The Haunted World of El Superbeasto (Video 2009) Poster

Tom Kenny: Rover, Otto, Old Man, Herbie



  • Velvet Von Black : Draping my ass over your hairy-ass fucking shoulders like I was a mink-ass stole and shit.

    Otto : Mink stole? More like a stanky mole.

    Velvet Von Black : Motherfucker! If you want to scratch this here, you better watch your ass mouth!

  • Velvet Von Black : Where the fuck are we going now? What kind of "Fright Night" bullshit is this?

    Otto : Oh, please refrain from speaking. I know you must be proud of your beauty-school education, but your constant abuse of profanity is an assault on my Wellingtonian sensibilities.

    Velvet Von Black : I ain't the one with a dingleberry hanging off my ass hairs, nasty ape and shit.

    Otto : Yes, well I'm not so sure about that.

  • Velvet Von Black : Hey, monkey, where's your organ grinder?

    Otto : I find that very hurtful.

    Velvet Von Black : You know what else is hurtful? Your thumb all up in my ass.

    Otto : My thumb is not in your ass.

    Velvet Von Black : Well, why not?

  • [Velvet farts in the elevator] 

    Otto : Oh. Speaking of gas prices. Ew!

    Velvet Von Black : Shit. Even my ass is bored. Don't think I'm apologizing, neither. You know that shit smells good.

    Otto : Oh, delicious, the plowman's lunch.

  • El Superbeasto : Take your stinking paws off her, you damn dirty ape!

    Otto : Now that's a little derivative, don't you think?

  • Dr. Satan : [Sees "666" on Velvet's backside]  Oh oh oh, is that it, Otto? The mark-- I think I see the mark.

    Otto : I think that mark could be due to G-string chafing.

    Dr. Satan : Otto, you must fetch her for me. That could be the mark of my unholy bride!

    Otto : Oh, just when I've almost perfected my souffle.

    Dr. Satan : Listen you, you wouldn't even be able to say 'souffle' if I hadn't put that smart screw in your head. I can always take it out you know, send you back to the jungle. You remember the jungle, don't you?

    Otto : No! Not the jungle! There's no cable in the jungle!

    Dr. Satan : Are we on the same page, monkey?

    Otto : Yes yes, master, yes.

    Dr. Satan : Now huff it out of here, gold brick!

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