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My Favorite Adult Swim Original
handy_can_opener6 June 2005
This action-comedy spoof of sixties Johnny Quest-style super-science, evil nemeses, and supernatural happenings is by far, the best original Adult Swim program to date. The story follows The Venture family, Dr. Venture, a forty-something pill-popping scientist who never managed to step out from his father's shadow, his two sons, Hank and Dean (both rather Leave it to Beaver-like in their refusal to swear and constant wearing of sweaters and pants), Brock Samson, their James-Bond-on-steroids bodyguard who apparently works part-time for the office of secret intelligence and refuses to carry a gun, favoring of his serrated bowie knife. Most of the hilarity stems from The Monarch, the self-declared arch-nemesis of the Venture family, a weaver of ridiculously circuitous plans against them, an employer of hilariously incompetent henchmen, and a man who harbors an unhealthy obsession with monarch butterflies and an over-wrought sense of self-importance. His melodrama usually falls on the deaf ears of his girlfriend, Dr. Girlfriend, who, in complete contrast to the Monarch, is professional, take-charge, and inexplicably husky-voiced. The cast of supporting characters is of equal quality, including a well-meaning but dim-witted robot named Helper, a necromancer renting out the Venture family's garage apartment named Dr. Byron Orpheus (doctorate in communications, minor in women's studies), whose propensity towards unnecessarily dramatic changes in pitch and dire warnings of disruptions in the spirit world offer the Monarch's only competition in the melodrama department. Baron Underbheit, the tyrannical and oppressive ruler of Underland, who sports an Arnold-like accent, enormous (and anatomically complimentary) armor, and a metal lower jaw, is another arch-nemesis of the Venture family, blaming Dr. Venture's inattentiveness when they were college lab partners for the loss of his jaw. There's a myriad of others, ranging from fake ghost pirates to the forbidden love of a fugitive and a sasquatch. Check it out; you won't be disappointed.
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Best cartoon I've seen in years.
Chromium_58 December 2004
This cartoon blasts every other modern cartoon right out of the water. It's even better than Family Guy (another great show, but which tends to get too sporadic, and even just plain dumb at times). It has hilarious characters and plot lines, and a razor wit. I love how the characters get put into all these horrible situations, and they each react in their own unrealistic but hilarious way.

The jazzy music and voices are also top-notch. Unlike many other cartoons, the voices are funny without getting unbearably grating. Speaking of which, when I first saw this, Brock Samson sounded really familiar... turns out he's none other than Patrick Wharburton (aka David Puddy). They could not have picked a better actor for the part.

If you like dark humor, satire, and overall zaniness, it doesn't get better than this.

9/10 stars.
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Adult Swim Redeemed
talkstick5 July 2006
Adult swim's shows have gone off the deep end of fairly entertaining nonsense to just pure absurdity. I do not see the appeal to any of them anymore and I do not often watch the programming block anymore.

Venture Bros. However stands apart from the rest and provides truly intelligent, well thought out, over-the-top and hilarious entertainment. The show is a perfect balance between tasteless humor and really clever subtleties. The homage/lambasting of early adventure animation/comics is spot on. The characters are full of depth and they're engaging. Brock Samson could pwn Chuck Norris any day of the week. What more could one want?

When I first saw this show I thought it was one of the more ******* up shows I'd ever seen. I was surprised just how graphic it was with particularly disturbing images(guy getting his eyes gouged out, watching a henchman struggle with his last breaths as he's strangled to death by Brock, poll vaulting off henchman's jugular...etc.)

I was not turned off though because aside from the surprising imagery, the jokes and references were all spot-on. I was laughing the whole way through and intrigued around every corner.

Truly, my only real gripe with the show is that it has a hard time taking itself seriously and often resorts to fairly flippant endings and/or resolutions that sometimes I feel aren't necessary. I think the show could support itself just fine with a persistent story arc, which I think we are starting to see more of in the new season anyway, so that's good.

And again, Brock Samson, there could hardly be a better cartoon character.

Check out this show, it's well worth it. I hope that it continues for a long time.
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Go Team Venture!
SonicStuart8 November 2004
This show is hilarious! The Venture Brothers, Hank and Dean, think, act, talk and live like they're in the 60's (though the show takes place in modern day.) They're the sons of Dr. Venture, a world renowned scientist who can't stand them. Dr. Venture pops pills like candy and reeks of failure and unrealized potential. Their family bodyguard, Brock Samson, is a former secret agent who responds to all possible crises with relentless brutality. Always The Monarch is always having evil plans on Dr. Venture instead of doing bigger plans like take over the world or something like that. I laugh at every single funny part in this show! The one thing I wonder about this show is why does Dr. Girlfriend have a man voice? Who knows? This show premiered in August 2004 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim line-up, but the pilot episode premiered in February 2003.

