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26 May 2005
The Goodbye Look
Working undercover as a gun dealer, DS Tommy Murphy changes course in the middle of a sting operation when a buyer, Caz Miller, mentions that the gun is to be used for a hit. He convinces his superiors that it's better to make the investment and go in for the long haul by presenting himself as a hit man rather than just arrest someone for illegal purchase of a firearm. It turns out that Caz works for Dave Callard, a well-known gangster who has been diversifying his investments into legitimate enterprises. The man he wants killed is an employee, Richard Holloway, who ...
2 Jun. 2005
Disorganised Crime
DS Tommy Murphy continues to work undercover building the case against Dave Callard. Caz Miller arranges for Murphy to meet the McGeechan brothers who want their automatic weapons to be re-activated. It turns out however that the men's sister, Ellie, is married to Richard Holloway who Callard had hired Murphy to eliminate and they very much care about her welfare. The men plan to steal a shipment of heroin but the connection Callard isn't obvious. Murphy works his way into the gang and sets them up for arrest.
9 Jun. 2005
Still undercover to bring down Dave Callard, Murphy works as an intermediary when he learns there's a deal for a large sum of counterfeit money. When his undercover partner Jill is killed however, he must salvage the counterfeiting deal as well as find her killer. Things get difficult however when her underworld contacts targets Murphy as her killer. While he manages to find the killer, the case becomes more complex when an unexpected individual shows up.
16 Jun. 2005
Extra Mile
Murphy gambles his career to establish a connection between an MP and a gangland boss.
30 Jun. 2005
Boy's Night Out
Murphy is on hand to crack a drugs gang when events suddenly spiral out of control.
30 Jun. 2005
Hard Boiled Eggs and Nuts
Gangster boss Callard appears to be slipping out of Murphy's grasp, so he has to act fast.

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