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A team of undertakers are moonlighting as diamond thieves, and the bodies are stacking up. Murphy infiltrates the group and discovers a somewhat sinister connection with Japanese heroin dealers. Meanwhile, the team's leader, Hatcher, is planning the most audacious heist yet. Murphy has to hold his nerve in an epic final showdown.
28 Apr. 2003
Electric Bill
To find out where a kidnapper has hidden one of his victims, Murphy goes undercover as an inmate in the kidnapper's prison.
5 May 2003
Manic Munday
Murphy and Guthrie are assigned to protect a famous snooker player.
12 May 2003
DS Murphy is working undercover when a member of his "gang" and a mate from school days, Peter Tate, is shot on the street. The dead man's brother, Carl, is out for revenge and the police fear a gang war. Murphy manages to calm them somewhat but Carl is convinced that his brother's is a revenge killing by the Tyler family and sets out to get even. Annie Guthrie eventually joins Murphy undercover in an attempt to get closer to Carl. When Kevin Tyler is killed, the police realize that the only way to stop an all-out war is to identify who really killed Peter Tate and ...
19 May 2003
Kiss and Tell
After 5 months undercover, Murphy finds himself looking over his shoulder when the arms dealer he had befriended, Nikolai, gets away. He subsequently ransacks Murphy's apartment looking for revenge. The police now investigate two very similar deaths. Both victims were male, quite rich and were at the same health club the day they were killed. They were drugged and a woman's blond hairs are found at the scene. Murphy joins the club and learns that it is as much about health as it is about finding sexual partners. When a third member of the club is killed, the police ...

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