanely repugnant that I can only wonder how it received a release, however slight or unnoticed, over a variety of other films waiting on some studio's long-forgotten shelves. How it recruited the voice talents of Paul Giamatti and Rosario Dawson can be only attributed to Rob Zombie's natural charisma, as the screenplay, penned by Zombie and Tom Papa (who also voices the titular El Superbeasto), is an awkwardly strange and, even worse, unbearably boring one. Though creativity abounds, none of it is particularly inspired and it rarely transcends developing new reasons for animated women to drop their tops and say a handful of forbidden four-letter words. When a song is employed that sings about it being okay to masturbate to a cartoon, I had an overwhelming desire to stop watching.

Read My Full Review Exclusively At:
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Very Funny!!!
Pumpkin_Man24 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I bought this movie a few hours before seeing the 70th Anniversary of The Wizard of Oz on the big screen. This movie is incredibly funny with a bunch of sex jokes, toilet humor, foul-mouthed strippers, zombie Nazis, and much more! Rob Zombie can make a very good cartoon. This is the story of a washed-up Mexican luchador named El Superbeasto who tries to be an action hero along with his beautiful sister named Suzi X. Together, try to stop Dr. Satan from marrying Velvet Von Black. I loved all the silly dialog and the spoofs of Michael Myers, Captain Spaulding, and at one point, the film, Carrie is made fun of! I highly recommend THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO!!!
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mix of Disney-Anime-Porn....great cocktail!
robtillison29 September 2009
I only really liked Devil's Rejects because I am not even a slight horror fan, so not being a huge mega Zombie fan, I am not bummed about this movie, I really liked it. I've always said I love ridiculous stupid humor, and this has to be the my new number 1. I love animation comedy like Family Guy, but Superbeasto is out of the park, which I personally find funny. Watch the movie on recreational drugs, which may make the experience better for folks who want to complain. If anything, this wasn't gonna be award winning stuff like Zombie's other movies, this was just some F'd s*it that you just got to love and let it all hang out.
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mdarmocida5 June 2010
I can take or leave Rob Zombie. Some of his movies like "House of 1000 Corpses" and "Devils Rejects" were tons of fun. On the other hand his remake of "Halloween" just put the zombie spin on a classic that was better in its original form. So I had an open mind when I started to watch (I say this because I stopped watching half way through) El Superbesto. This is a boring cartoon with obvious gags and gratuitous sex and violence in cartoon form that starts to put you to sleep after the first 10 times that it's done in the movie. Basically, this is Cartoon Network with a "R" rating and it bored me to death (in fact I actually put on Cartoon Network afterward so I could watch some quality animation. Rob stick with the horror and leave the animation and comedy to the professionals.
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Sorry Zombie-Lovers...This One Just Sucked...
EVOL66612 February 2010
Warning: Spoilers
I borrowed a copy of this after two of my close friends who usually share the same tastes in film swore that this was a must-see. Goes to show that sometimes, even those that you seem to have everything in common with, will sometimes steer you wrong.

The convoluted plot of this un-funny mess of a cartoon revolves around a washed-up, Luchador-masked wrestler, his sexy sister crime-fighting side-kick, her perpetually horny robot side-kick, a very white looking stripper who annoyingly talks like she's from the 'hood, a devil-faced megalomaniacal reject with small-man's-syndrome who's infatuated with said annoying stripper, his talking ape side-kick, some Nazi-zombies, and a bunch of other stupid characters. Throw them all in a blender with some retarded and/or seemingly 'racy' scenarios-and you have THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO.

