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Sex & Nudity

  • A girl was drugged and raped at a party (off camera)
  • Throughout there are lots of sex, sexual references, and intense making out between teens, adults, and teens with adults.
  • Season 4 has sex jokes throughout.
  • Contains moderate sexual references throughout the course of the series.
  • The first season deals with a storyline in which an adolescent girl has been murdered. Shortly before her death, she was involved in an affair with an older, married man. Sex between the two characters is implied in some episodes.
  • Characters occasionally kiss passionately or are depicted in bed.
  • There are various discussions of sex tapes and brief visuals of them, however, no explicit detail is depicted in these scenes.

Violence & Gore

  • All categories across the board jump up a rating(from mild to moderate) in regards to season four.
  • Contains moderate violence throughout the series including beatings, brawls and gun violence. Injury detail is rare, however, most instances of violence depict bloodshed. There are also images of deceased characters, sometimes shown lying in a pool of blood.
  • The third season contains many references to sexual violence, and there are a few instances in which characters are depicted in danger of being subjected to sexual violence.


  • Season 4 has a stronger frequency of swearing than previous seasons. It also uses the euphemism "cuss" in replacement of the "f bomb".
  • Contains mild coarse language throughout the course of the series, such as "pissed" and "bitch". Also contains milder terms such as "ass", "crap" and "slut".
  • Also contains euphemisms for stronger terms, such as "frak" (in reference to Battlestar Galactica), and "piece of S".

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Contains recreational smoking, use of alcohol and only very discreetly implied use of drugs, including references to date rape and abortion drugs. Drug use is not at any point glamorised or endorsed throughout the series. Alcoholism is also depicted to have adverse consequences on character's lives and their relationships with their loved ones.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some episodes contain moderate peril. The first and second season finales contain sustained threat throughout, and an episode in the third season contains a sequence in which a character is in immediate danger of being subjected to sexual violence.
  • Characters will occasionally threaten others with violence, often while brandishing a weapon.

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