User Rating: 9/10

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Pseudo-Retro High Adventure Parody
ewhac12 October 2004
In the 1950s and '60s, the heady space age was fully upon us. Sweeping, magnificent Art Deco buildings and designs were all the rage. New manufacturing techniques meant that the rectangle was out; circles and curves were in. We looked forward to flying cars, commercial passenger flights to the moon, moving sidewalks, and push-button automation everywhere. The future never looked brighter (not to mention cleaner) and much of the media of the time wasted no opportunity to remind us of this. Common examples of the period include just about any James Bond film, the Flint movies, and animated series such as The Jetsons and Jonny Quest.

Forty years and two very cynical, jaundiced eyes later, we now have The Venture Bros., which liberally and hilariously skewers the, shall we say, irrational exuberance of the times. The most obvious target is Jonny Quest, but little from the period escapes the series writers' acerbic wit.

Son of Jonas Venture, Dr. Venture is sort of how you might expect Jonny Quest to have grown up -- forever living in the shadow of his father's greatness, leaving him insecure, sarcastic, and in a semi-permanent state of midlife crisis. Alas, Dr. Venture's own brilliance was not passed on to his boys, Hank and Dean Venture, who are in all major respects self-absorbed, easily distracted, and not too swift. In other words, normal adolescent boys. They are watched over by their hired bodyguard, Brock Samson, a chain-smoking seen-it-all paramilitary type from the Office of Secret Intelligence, whose extraordinary competence and calm under pressure is exceeded only by his -- as another poster put it -- relentless brutality.

The Venture Bros. is full of the obvious jokes (dim-witted villains surrounded by even dimmer-witted henchmen), but it also makes funny observations about the incongruity of its inspirational sources.

Example: Like Dr. Benton Quest, Dr. Venture is a super-scientist, making advanced gadgetry as easily as we might make a TV dinner. But what do you do when your lab becomes crammed with unwanted or no-longer-interesting inventions? Yup. Hold a yard sale. Try not to be surprised when all your arch-nemeses show up.

Another example: In episode three, we are asked to cast our minds back to the 1970's series The Six Million Dollar Man and wonder: What were Steve Austin and Sasquatch *really* doing chasing each other through the woods?

The music in Venture Bros. is also magnificent -- not just the signature tune, which takes its roots from the brassy modern jazz of the period, but also the background music throughout the episode. The music's sheer bombast is a perfect complement for the overblown, exaggerated characters, especially the villains.

Though a bit uneven in its execution -- it might actually benefit from being shorter -- there's plenty of funny stuff here to keep modern cynics laughing out loud.
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A must watch!
coolkycouple200416 December 2004
The Venture Bros. is the funniest animated show to debut since South Park in my opinion. If you've ever watched Johnny Quest or read any Marvel Comics(the writers seem to be fans) you will get all the jokes. I have yet to find a character in the entire show who is uninteresting or unfunny. Brock Sampson is just a badass, and the Venture Bros. themselves are hilarious. Throw in some very funny villains and great references and you just can't go wrong with this show. Much better than any other of the Adult Swim offerings(although Sealab 2021 is pretty damn funny sometimes).

User Rating 10/10
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One of the funniest shows around...
73Zero19 February 2005
Without a doubt, this is probably one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. The characters themselves are unforgettably hilarious. First up, we have Dr. Venture, a selfish and fame seeking "scientist" who lives in his famous father's shadow. Next, we have the Venture brothers themselves, Hank and Dean. Both are naive and sometimes downright stupid, yet have the best intentions at heart...usually leading them straight into danger with hilarious results. Which brings us to the next character, Brock Samson. He is the powerhouse and enforcer of the group, and is probably the highlight of the show. Never one to hesitate running headfirst (with trusty bowie knife in hand) into danger, he is the protector of the family. Imagine Race Bannon from Jonny Quest, but add Arnold Schwarzenegger's muscles, a libido the size of Texas, and a mullet, then you've got Brock Samson. Definitely my favorite character.