I'm not a Rob Zombie hater. I like most of his films-a few I don't. This is one that I obviously don't. I found nothing amusing about the 7th-grade humor and found nothing interesting or entertaining about the film in general. I found the whole film to be an exercise in tedium that took me three sittings to finish. I can't knock anyone who genuinely enjoyed this one-I'm definitely in the minority amongst my peers-but watching EL SUPERBEASTO was like watching a feature-length fart-joke...funny for the first two minutes-dull and mind-numbing any longer than that. Don't get me wrong-I revel in sleazy, sexy, gory, subversive films (read virtually any of my reviews for proof...)-but even Nazi-zombies and robots with gear-shift wieners couldn't save this one for me. 2/10
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The Haunted World of El Superbeasto
Scarecrow-8820 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
From the perverse mind of shock director Rob Zombie comes this warped late night animated horror comedy about a self-absorbed ex-wrestler and rampant self-promoter(..and sometime crimefighter) El Superbeasto who must upend a scrawny nerd, Dr. Satan, who plans to marry his 23rd bride(..her selection depends solely on whether or not she has the 666 tattooed on her ass cheek!)and in doing so will be equipped with monumental power, enough to overthrow cities and kill anyone he so pleases, citizens, kitty cats, babies, even Santa Claus( dare he?!?!)! With the help of his babelicious sister Suzi X and her dependable robotic love machine, El Superbeasto will need to stop Satan's wedding to a bitchy stripper, Velvet Von Black, or else apocalyptic doom will be on the horizon. With voice work from such familiar faces as Clint Howard, Cassandra(Elvira)Peterson, Sheri Moon Zombie, Geoffrey Lewis, Rosario Dawson, Dee Wallace, Bill Moseley(, you guessed it, Otis Driftwood from Zombie's The Devil's Rejects), Sid Haig(, you guessed it, Captain Spalding), Ken Foree, and Paul Giammati. I think "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" will appeal mostly to fans of Rob Zombie who enjoy his brand of filthy humor. Plenty of animated tits, monsters, homages to classic horror(..his tribute to the opening of Frankenstein involving Edward Van Sloan's introduction to an audience, the Bride of Frankenstein, Carrie, the absolutely perfect opening credits mimicking Universal Studios and poverty row cheapies, Planet of the Apes, King Kong, and a host of others), funny jabs towards feminist actresses like Barbara Streisand and Janeane Garofalo, blood and gore, profanity, sex jokes non-stop, and loving jabs at every cultural stereotype under the sun. I imagine this was Zombie's dream, to make an animated film entirely his own, be damned to those who hate him, understanding that those affectionate towards what he considers humorous would lap this up with a smile on their faces. It revels in bad taste, and I can't recall a film where so many big bouncing breasts split from underneath outfits. I could easily see El Superbeasto shown in a triple feature with "Heavy Metal" and "Fritz the Cat", it fits the mould of animated movies designed for a more adult audience(..or for teenage sci-fi/horror geeks as I once was)desiring their humor naughty and trashy. It doesn't surprise me that El Superbeasto failed with a number of critics and audiences, Zombie is an acquired taste, but I can not deny the fact that I was entertained by a lot of the (sight)gags and tributes to horror and sci-fi. Several musical interludes pop up from time to time, my favorite a expository sequence for Suzi X..if there ever was an animated character I'd like to take into my love nest(..besides Jessica Rabbit)it'd be Suzi X, yum, yum. Like a lot of comedies, El Superbeasto is hit and miss, depending on whether or not you laugh at what Zombie considers funny.
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We waited three years for this?
Tender-Flesh27 September 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After all this time and enduring Zombie's live action disasters, I was terribly disappointed with this movie. It's a train wreck where the passengers are Scooby Doo, Daffy Duck's Quackbusters, Mad Monster Party, Ren and Stimpy, and Ralph Bakshi. From this wreck, the corpses of said characters are melted down, mixed together and poured into a toilet by Rob Zombie and Company. Voila! You have a movie. Of sorts.

Rob has taken ideas from shows from his younger days and made a movie that only teens and frat boys will find much to laugh at. The only stand-out character is Dr. Satan, who steals the show. I hadn't read much about the plot so I had no real idea what to expect, but I was hoping for something new and different, which we don't get. Given the mediocre nature of the animation, three years is an insufferable amount of time to have to wait to see such a film. Another animated favorite of mine was Transformers the Movie, which only took two years to make and that was over 20 years ago and that looked stellar compared to this. Granted, this didn't get a big screen release, but still, was Rob the only one animating this thing? The ho-hum bonus features on the DVD are pointless deleted scenes and alternate takes that almost equal the film's runtime. A much better alternative would have been to have interviews, dialogue sessions, and a documentary of the animators.

I can't recommend this for horror fans, but at the same time I also can't say to totally avoid it. There are a few chuckles and the animation is not bad, for what it is. Superbeasto is probably the 2nd best thing Rob Zombie has made, after Devil's Rejects.
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A Plea to Rob Zombie
bobwildhorror3 July 2010
Let's get this on the table before I start. I'm not a tremendous fan of Rob Zombie. His music leaves me cold and I've run hot and cold with his additions to the torture porn sub-genre.

This isn't to say that I don't appreciate his artistry or attention to detail. He really seems to dig the seventies/eighties horror classics that he pays tribute to. His films generally feature unusual characters and there's always a moment or two where he pleasantly surprises me. But EL SUPERBEASTO did nothing, nothing at all, to challenge my perception that he's content appealing to the lowest common denominator.

