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A rockin good time for most Metalheads
mamamiasweetpeaches16 June 2004
I don't know when VH1 surpassed MTV as the "Cool" station but as of late they have been cranking out some really great specials. I Love the 70s, I Love the 80s, I Love the 80s Strikes Back and now this; 100 MOST METAL MOMENTS. This was a 5 hour special shown in 5 parts...we taped em all and watched em all in one fell swoop....which I believe is the best way to watch these things. Hosted by Twisted Sister singer/House Of Hair deejay Dee Snyder (excellent) with commentary by guests,some of which are listed as "Metal Experts" (How do they get this job title? I want mine!) this show will have you rockin down memory lane. You'll get to see all the old bands you loved so well in video clips,interview clips, and such. Just hearing the music bites and seeing some of the fashion and hair hit and misses is reason enough for catching this show. This special brings up folklore we all know about (the Plaster Casters making penis molds of celebrity rockers, The Def Leppard drummer losing an arm) and it also teaches us some new storys WE didn't know (the one that shocked us speechless was the story of MAYHEM whose career spawned suicide,cannibalism,murder and more. If you were a metal head in the 80s (and maybe still are one at heart!) this show is a good one to tape and watch with your friends.
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Great mini-series
jellyneckr30 May 2005
I have probably seen 100 MOST METAL MOMENTS at least five times since it premiered on VH1 last May and each time I see it, it just seems to get better and better. I watched it again tonight and despite the fact I wasn't in the best mood, I still found it to be a very funny as well as very entertaining. Dee Snider makes a great narrator, giving perfect delivery for every one of his obviously scripted lines. It also helps that he has a cool voice. The guy could read a phone book and make it sound interesting. Perhaps the best part of 100 MOST METAL MOMENTS is commentator Brian Posehn, one of the most underrated comedians around today. He isn't seen to often during the mini-series, but when he does, it's a real treat. His jokes are hilarious and it's clear he knows a lot about metal. If only there had been more comedians like Posehn, I might have given this a 9. As it is, I give it an 8. Hopefully, VH1 will put it on DVD some time in the near future.
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