The show has all the elements of a Jonny Quest episode, but with a humorous (and sometimes raunchy) twist. I sure hope this series makes it out on DVD sometime soon.
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A Brilliant Blast From The Past!
tzer021 November 2004
If you grew up watching Johnny Quest get ready to bust a gut on this one, and it's hilarious even if you didn't. Every cliché is ripped through like bodyguard Brock Samson going through henchmen. There's even a scene in there of him painted purple like Aqizio, and watching him snap is always a highlight of the show. The Brothers, Dean and Hank, rather then being Wonder Boys, are the complete opposite of Johnny Quest, and are a couple of goobs, regular teens, who take all the Super Science in stride. Dr. Venture himself is something of a failure in life, and yet he is the envy of all the other Super Scientists, because he has so many Arch-Enemies. The show is outstanding, though there is room for improvement. Some of the gags in the first season are hit and miss, but when they hit, they hit you like like Brock Samson! So there is sure to be a second season. Now grab the handle and push the button. Go Team Venture!
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Perhaps the most perfect cartoon ever.
metal-geo8 January 2008
I'm having a hard time imagining people actually voting for this below an 8. It may very well be the most perfect cartoon I've ever seen.

When I was vacationing in America, I had the chance of seeing The Venture Bros. on Adult Swim. After watching only one episode I already decided to buy the DVD. I've been in love with the series ever since.

The humor is everywhere. It's in the dialogue, it's in the story, it's in the characters. The show contains many and many parodies of movies, comics and other cartoons. Sometimes there are even straight rips. And yet, The Venture Bros. cartoon manages to stay unique and original.

I recommend this to everyone.
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RELEASE THE BUTTERFLIES...okay, whose job was it to feed the butterflies.
Aaron137524 July 2005
This is a favorite of mine on adult swim, but then there are only a few shows they make I don't care for. This one is sort of a Johnny Quest and other cartoon's of that era parody, but it isn't just a parody cartoon. It is also one of the few shows that adult swim makes that is not just a short fifteen minute show, but a full fledged half hour one so it usually has time to set up a hilarious plot each and every time. The characters are great as Dean and Hank Venture anchor the show and the father and his body guard Brock Sampson are definitely the super funny ones. Then there are the villains, most notably the Monarch, there has never been a character on film who was more evil and diabolical ever presented. Seriously, this show is great...if they aren't fighting the Monarch they are tackling the mystery's of the sea, going to arctic bases where a sort of fantastic four family lives, and having the occasional yard sale where even the arch enemies are welcome. For pure comedy entertainment look no further than the Venture Bros...GO TEAM VENTURE.
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An oasis in a bland, predictable TV world
iKramerica-130 September 2008
Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer are entertainment geniuses. There is nothing about this show that is predictable. Each episode surprises with it's characters, plot, comedy and outcome. In a world where no matter how "good" a show is, they end up doing the same thing every other show has done, with the same rehashed plots and jokes, or just pull plots from the newspaper headlines, this show is fresh. And that's hard to achieve when you start as a parody like it did. But at this point it's advanced far beyond parody. This show is so faithful to it's universe, the world Hammer and Publick created in season one, with such well drawn characters that continue to develop, each distinctive and layered with real personalities despite their comical stereo-archetypes, and with so much going on in 22 minutes, this show should be studied by all aspiring TV and film writers to understand the state of the art in screen writing.
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Venture Licious
richblac12 January 2007
I was skeptical when a friend/co-worker let be borrow his Venture Bros. DVDs. I was absolutely hooked while watching "Tag Sale, You're It". The Depeche Mode conversation between Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch is about the funniest thing I had seen ever.

I was a little concerned about how they would top Season 1, because that set the bar extraordinarily high. I was not disappointed as Season 2 was AWESOME.

Brock: Hank, no! It's suicide!

Hank: Well then I'll see you in Heck!

Good stuff...

Thank you, Mr. Publick and Mr. Hammer.

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A diamond in the rough...
sabenge5 February 2008
After the wake of horribly incomprehensible cartoons that followed in the success of Aqua Teen, a show with continuity and humor that doesn't rely on catch phrases and absurdity emerges. The humor and characters can be a little forced and juvenile on occasion, though, but it doesn't affect the overall feel or drag it down.

