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What a real news program looks like.
vertigo_1425 December 2004
Democracy Now is a fantastic news program broadcast on Pacifica Radio out of a retired firehouse in New York City. Hosted by my favorite journalist, Amy Goodman, and sometimes co hosted by New York Post contributor and current president of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, Juan Gonzales, Democracy Now is much more than a reiteration of daily events, although each program does begin with the host describing some of the day's most important events. But, each daily hour-long broadcast often concerns a certain theme or debate relevant to current events. (And most recently it is often discussion about civil rights and election laws). Most of the guests are activists of one sort or another which often reveal their research or experiences with things you might never hear about in the mainstream news. Recent guests have been academics, political activists and political prisoners, parents of military service people, immigrants, academics, authors, filmmakers, and famous political scientists and historians like Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Guardian journalist Greg Palast, and sometimes public officials (Maxine Waters appeared for a phone interview during the unseating of the Haitian President), and so forth to bring a wide array of expertise and viewpoints on numerous discussions about so many things that people should be finding out through other news sources, but for obvious fear of credibility and accountability and so forth do not. It is a real news station and one that provides real debates on issues. And they are not always political discussions, as one holiday broadcast did a sort of mini-documentary about the man who created the music for 'Wizard of Oz.' It seems fitting that, at least the satellite broadcast of the show, should be on the Free Speech TV network.

Democracy Now! is what a real news program looks like and dispels much of the idiocy, partisanship, and meaningless desire to turn information into a circus via the corporate news networks. Though, still in small circulation with some representation on radio and satellite television, I think it is gaining sufficient ground as more Americans (and other nationalities as well) become frustrated with the inability of self-serving major news networks (which includes both CNN and FOX) to do little more than kiss the ass of public officials and corporate sponsorships. Also, the show also seems to be gaining wider exposure as the grass roots movement gains great vibrance in this country. You can tell by the lack of gaudy graphics and soundtrack and even, our somewhat disheveled looking hosts, that this is a show that cares much more about substance rather than superficial appeals. You could get more news and other information in one hour from Democracy Now than you possibly could in one month on mainstream American news.
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not biased
mdsbluesky13 March 2015
Anyone who thinks that this show is biased doesn't understand the difference between opinion and telling facts, Amy Goodman tells facts, she doesn't have opinions, unless they are obvious. She reports important stories that matter to the world as a whole, and are often under reported. Anyone that says she's the Rush Limbaugh of the left is clearly unaware of what constitutes biased reporting, and opinion based reporting. Basically if the facts make the right look bad it must be biased, if the facts tell the truth about climate change it must be biased.

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You can tell that they take journalism seriously.
lee_eisenberg7 September 2007
I usually listen to the "Democracy Now!" radio broadcast, but I do occasionally get to see the TV show, and I've liked it every time. Featuring Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez reporting on things going on in the world, you can tell that they take journalism seriously (among other things, Amy Goodman doesn't focus on her looks). Seeing that it started in 2001, I suspect that they launched it to challenge the support-America-no-matter-what zeitgeist that arose after the September 11 attacks and scared all other media outlets into submission. Though such a mentality has subsided in the six years since (actually, it'll be the six year anniversary in four days), it's a good thing that they challenge the party line.

The most recent TV broadcast that I saw featured an interview with City Lights bookstore owner Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and he recounted stories of the Beat generation. This episode certainly offered a glimpse into the world of honest journalism that "Democracy Now!" represents. I would say that anyone who actually cares about democracy should at least listen to the radio broadcast and watch the TV show if possible. I consider this one (along with "The Daily Show" and "Real Time with Bill Maher") the most reliable media source of all. Of course, I realize that the Bush lovers out there wouldn't even give it the time of day.
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Excellent News Organization
kevinhig11 July 2018
It is refreshing to see honest, unbiased reporting of important stories through out the world. Thank you for your work DN!
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Disciplined and concise
denisealder16 February 2017
Sadly, there is are a lot of utterly shite so-called "News" shows online now. This is not one of them. The reporters here have years of experience and awards. ( I'm not in the crowd of thinking experience is a bad thing I'm afraid). You can tell they have taken this experience and decided to set up an organisation that works the way they would like to run a current affairs show. Stories are presented in great detail with lots of references in the mix, from accurate sources. They present details that almost every other media outlet, both mainstream and online, seem to miss. The show truly holds governments to account, which is what a journalist should do. They are not there is to be best buddies with certain groups, rather to reveal mistakes and inconsistencies in organisations. It could do with having more head-to-head debates, rather than single guests giving off their opinions. It's slightly more liberal than conservative judging from the guests (though I have seen conservative guests on there), and I would like to see more strong questions asked to conservatives on the show. Other than that, this is a disciplined, well structured show, that frankly shows other online shows how it should be done.
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Serious News Program
ndeisman3 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Serious daily news program without the sensationalism seen in other programs. Deals with real US and International issues which affect us in the real world. They do an excellent job with issues which are dismissed by other news agencies. Amy Goodman frequently travels to local and global locations to investigate what is really happening on the ground and is not an embedded reporter.
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Good Left Center Broadcasting
mnelms-921009 July 2019
All news is biased so ignore the hillbillies. I like to look at both left and right news to get my own opinions. Unfortunately there is no such thing as completely center when it comes to news. If your looking for a Fox News left-leaning point of view it's a good one. So far they are the only one to call Kamala our on her past so there's that.
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Biased ~ Not News
lwilkinson5729 May 2013
This radio show is as equally biased as Rush Limbaugh is for the Right wing hard cores.

If you want to know what spins up a Liberal, give it a listen. I personally change the station every time it airs on my local NPR station.

The recent Memorial Day broadcast of so called 'Veterans' giving back or throwing away their medals attempting to make a statement against wars the US is/have been involved was disgusting.

To me, this show does not report the news factually. Instead it is opinionated blather.
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aarodriguezr18 February 2019
Obviously paid by the left, this "news" program interviewed Chavistas to speak in favor of the failed narco-regime of Maduro. Human Rights had been violated on a daily basis and thousands of people have died in Venezuela. You can see now how tens of countries have recognized President Juan Guaido. Shame on you.
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