This is another instance where I'm stunned by the positive reviews I'm reading. This film seems to exist solely to titillate 13-year old boys. It's full of crude sex and excrement jokes, hundreds of them. I dare you, in fact, to find thirty seconds of this flick that doesn't feature one or the other. Go ahead. If this film was a drinking game, you'd be under the table by 10 minutes in.

The sad thing was that I was actually looking forward to seeing this. The character design really looked fabulous. I even thought animation might free Rob from the need to revel in mutilation and torture. I guess it did to a certain extent, although this was replaced by juvenile, extremely juvenile, pandering. This is the type of movie I would have laughed endlessly at when I was nine years old, if I could have convinced my parents to allow me to watch naked animated chicks shooting guns (which I couldn't have).

Come on, Rob. I know you've got a great film in you. While the whole head banging thing is no longer my bag, you have grown into a real artist over the years. This was a wasted opportunity. Despite some good animation and a multitude of missed opportunities, EL SUPERBEASTO was beneath you.
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equally hilarious and stupid, Rob Zombie takes a swig of Ralph Bakshi
Quinoa198418 November 2009
You want to talk about random animation sometime, and are tired of Family Guy, check this out. This is so random it makes Seth McFarlane's creations look like Mickey Mouse. Rob Zombie and his co-writer, it would appear, got together and took a blender, stuffed a million and one ideas and references (mostly references) and hit frappé. It's inspired to mix together so many horror and just movie and TV things- everything from Nazi Zombies to Carrie (yes, they sing, ripped off Carrie) to Bennie Hill music during a Satan rampage and to the friggin' Godfather- but it's also a little exasperating. There's so much thrown at the viewer in such a short amount of time that it becomes a little tiresome midway through. It's all about 'what-can-stick' comedy, and in that sense it actually is a parody that could have been really bad (think Disaster Movie).

But, at the least, some of it is VERY funny, and it's mostly around just the insane nature of every character. It's like Zombie went and took every little thing he loves in horror movies- clichés, characters, tropes- and then went to the Ralph Bakshi school of animation. There's lots of sex, more than a little innuendo (when a Golem has a constant erection you know you're into the libido-larf), and the main villain, Dr. Satan, is an ex-nerd named Wachowski who got turned down by every girl he ever asked out on a date (and voiced by Paul Giamatti). If there is any semblance of story it's that he wants to marry a woman (this one being his 23rd) that happens to have 666 on her toosh. He finds her, but the only thing standing between him and her is... well, randomness, and maybe El Superbeasto, a wrestler-egotistical jerk who wishes he could be the Tick.

At first the movie drew me in right away with its manic energy and its desire to just get me to laugh at anything. Zombie here, even more than in his previous films, wants to just f*** with the senses: do you laugh or cringe or just look on in shock (or, oddly enough, boredom)? Sometimes it's all at once. And there is a section in the middle where it just becomes too much and too many: too many references without any real pay-off jokes, and too many obvious jokes to actually get a laugh at how extreme they get (oh, we get it, prisoner with huge scrotum, where to go with it though). It does pick up after a little while during the climax- not to mention the greatest tribute to the 'cat-fight' ever created- and by then it's come back around to being... decent.

The Haunted World of El Superbeasto is Rob Zombie having fun, and he hopes you do too... no, YOU WILL HAVE FUN! That's more like it the attitude here. It's sometimes funny just based on its warped outrageous track, and how it pokes fun at itself for being random. And other times, frankly, it's retarded. A treat for fans, and certainly not for soccer moms and their moms. Unless of course they like boobs that punch and light cigarettes.
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Can Zombie Sink Lower?
gavin69427 December 2012
Based upon the comic from Rob Zombie, "The Haunted World of El Superbeasto" is Rob's film in animation, following the adventures of El Super Beasto and his sexy sultry sidekick and sister, Suzi-X (Sheri Moon).

The film starts off almost okay with an introduction that suggests William Castle and his gimmicks... but soon devolves into animated pornography, and followed by a strip club. If you want 80 minutes of animated boobs, this is your kind of movie.

I mean, I guess Hitler's head in a vat is always fun... and the references to "Halloween", "The Shining" and other horror classics might be a treat for some fans... but still, it just never really takes off to higher levels and makes "Fritz the Cat" look like high art.

I kinda liked the songs, though... gotta admit that.
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