Hank and Dean, in their naivety, work perfectly as counterparts to the bodyguard, Brock Samson, and middle-aged, scientist father, Dr. Rusty Venture, who constantly have to look after the boys well being even though they have extra "copies" of them. Though, in my opinion, the real driving mechanism of the series has to be The Monarch, at least from a comedic perspective, especially in episodes involving the love triangle with Dr. Girlfriend and Phantom Limb. In the end, we have a gaggle of characters that seem as though they were created by a bored junior high student during a free period who are all woven into a parody of Johnny Quest that is surprisingly enjoyable and better than most of the Adult Swim lineup.
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I guess not too many people have seen this...
whostolemysocks28 August 2004
If you haven't seen this show, take the time and watch it... its on at 11:00 on Saturdays or 12:30 on Sundays if you missed it on Saturday... it stars Patrick Warburton, you know, Joe from Family Guy..... and everyone loves Family Guy... Adult Swim hits the bullseye again with another sure to be hit show... its funny, its weird, its randomly violent, and it doesn't let up until the end... it definitely shows parodies to Johnny Quest and other old TV shows... I mean, I like it, and you're sure to like it too... unless you're a grouch who doesn't like to stay up past your bedtime... or if you just don't have a good enough sense of humor... yeah... if you like all the other shows on Adult Swim, this will fit in nicely...
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It was the highest ranked cartoon here
ericstevenson8 May 2017
This is one of the best animated shows ever made, so it is kind of sad to see that its score on this website has gotten lower over the years. It's still ranked as one of the best and it deserves it. What makes this show great is probably the wonderful cast of characters with tons of great jokes and voices. Seriously, this show has some of the most suiting voices I have ever heard. They all sound hilarious and suit the appearances of the characters perfectly. This show tells the story of a guy named Dr. Venture and his two sons who regularly get their home attacked by the Monarch and various other villains.

What's great is probably how a lot of these parody shows would make the villains more interesting than the good guys. That's not always a bad thing, but the awesome thing here is that the good guys are just as funny and entertaining as the villains. It's just great seeing them all play off of each other given how different their personalities are. It's dynamics like these that make for a great cast of characters. As one of the greatest adult cartoons ever made, it's also great that it doesn't go too far with its obscenity or violence.

Some adult cartoons like modern "Family Guy" just try to disgust their audience to show how edgy they are. True, we get into some pretty dark territory in this show every now and then, but it never really goes too far. It portrays the characters realistically and never has them try to gross out the viewers. We really do see character development and more of a story go on. Every character has their own quirks that it's hard for me to pick a favorite one. Maybe Henchman 21? He went through great character development. While not as good as "Rick And Morty" still awesome. ****
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jts04057 August 2009
This show is probably the best mix of action/adventure and comedy for Adult Swim. The Venture team consists of brothers Dean Venture and Hank Venture, along with their father the once noble scientist Dr. Rusty Venture and their insane, tough as nails bodyguard Brock Samson. These four star is probably one of the funniest shows I have ever seen Adult Swim put on the air. Throughout the series so far they have fended off such hysterical villains as Baron Von Underbite and the always hysterical Monarch with his butterfly henchman. The episodes are always met with some high intense animation action and then some of the hugest laughs of all time. Check this one out, it always delivers a very stellar performance.

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Thank you Adult Swim!
Tenchi645895 September 2008
I may not have grown up around the time of Johnny Quest, but I clearly see the subtle jabs at the series (which are numerous) and I can't help but laugh.

At first glance, I admit I didn't initially understand a lot of this series; but let's face it, how can anyone understand a series at first- glance? You have to watch further... which is what I did.

The storyline is great, the characters are well put together and (aw hell, I better just say it or it'll back up on me)... Brock Sampson kicks major ass! Time has taken its toll on Adult Swim, but this definitely stands the proverbial test of time.

One more thing: GO TEAM VENTURE!
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plain review
gauthier48412 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The show is a parody of 60's cartoons and their seriousness, the format adopted from Johnny excellent humanistic portrayal of people who live too much of their lives in their imagination (a huge theme running through the show). A really funny show for fans of comics and or cartoons that can see the depth of them and would enjoy a candid look at what these things might be like if they were a reality. Very funny dialog composed well within the plot when good, and forgivable when it misses, excellent imaginative characters and rich personalities permeate the show, with much of it yet to be uncovered (as of august 2006). Shows the random incidents and moments that make up life, translated into a superheros world, making for some moments of real hysteria.
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More people need to watch this show
galaxygirl6229621 August 2011
From the first episode I watched, the Venture Brothers has been a sure favorite. With it's wide range of humor, fun animation, and occasional David Bowie references, it never disappoints. The characters are vivid and endearing, and even some of the more gimmicky characters have surprising depth. The animation, which draws from classic cartoons such as "Johnny Quest" is polished and easy on the eye. All in all, the show has a little something for everyone. Complete with nostalgia, violence, and hilarious wit, both older and younger viewers will find something to love. As the title says, more people should see this show. It's a true gem among the hordes of reality TV stars and crass humor that television tends to resort to.
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Great show with great commentary
themoovees23 June 2018
You can tell that the two creators inject an enormous amount of love into this show. I don't know of any other tv show where the creators have so much creative control, and use it so very well.

