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It's a frisky romantic comedy with a great title and wonderfully appealing performances.
Chicago Tribune
Writer-director Gary David Goldberg's script is full of complex and lively love patter, which Cusack especially rattles off with sometimes breakneck speed.
Charlotte Observer
Reminds me of the golden retriever that lived next door long ago: endearing, consistently sweet-natured, ready for a brisk turn around familiar territory as long as no strenuous intellectual demands are ever made.
A thoroughly conventional romantic comedy with all the usual trimmings.
To properly appreciate Must Love Dogs, one must first love John Cusack. Thesp's maverick turn steals the show in this otherwise middling romantic comedy, which retools standard meet-cute elements for the Web generation in pleasant but uninspired fashion.
Bland and forgettable - a romantic comedy with affable characters and some funny lines, but where love never really takes flight. It fizzles when it should sizzle.
Dallas Observer
The movie does find fresh ways to tweak the formula, making it more than the sum of its broad strokes.
L.A. Weekly
At once over- and under-written, and peppered with tiresome coincidences and misunderstandings, Goldberg’s mechanical, joke-one, joke-two, joke-three approach to ensemble screenwriting soon betrays his TV-sitcom roots.
Entertainment Weekly
This is a movie of fake conflict, fake heart, even fake doggy love.
Village Voice
With a character this dull--so dull that we're told over and over how smart and special she is--the resulting glut of date-ad losers seems like just deserts.

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