It's amazing how every season is very different, but still true to the heart of the show.

Everybody should listen to the commentary tracks of the DVD's. They're very unconventional, but very interesting. They never seem to directly talk about The Venture Bros, but if you listen carefully they tell you an enormous amount about the show. Far more than in other tv show commentaries that directly cover their subjects.
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Go Team Venture!
revandayehawke8 January 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Johnny Quest meets Scooby-Doo meets The Addams Family. Doctor Thaddeus "Rusty" Venture and his two sons, Dean (The more intelligent of the two) and Hank (Somewhat dim-witted and brash) along with OSI Super Spy Brock Samson go on a series of "mis"-adventures, meeting along the way characters from other shows such as Johnny Quest (Now a painkiller popping pill addict) or the parodied "evil" twins of the Scooby-Doo gang. This is, without any hesitation, my favorite cartoon show ever. Not only does this show effortlessly keep my attention, but also delivers each of the situational elements with flawless timing and comic genius. The characters, though some derived from the parodying of other shows, are all quite original and each brings a flare to the show that would otherwise be sorely missed. Time will seem to flow much too slowly until the beginning and release of the third season of this amazingly funny show. Remember the days that cartoons were geared towards children and the only adults to watch them were either parents or those who refused to grow up? Those days are long dead. If there is one new show in which you decide to indulge yourself in, make it The Venture Bros. You will not be disappointed! ~Revan Eli DayeHawke~ - Dusty Road Publishing
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How could you not love this show?
janderson731916 October 2006
There have been whole slew of original shows to cross the boards over at adult swim. Some of them have been sub-par, random, plot less wastes of time but there are a few that are so amazing it surprises even me. Venture Bros. is one of these shows. It is extremely well-written thanks to Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. Publick used to write for The Tick cartoon series and he seems to have lost none of his zeal. The Venture Bros. is one of the few adult swim originals that actually follows a comprehensible (and hilarious) story line. The setup itself is great: Dr. Venture is a failed super scientist constantly living in the shadow of his father, the late, great Jonas Venture. He lives with his two twin sons, whom he sees more as annoyances than sons, Dean and Hank. These two walk, talk and even dress like 60's cartoon clichés. They also spout some of the funniest lines I have ever heard in a television show. They're constantly running into trouble and often lie in the hands of The Monarch, Dr. Venture's arch-nemesis. The whole Venture family is in safe hands though because they're being guarded by the biggest badass of a bodyguard that's ever worked for the government, and my personal favorite character, Brock Samson. He is expertly and hilariously voiced by Patrick Warburton, who (not coincidentally) portrayed the Tick in the short-lived live-action series. The characters are hilarious, well-executed and completely unique in both design and persona. The story is great and it keeps getting better with every episode of season two. I love this show and you should too.
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Go Team Venture!
johnny-squares16 October 2006
It really is refreshing to see something clever and original on television these days. "The Venture Bros." continues to produce episode after episode of simply the best television has to offer. I write this having just watched the conclusion to the second season. There is little point in laying out the plots of each episode, as knowing the basic plot would not reveal the sharp wit contained within each. The best part of this show are the little jokes, jokes the creators were almost trying to slip under the radar of the average viewer. I applaud Jackson and Doc for their creative spark and will be counting the days until the Season Three Premiere!
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The best adult cartoon series of all time.
mattwilliamsart3 September 2018
After watching a few episodes of this once parody of Johnny Quest it's easy to see why it's lasted over a decade, even with having sometimes huge gaps in between seasons. Incredible writing and lore, as well as amazing animation and voice acting make this show almost perfect in every aspect.
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The Season 4 Finale...
swiftblade54036 January 2011
Venture Bros. finales are always something special, but quite frankly, the last 10 minutes or so of the season 4 finale set a new watermark for an already spectacular series. This show does at a glance run primarily on comedy/obscure pop culture references, but really it's all about the characters - who, in spite of our own expectations, we really do care about. Watch the series from the beginning, in order, and you'll get it. This show truly transcends anything else in the Adult Swim lineup, and it's a shame it doesn't get more recognition for it.

Doc and Publick might jerk us fans around quite a lot. But I love these characters, they do grow in huge ways, and at the end of the day, "I'll come running, just to do it again."
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